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NappyKind competition

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Last year reviewed some products for Nappykind. NappyKind is an online baby shop who sell leg warmers, hats, and other essential accessories for babies and toddlers.¬† Legwarmers are a great accessory for cloth bum babies as they help to protect their little legs when crawling, cruising and walking, And allow their pretty nappies to be seen ūüėÄ We love our leggings and slipper socks¬†¬†and you can read¬†our review here.

I love mama leggings

NappyKind have kindly offered me the chance to run a competition so you, my lovely readers, have the opportunity to win some of their lovely legwarmers for your little rugrats.

So please tell your friends and enter to win some lovely legwarmers.
Take a look at what leg warmers are available here and tell me which ones you love!

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Packing for a surprise holiday.

I found out on Friday that we had won a competition for a midweek break in Bluestone resort in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. I was amazed and excited that I had won a holiday, the only issue was that it was very short notice as we go tomorrow. So I am trying to get  everything ready got my Mother, Baby C and I to drive down there tomorrow.

I am so excited, I get to take Baby C to places I visited as a child, If I ever get the packing done that is.  I currently have some food sorted out, and 3 lists of things we will need, a list for me, a list of food and a Very long list for Baby C. It seems like I need so much stuff for the littlest person, I am trying to make sure we only take one holdall bag of clothes for all of us, then the pram, and food bags.

Here is the list of stuff I think I need to take for Baby C alone, we probably don’t need it all but I feel better making sure I take it.

bottles x6, bottle brush, cup
spoons x 3
bowls x 2
nappies and wipes
nappy sacks
nappy cream

food – jars, pouches, porridge
milk powder
medicines- dentinox, calpol, nurofen

hoodies x2
sleeping bag
toothbrush and paste
bubble bath
cot linen

Baby’s seem to need a lot of things for just a day out nevermind 4 nights. I don’t know how people manage to pack for holidays abroad or for more than one child.

I will be writing updates and sharing photo’s of our holiday so watch this space.