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Breakfast at the Tavern Allerton

As the car was due in the Halfords garage on Smithdown road today I decided to go for breakfast at the Tavern Co to try their award winning Full English. I arrived just as they opened at 9am and was seated straight away, although they thought it was strange that I was eating alone and wasn’t just waiting for someone.

I was offered Tea or Coffee which according to their menu is bottomless and included in the price of breakfast. I ordered the Full English and had a good look around at the lovely décor while I waited.
It’s an Mexican/American themed restaurant and there is tons of interesting things to look at all around the place, licence plates on the walls, signs, street names etc.



 It wasn’t a long wait on food and it arrived about 5 minutes later. I opted to not get the grilled tomato on mine as I’m just not a fan of them. It included 2 sausages, 2 bacon rashers, beans, egg, black pudding, mushrooms and 3 halves of toast.



It was delicious although the black pudding wasn’t the best quality, the toast was done perfectly for me, lightly toasted and buttered.

I had about 3 cups of coffee that was lovely and there were milk bottles and sugar dispensers on the tables so you could add as much or as little as you like.


The staff were lovely but as it was quiet they asked me if everything was ok about 7 times during the 20 minutes I was eating.

I was finished by 9.30am, had a 3rd cup of coffee then asked for the bill, on the menu the Full English is £6.90 which is very reasonable especially as it includes unlimited coffee or tea. When the bill arrived I had only been charged £6.60 as they had taken the price of the tomato off which I though was nice as most places don’t do that.

I left a small tip and filled in the comment card that arrived with the bill, I plan on returning there to try some of the other delicious sounding breakfasts, American pancakes anyone? They are a family friendly restaurant as well so I might take C and my mum one day and we can have brunch.

I would totally recommend the Tavern Co to anyone who is looking for a nice breakfast in a lovely atmosphere.