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#MySundayPhoto – 26/07/15

This week was my grandparents Diamond wedding anniversary!
They have been together for an amazing 60 years.
Here they are on their wedding day in July 1955 and again yesterday July 2015.

I love them so much and we are very lucky to have two such amazing and lovely people who love us.

We had a little family party yesterday in their flat and I made them a cake, here are a few pictures of it, I’ll write a post with the recipe and step by step guide very soon for anyone who wants a go.

 wpid-imag4546.jpg wpid-imag4543.jpg

Sugar and Crumbs chocolate icings

I am a huge fan of Sugar and Crumbs icing and have been ever since I tasted some of their lovely icing flavour options at the cake and bake show in March.
I am very lucky that I have been chosen to test out Sugar and crumbs newest icing sugars and they are Chocolate!

I received two of the new flavours that are due for release in September, Chocolate milkshake and Black forest, I just could not wait to try them out.

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I’ve always loved baking, since I’ve had Baby C I havnt had much time to bake, only the odd batch of scones and muffins, but I will be doing more soon.

I went through pictures of cakes i’ve made in the past and decided to share some pictures with you. I have made all these cakes for various people over the last 5 years.


The Christening

It’s a week since Baby C’s christening and I’ve only just found time to update the blog. We had a brilliant day although we had a couple of issues, mainly that she poonami’d on her christening dress during the service (luckily after the actual baptism) and when I went to change her I discovered that I had no wipes in the changing bag (Can thank OH for that one as he checked the bag that morning).


The reset of the day went off without a problem! The food was amazing, catered for 80 and even though only about 50 people came all the food went, we got the £5.50 per head buffet from sandwich express liverpool  (http://www.sandwichexpressliverpool.co.uk/). I must say a big thank you to Elaine who runs it, I would recommend it to anyone who asks! And also a Huge thank you to my parents who kindly offered to pay, I love you both very much 😀



The Cake was so lovely! A huge thank you to OH’s parents who got the cake for us. It went down very well and was loved by all.



Everyone was very generous and Baby C got some lovely and thoughtful presents, She is one very lucky and well loved baby.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did.

Baby C wants to say a BIG THANK YOU!


Planning a Christening

I never thought it would be too difficult to organise a christening but i can’t believe all the things that need doing

first i needed to arrange a date with the church, eventually settled on the 14th July, which doesnt give us alot of time to plan. It wouldnt be so bad if we had a small family, then we could just invite people back to the house, but with a list of family and close friends pushing 90 its a no…. so we needed to look for a function room.

Finding a function room at relatively short notice (shown by every place I contacted asking “you mean for this year?”) that will fit that many people, that is available, and that has disabled access…. not easy! But I eventually found one 😀 

Then there is the catering, the decorations, entertainment, the cake, Baby C’s dress and the invitations.

I’ve got photo’s of Baby C to put on the invites and have bought the cards to make the invites, just need to find the time to make them now and quickly as i need people to RSVP.

I contacted a caterer so as soon as I put a deposit down then that will be arranged ( just need to give them numbers a week before)

I need balloons for the tables but not sure what other decorations i’d need. Banners? pictures? I’m really not sure, I also need to figure out how many balloon clusters I need but I’m not sure how many tables there are.

Entertainment…. for a christening? is it needed? i’m not sure….. maybe a CD of some general music? might let OH sort that.

The cake! well OH’s mum is sorting it, she is paying the person who did a 21st cake for OH’s sister to make one and 100 cupcakes ( my diet is going out on the window on that day!)

The dress 😀 Well Baby C will be wearing the very dress I wore for my christening 24 years ago, I just need to clean a stain off it. 

I HOPE that is all I need to plan. If anyone can think of anything else please let me know!