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On the sixth day of parenting….Top tips for Christmas day.

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So here we go, day six!
On the first day of parenting….surviving without Nursery.
On the second day of parenting….what I would ask for this year.
On the third day of parenting….How much it’s changed for me.
On the forth day of parenting….Our family traditions.
On the fifth day of parenting….A Christmas craft
On the sixth day of parenting –  Top tips for Christmas day.
(still singing? :p )

Christmas with a child big or little will probably end in disaster if your not prepared for every eventuality.

So here are my top tops to surviving with your hair in tact and happy if tired children. :-

  • Buy extra batteries! – No matter how many you think you have make sure to get extra’s in a variety of shapes and sizes for all those lovely noisey toys that well meaning relatives have bought.
  • Lay out clothes for kids the day before – If your house is anything like mine, getting everyone up, presents open and ready to leave on time then you need all the help you can get. Laying out the kids clothes, including tights/socks and shoes means less things to be asked about while you are trying to do your make up. All you need is ” MUUUUUM, WHERE ARE MY ….” Shouted at full volume when your half asleep and trying to put on eye liner.
  • Eat out – Now I know some people love to cook Christmas dinner but seriously who wants to be up at 5am to cook a turkey and still be doing washing up at 11pm. Just eat out and leave the cooking and dishes to other people, its worth the cost!
  • Charge Electrical gifts – I’ve bought C a Vtech Innotab max for Christmas and I am going to unbox it, charge it and set it up. The last thing anyone especially an impatient toddler really want is to get a present that they can’t use right there and then.
  • Alcohol and sweets – During the day if your driving or have the kids to look after then Alcohol isn’t always an option, especially if like me 3 years ago and you are pregnant over Christmas.
    If you aren’t once you are home and the kids are asleep why not enjoy a cheeky glass or two of your favourite tipple, or at least that box of chocolates of Auntie Maude without the kids help, well they do get enough.

What are your top tips for surviving Christmas day?

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#MySundayPhoto – 05/04/15

Here is this weeks #MySundayPhoto,


I took it yesterday on my phone while I was baking some Easter cupcakes, C wanted to help. She helped to weight out the ingredients, then turned on the mixer, she was the official tester (The cake mix was “nice”), then she helped clean up with her mouth lol

I love the far off look on her face as she eats the cake mix.

Do your children like to bake?