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Happy mother’s day to all mums

I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s day to all mums.
Weather it is you’ve very 1st Mother’s day, your 3rd like mine or your 28th like my mum’s I hope that you had a lovely day.


You are all amazing.
You hold one of the hardest jobs that there is, it is 24/7/365, the pay is rubbish and can be very demanding but it is worth every single sleepless night and worried minute to see your child grow.
Be proud of your children and enjoy your time with them because they grow too fast and aren’t little for long.


Emergency information for your car.

One of my friends on Facebook put up a very interesting post a few days ago that really made me think.
It was about the real reason for the “baby on board” or as my dad calls them “fertility signs”, the little plastic window signs that people put on their rear window in cars.

Have you ever wondered why people have them? Continue reading

I’m a gamer widow.

Hello my name is Ellie and I am a gamer widow.
For those who don’t know my boyfriend Dan is a gamer. Most of his time, when not in work, is spend in front of his computer screen on Day Z or COD or WoW (If you are one of the very lucky people in this world who don’t know those acronyms feel blessed) with his headphones on and “game chat” with his clan (aka gamer friends) taking up all of his attention, it is like talking to a wall.


He was actually watching a video in this picture :p

He also goes to LANS, If you don’t know what a LAN is ( again very feel lucky) think of it as a “festival” where hundreds of people sit in a hall and play games. Then camp in a field, well actually most sensible people book hotels especially for the middle of winter LANs where the temperatures got as low as -8!

Don’t get me wrong I knew he played games before we were together and understand that he has a hobby that he loves, but I think that he needs to shift his priorities a little and spend less time on the computer. ( I have told him this many times)
Our daughter needs to take priority over a match or “practice” especially when I have to work.
I must admit that I have on occasion sent the toddler into the room and shut the door, he eventually notices when she tries to unplug something or steals his cans of coke or sweets.
I think he is lucky that I’m as understanding a girlfriend as I am, I’m sure that most other people wouldn’t put up with it, and I’m admit that I starting to get a little p*seed off with it, which he knows, I’ve told him so!
Although I do have an Xbox 360 and enjoy a good game of Age of Empires on the pc ( the one game that we play each other at very occasionally) I would never class myself as a gamer in any sense of the word, I’d rather bake a cake than play a game. My Xbox has been living in a draw since I had C, I should really sell it as it doesn’t get used.

When she is older I will let her play games, as there are some very educational ones out there, but I also want her to have a proper childhood spent outside playing with friends and having fun, not just sat in front of a screen.

Does your other half have any hobbies that annoy you?
Are you a gaming widow too?

Testing for the nursery trader Baby and toddler awards 2013

I applied a couple of months ago to be a tester for the pushchair and nursery trader baby and toddler awards 2013, I was lucky enough to get a call back and they offered me the chance to test reusable nappies.

I already had a few reusable nappies that I had bought second hand and from ebay. When I was pregnant I had looked at using reusable nappies but the initial cost made it impossible to use cloth full-time straight away. So I was amazed and delighted to be offered nappies to test. I thought that I would be sent maybe 3 or 4 of the 4 different types that they were testing, and since there were 4 in the category I was more than happy that they would really help and when added to the pocket nappies I already had it would mean that we could possible move to reusables for most of the time.

So when this box arrived I was stunned!


I couldn’t wait to open it! And wasn’t I surprised by what awaited me!


I had been sent 15 Tots bots bamboozle stretch  with 3 wraps…..


15 Tots Bots Easyfits  …..


Tots bots disposable inserts and bamboo boosters and USB instructions about each nappy type.

IMAG0152 IMAG0153 IMAG0162

5 Close Parent Pop-ins with 2 night-time boosters and disposable liners….

IMAG0149IMAG0151IMAG0150  IMAG0158

And 3 Fuzzibunz Elite 2013 one size nappies 


After unpacking them all, and not believing that I had really been sent 38 Nappies to test, My next thought was how was I going to store them all.


I then pre-washed them all ready for use.

I was asked to test them by using them as much as possible for two weeks before filling in the questionnaires for each and giving my opinion on each type of nappy.

I have waited to publish this blog entry until after the awards where announced. Here are my opinions on each nappy, and the place award they achieved in the awards.

TotsBots Easyfit (gold)

I loved this nappy. It is as easy as disposable nappies to use. Very quick drying and comes with a fleece liner that helps to keep baby dry as well as making it easier to keep clean. The flushable liners fit the nappies perfectly and also help to keep them clean. The colours and patterns make them fun to use as well. The Velcro tabs fold back while washing to stop them sticking to other nappies, and mean a good fit on baby. One of my favourite nappies to use.

Close Pop-in new Gen Nappy +bamboo ( silver)

These nappies are great, double leg gusset means I’ve not seen any leaks, Velcro fastening means it can be tightened as much as needed and they make great overnight nappies when used with the nighttime insert. They aren’t too bulky under clothes. They take quite a while to dry as they are bamboo, but it means they are very absorbent.

TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch (bronze)

This two part system works very well, the absorbent inner with a waterproof outer. Both parts are Velcro fastening which means it can be tightened to fit the baby as needed. The nappy can also be used as a night-time nappy when extra boosters are used. They really are bombproof, we had no leaks when using them. The only downside is changing when out can be a little fiddly, having a wet through inner to put in a wet bag instead of a nappy with a pul layer.

Fuzzibunz® ELITE 2013 One Size Nappy (shortlisted)

I liked this nappy. They are a pocket style so separate easily to dry. They are popper fastening and even though they are classed as birth to potty they are on the smallest possible waist setting for my average 7 month old. They also didn’t come with instructions so I didn’t know about the adjustable elastic at the leg until I googled it.

This was my least favorite of all the nappies I had been sent, although the colours and patterns were nice I am not a fan of the pocket style and the adjustment for the legs were very fiddly.

I have very much enjoyed testing these nappies, and would love to thank the lovely people for Nursery trader and Pushchair trader for the opportunity to be involved in testing for these awards.

Mobile baby and bumps

Although Baby C hates tummy time and will NOT crawl, she just cries if she ends up on her front, She can stand and is now cruising using the couches, peoples legs, the footstool etc. 

She has always been strong on her legs and loves standing. I think she spends a good 75% of her waking time standing now if we let her. As she is only 7.5 months old she isnt exactly 100% steady and this morning she fell :( 

She now has a little bump on her head, I’m sure this will be the 1st of many bumps, scrapes and bruises over the next 10 or so years.

She is perfectly fine in herself but she scared the living daylights out of me.  Will i ever get used to it? 

Kind people

Since I gave birth to my daughter I have been amazed at the generosity of people. We have received so many presents from family, friends and even people we have never met.

We got so many clothes that we had to buy more storage, and a doublet for her wardrobe, and it still only holds her 0-6 months clothes. They are so beautiful and I cant wait to dress her up in them all. We also got some lovely blankets and an unbelievably amazing nappy cake off one of my best friends.


We got some lovely hand knitted cardigans, hats, mittens and booties from some work mates of my dad’s and also off people who know my dad.

Both our families have been so generous, they have bought us some of the most important thing  like the travel system and cot, as well as everyday essentials like the steriliser  baby bath, and carrycot stand. My cousin also gave us a crib for her that her and her husband didn’t need any more.

She got toys as well, She has the cutest bouncer (http://www.fisher-price.com/en_GB/products/65915) what she loves and will happily play in till she sleeps and a play gym (http://www.tesco.com/direct/red-kite-baby-activity-play-gym-petal/213-7010.prd?pageLevel=&skuId=213-7010) that keeps her amused for ages and allows her to have a good kick!

We are lucky to have all these people who love us, and that love her so much that they will take the time to go out and buy something for her. So I would like to say Thank you!

Some really useful products

There are some thing I’ve learnt over the past 8 weeks that I cannot live without,

  • muslin cloths- Can never have enough! I have a few from different places but I relly love the Kiddicare ones (http://www.kiddicare.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/productdisplay0_10751_-1_174631_10001
  • My Ktwo busy life diary ( https://www.ktwoproducts.com/design_diaries) – get one if you don’t have one. Makes it so much easier to remember all the things i need two when I’m sleep deprived and have baby brain. I use one side for me, writing when I express/ how much/ which bottle its in, also any appointments etc, and on the other side I write any milestones my little girl has achieved what she’s been doing/ who she’s met and seen/ what she weighs etc.
  • My Kipling baby bag (http://www.kipling.com/uk-en/) – Love Kipling bags in general, they are so spacious, and most importantly when you have a child wipe clean 😀 and the changing bags come with a changing mat!
  • Quinny Buzz 3 – Its so easy to push, can attach the car seat and carry cot to it and it should last me a while.
  • My HTC one – keeps me connected to everyone i need to be plus means i can take pictures and send them to family or share them with my friends.

There are more but these are the main ones.