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On the eleventh day of parenting….Last minute shopping

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So here we go, day eleven!
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Nearly there now people!!!
Only the dreaded Christmas food shop to combat, every year the shops seem to get busier, I honestly dread stepping into a supermarket at this time of year, especially if I have to do it with a toddler in tow.

No matter how much I plan to get all my shopping sorted, wrapped and under the tree.
I inevitably still end up trying to buy presents and get them wrapped at the last minute.
I have a couple of presents that I have ordered and need to be collected from Tesco, then need to wrap them.

Don’t even get me started on the food shopping!
I need to go early on Christmas eve morning to get some things that just can’t be bought any earlier, things like French sticks, loaves of bread and meat for Christmas day evening.

I still have a list of shopping that I need to do, but after being told of queues to get into the local supermarket car park, and huge waits at the tills I can’t face the shops during daylight hours.
I am planning of going in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping, I’ll leave my dad and brother to listen out for the toddler, and me and mum can go at like 5 am to get it all!

When do you do your Christmas food shopping?
Are you ready for Christmas now?

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Christmas shopping

I always try and get my christmas shopping done early (pre November if possible) but this year its already mid-November and I still have people to buy for. I am finding it difficult to think of things to buy for some family members. Baby C is sorted, and I have bought the odd gift but I still have so much to get.

I think everyone should write wishlists so it makes it easier to get them gifts.

I refuse go to shop to buy gifts after 27th November, I’m going to the good food show and although it will be busy I will be baby-free for the day so will enjoy it and get some gifts I have planned there.

So that gives me 17 days, to think of presents and to buy them.

Wish me luck!