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Breakout Liverpool

Have you ever wanted to be a spy?
Watched 24 when he only has an hour to stop something happening?
Watched a film where they have to stop the bomb going off?

Did you think, I could do that, It didn’t look so hard.

Well yesterday I got to have a real experience of that excitement and pressure at Breakout Liverpool, 3 friends and I went into Liverpool city centre to be locking in a room.


It sounds strange that we were choosing to be locked in a room but it was very fun.
We arrived and out mission was explained to us, we were entering the sabotage room and we had one hour to look for clues and solve problems to stop a missile from being sent to blow up Liverpool.
We were also told that they would be watching us to make sure we were ok ( and laugh at us if we did anything funny), and that we would be given clues on the screen if they thought we needed them (which we did), and that the door that we first entered through wouldn’t be locked in case we needed to get out but that wouldn’t count as an escape.
He also mentioned that only about 20% of people have managed to escape in the hour, so no pressure right?

We were then shown to our room, the door closed and the clock started. One whole hour to solve clues and unlock the door to get out, simple right? Well I’m not going to tell you any of the clues or what we did but I can tell you it was difficult.
We searched for clues, wrote notes and found keys.


We managed to get into the second room after about 20 minutes, where the clues got more difficult and the pressure built as the time slowly at first ticked by, I checked the clock 30 minutes left, worked on clues then looked again 20 minutes to go.

The time seemed to go quicker and quicker and we just couldn’t get into the computer, we eventually did and then we needed the code to stop the missile launch, and it didn’t work! it took ages but we eventually did it! then we had to escape with 2 minutes to go, only 2 minutes to get the keys to get out.

Well we made it… just ….


Do you think you can beat our time?

It was a really fun experience, and I really want to go back to try out classified and the newest room shipwreck which doesn’t open until Saturday!

Don’t just take my word for it here is what Dan and Danielle thought about Breakout Liverpool 

Danielle – “Had an awesome time last night at Breakout Liverpool. It was good to do something different rather than the usual cinema, food or drinks etc. I would totally recommend this to anyone!”

Dan – ”The Breakout Liverpool, One Hell of a Stressful but also really entertaining Hours you will ever spend. The object to breakout of a room may seem simple but when combined with Puzzles, Clues, Riddles.. its a lot more difficult. I won’t give anything away but I would recommend Working as a team as it really does help”


The prices of the rooms vary depending on when you go and how many people you take, they say that you can have 2-5 people per room but 3-4 is perfect.
The sabotage room on off peak ( Monday 10 am – Friday 5 pm is off peak) would cost £56 for 4 people or £14 each,
Peak time (Friday 5 pm – Sunday 10 pm) is slightly more expensive at £60 or £15 each for 4 people.

The prices are all on their website on the booking page when you select your room, time and number of people.


Breakout Liverpool is located at 7-11 Sir Thomas street in Liverpool city centre, It’s really easy to find you just go past the Liverpool direct office and look out for the LARGE Breakout Liverpool sign on the right when walking with the MET quarter on your left, it is located in the basement which adds to the mystery and fun in my opinion.
We parked in Queens square car park and it took us about a 3-4 minute walk there, but it has great bus and train links too.

Who is it for?

I think Breakout Liverpool is a perfect day out for families with older children (8+), groups of friends, Team building, or stag/hen do’s.
It’s fun but you really need to work together, communicate and think, it would make a good location for birthday parties for  young teens as well.


*Disclaimer – We were given the use of the room for free to write about our experience,  all opinions are my own or my friends and they are unbiased and honest*

28/12/14 – #MySundayPhoto

I have changed from Silent Sunday photo’s to my Sunday photo’s as I always wanted to write something with the picture, to help set the scene or just explain but the silent part took that away from me.
I say the my Sunday photo hashtag on one dad 3 girls and knew that it was more me than silent sunday, I’m not very good at being silent.
Here is my 1st MySundayPhoto.
It was taken on boxing day evening while we were at a family party in Liverpool, it had been snowing for a few hours and of course the big kids ( aka my boyfriend and his twenty something cousin) decided to go out and play in the snow, they younger cousins followed as did C.
I love this picture, it captures youth and frivolity and what Christmas time should be like.
This was C’s 1st time playing in snow, she didn’t like touching it but loved being out and having fun with everyone.