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New shoes

On Wednesday we took C to have her feet measured again, she hadn’t had them done since just before we went to Florida and her shoes were starting to feel a little tight.

We went to Clark’s again in Speke as its close but easy to park.
We waited for about 10 minutes to be helped and had a look at all the new autumn styles that were out, I had a talk with another mum looking at shoes as well about how all the girls ones for toddlers seem to be pink.

I’m not a huge pink fan but usually they are the only ones available.
We had a good luck and let C decided what she wanted to try on.

They measured her feet as 5 G so they had grown from 4.5 F.

We chose to tried a pair of white trainers with pink things on them, they didn’t have the grey ones we wanted to try so they brought a pair of boots that I hadn’t actually seen on display.

I love the boots and we ended up getting them, they looked better than the trainers and will be more practical for winter.
They are brown with a fur trim and have no pink on although at £38 they are quite expensive for toddler shoes considering she wont be in them for too long.
C averages about 10-12 weeks between needing new shoes. Although Clark’s suggests getting measured every 8 weeks.


I plan on going to Cheshire oaks in the next few weeks and getting some trainers and wellies in the Clark’s outlet over there. I know Clark’s shoes are expensive and  we do buy other shoes as well to play about in, but I find getting proper fitting shoes to wear most often is best for C as I know they wont damage her feet.

New shoes!

Ok I know I only posted a few days ago about how I love internet shopping, and that is still true, but some things need to be bought in person and one of those is shoes!

We went to Clarks today to have C’s feet measured and to look at the shoes as their sale started today.
Her feet have gone up a whole size to 4.5 and down in width to an F instead of G fitting.

Nanny ended up buying 3 pairs for C! Continue reading