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Pawsome box review

As you may know form past posts as part of our family we have 2 dogs Finley and Freddie.

I was recently contacted by a company called Pawsome who do monthly packages for dogs. Now if your dog is anything like mine then they always bark at the postman! One of our poor postmen is scared stiff of our monsters, although I think that they would never hurt anyone, much more likely to lick him to death lol.

We received our USA themed pawsome box and I couldn’t wait to see what the boys thought of it.

Our box included

  • A hot dog squeaky toy – This is actually a quite load squeaky toy and neither dog is to interested in it, until the toddler decides to sit squeaking it!
  • A led light to attach to a collar – This is a great flashing light and very handy to be able to see the dog when they go out to the toilet before bed, although I now need another for the other dog.
  • A rawhide baseball – Freddie claimed this straight away, and it was gone within the hour. Kept him entertained for a little while at least.
  • A Rubber toy- C keeps giving this to the boys and Fin loves to throw it and make it bounce. It is still in one piece so it is durable and they have had it a couple of weeks now.


  • A pack of chicken flavoured treats -These treats were well enjoyed by both dogs, the packs say they are 100% chicken and they feel quite nice, there weren’t many in the pack though especially when sharing between 2 dogs.
    wpid-imag3233.jpgwpid-imag3238.jpg wpid-imag3239.jpg
  • A pack of bacon flavoured treats – These bacon strips were a good size and meant that it was easy for C to also give each dog treats.
  • A guide to read all about the contents and more information about Pawsome and their theme. This time it was the USA, I would love to see what other themes they are going to send out.

Overall it was a nice treat box and each item was appropriate for our dogs, as you can see for the above photo, there can be a few different things in the boxes when it comes to the toys.

Our dogs loved the treats, Fin kept trying to steal the bags of them from the box when I wasn’t looking, even opening the box to do so.


On the Pawsomebox website you can personalise your profile to let them know what your dogs are like, and they can then personalise the box for your size dog.

There are three types of plans:
Monthly – You pay £19.90 each month and receive a box.
Half-yearly – You pay 6 months upfront with a discounted rate per box of £17.90 and then receive 1 box each month for 6 months.
Yearly –  You pay for twelve monthly boxes together for an even greater discount making it just £15.90 per box.
Each box contains products worth £30, according to the website.
If its something that you are interested in and you think your dogs would benefit then you just need to go to their webpage and sign up.
They also do a purrfectbox for cats
*Disclaimer- I was sent a pawsomebox free for the purpose of the review, All opinions and photographs are my own. I have not been influenced in my opinions, they are all unbias*