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September challenge #theidearoom -Day 18

Day 18

Everyday I…


…I am amazed by my beautiful little girl and how much she is changing everyday. She is becoming so grown up. She is so clever that sometimes I’m surprised with the things she comes out with.

She is just 2.5 years old but seems so grown up, I will enjoy seeing her grow and changed every second of every day.
I love her so much x

September challenge #theidearoom -Day 8

Day 8



Again I saw lots that I could of photographed for this, but it was mostly when I was driving so couldn’t just whip out the camera and get that perfect picture.

So I decided to share an older photo, from our holiday last year. We were there exactly a year ago and are going again in 20 weeks time (weekly countdown is up every Tuesday if you want to read). I cant wait to see how C reacts to it all this time and if she will remember anything from last year.

#MySundayPhoto – 09/08/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken on Saturday, We were at my nan’s as usual and we decided since the weather was nice to go over to the park near to their house and enjoy the sun.

C and my granddad Eddie were walking along hand in hand, he was pointing out things to her and they looked so sweet together, so I tried to snap a picture, she chose that moment to run to me though.


There are 80 years between them but they are thick as thieves.
Love them both so much


Today (22.5.15) I …

Today I …engineered a makeshift blind out of a bag and sticky tape at 5 in the morning to make out hall darker and stop Freddie barking. He has decided that as soon as it is light that it is morning and therefore playtime. He was barking and would have woken the whole house up so I had to find something.

Today C…gave her Freddie big hugs.

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Flashback Friday 30/01/15

This weeks photo isn’t that old but it is a lovely picture that I don’t think I’ve shared as it was taken. This was taken at a photo shoot that C and I had at limitless photography in Manchester early last year.
Unfortunately When my computer crashed last year I thought I had lost all the professional pictures, I am lucky that I have managed to find a few that were saved to my One drive including this lovely picture of C, but none of them are airbrushed and there are non of my with my amazing hair and make up.
Have you every had a professional photo shoot?
Mummy 2 Monkeys

Bargain holiday buys for C

While we were away we went to a few outlet malls, and I got a few amazing bargains for C. She was a very lucky girl and got quite a few items of clothing, I’ll tell you about a few of my favorites.

We visited Carters, Gymboree and Osh kosh, as well as a few others but these were my favourite shops for kids clothes.
I bought C’s halloween costume, from Carters, its an Owl and is just so cute! It cost me about $20 which is a real bargain.


I also got an owl top and leggings as well as a pink pair of pants from Gymboree, we have a thing for owls and  they were just so cute I had to get them.


My best bargain was 2 pairs of pj’s in size 2T which came to only $4.50!!! As well as a dress and cardigan that was less than $10. It’s hard to say no to those prices!


wpid-imag1916.jpg wpid-imag1915.jpg

C even picked out her own coat in carters she brought one over too me that was too big and I told her if she got her size she could have it. Guess which cleaver little girl brought me over a 24 months size! My mum isnt a fan of it, as its florecent pink, but we will never loose her in a crowd 😀


I love her new Osh kosh fleece lined dungarees as well, they will keep her nice and warm in winter and plenty of growing room


She also looks so cute in them!
What do you think?


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