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WDW 2016 – day 2 – Epcot

Another day of ponchos and rain covers, the rain seemed a little worse today and we even had to buy C replacement shoe’s when her’s got too wet to wear.

We had fastpasses prebooked for Turtle talk with crush, Test track, and the character spot meet and greet, but because of the weather we couldn’t do test track :( Our fastpass was converted to a choice of experiences fastpass that could be used again a few different experiences at EPCOT.

We went into the lands and seas as they are both undercover and indoor experiences which are great for rainy days.
In the Land we went on living wit htthe land which is a boat ride where you learn about how Disney research about growing food.
In the seas there is turtle talk with crush, and interactive show that C loved and the finding nemo ride, there is also various marine life to look at and learn about.

 We did get to meet lots of characters and get C’s scrapbook signed by…

Micky Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Tigger and Winnie the pooh

Jasmine and Aladdin
Chip and Dale

We walked around half of the world showcase and got C’s book stamped in the countries from Canada to America. ( I’ll tell you more about her book in a separate post)
We also picked up a Duffy colour in at the kidicot station in Canada, C loved colouring him in while mum and dad did the O’Canada 360º film.

We ate in the Coral reef restaurant in the seas in the evening, booked in for  and it was lovely!
Both mum and I had cocktails, mine was called Magical star cocktail, it came with a colour change cube. It was mango and passion fruit liqueur, coconut rum and pineapple juice, but I asked for Orange instead as I am allergic to pineapple.

For food I had new York strip steak, cheesy mash and green beans, It was amazing and the steak was cooked perfectly.


For dessert I had the baileys and jack Daniel’s mousse, which contains alcohol, I promise I’m not an alcoholic but when your on holiday and don’t have to drive then its the perfect time to let your hair down a little I think.
Sorry for the picture I forgot to take a picture as I was so quick to start eating it.


After another busy day someone was very tired and was fast asleep within minutes of getting into her buggy. We then went to get the bus back and could hear the 9pm fireworks starting as we boarded the bus to Port Orleans Riverside.

Our Florida holiday- Day 1- Epcot

Day 1 – EPCOT

We got up bright and early, and went over to the main building for breakfast. I chose pancakes with sausage and maple syrup, yes I know it sounds like a strange combination especially to anyone who knows me and my aversion to “fruit with food”, I can’t stand sweet with savoury but this is the exception to the rule because in my opinion it is just amazing.
C loved the sausage and stole it off my plate, Dan had ordered bacon with his and neither he nor C were fans of it.


We enjoyed our food then played while we waited for mum and dad to join us, so we could head off for our day in EPCOT.


This is were we hit the first little bump of our holiday, my dad tried to order breakfast only to find out that the meal plan that was booked hadn’t been added to the reservation. So off we went to guest services who were very helpful but told us that we needed to contact Ocean Florida back in England, because of the time differences this wasn’t as simple a task as you would expect.

After a lot of back and forth getting phone cards which didn’t work, going back to room to try and call them from the room phone, and speaking to guest services again, we were told to expect a call back after they had sorted it and went to EPCOT, only 2 hours late and after missing some prebooked fast passes.


We arrived and went straight on the spaceship earth (the ride inside the ball) then Dan, C and I went over to test track as we had fastpasses for that still. I went on 1st while Dan looked after C outside, It was a fun ride and had changed a lot since I’d last been.

After I came out Dan went in and C and I waited inside the exit where they have interactive games and it was cooler.
C really enjoyed the driving games in there.

We went for a leisurely stroll around the lands after test track, to kill time before we went for tea. We enjoyed our journey from Mexico to Canada and even saw some bunny rabbits enjoying the grass in the Canada pavilion.


We were booked into the Rose and Crown pub in England at 7.05pm.
We were lucky to be seated outside on the varander which gave us the perfect view for the illumination firework show that evening at 9pm.

We shared some starters off then menu to lengthen our visit so that we would be able to watch the fireworks.
My main course was a Lovely sirloin steak served with onion rings and green beans.
It was amazing, cooked perfectly and tasted delicious.


Both my Dad and Dan ordered Fish and chips that looked and apparently tasted very nice as well.


As we were having the Disney dining plan we had main course, desert and drink included in our entitlement.

We ordered the deserts to take out as we were stuffed and moved to the lower viewing area to wait for the fireworks to start.

Disney knows how to do a firework show, if you have never been then you have to go to EPCOT and watch the illuminations firework show. It is a very magical show although C didn’t like the fireworks at all, although when they were over she smiles and clapped with everyone else.


We headed back to the hotel after the Fireworks had finished to get some much needed sleep!