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Back to work tomorrow.

Just a quick post to say that I am back to work tomorrow and on a long day 8.30am till 7pm, after spending the last 3 and a half weeks off on sick leave recovering for surgery.
I’m excited to go back but I will miss C as I have been able to spend quality time with her while I’ve been off.
This will also mean that I will hopefully get back to blogging, I tend to be able to blog more when I’m working as strange as it seems. When I’m at home I have an active 2 year old, a dog and a million things to do. When i’m in work, although I do have jobs to do, I also get breaks and free time between booking in patients, helping the doctors and faxing over forms to be able to research posts, write notes and type posts.

I haven’t really felt like blogging while I’ve been on sick leave and with everything that has happened in our family. Two of my grandparents where hospitalized, at separate times but both are thankfully now home and recovering. My mum and Auntie Ann were meant to go to London on the 19th but didn’t want to go as My grandad was in hospital, they insisted that I went on the weekend away with my best friend as I needed to get away and enjoy myself after the surgery and break up. They had paid for it (Hotel, 1st class return train tickets, show tickets) and didn’t want it to go to waste, I will write about that weekend sometime this week and share some pictures of our fab weekend.

I’ll say bye for now as I really should get some sleep

2 years of blogging and Giveaways

This month…

2nd blog photo

I started blogging as an outlet while on maternity leave after a mummy friend suggested it.

Now I know am not the greatest blogger, I only post occasionally when I remember although I do aim to post more often and my vocabulary isn’t the largest. I use my blog to help me improve my spelling as well because it has always been shockingly bad, I think that is because words don’t seem to look wrong to me ( maybe i’m a little dyslexic) if you show me four words and ask which is spelt correctly I won’t always be able to tell you as they are to me it doens’t look wrong.

I love having an outlet for my voice weather anyone really reads it or not doesn’t matter. I can share what I think here, I can share my thoughts on products and places as well as sharing photo’s. It’s completely my choice what I type out and share.
This blog is also a sort of diary/ journal of C growing up, there’s stories of her 1st hair cut, Our Florida holiday  and family events.

I love my blog, even if nobody else does and that’s all that matters.

So I want to thank those who have followed and read my blog over the last 2 years by running a few little giveaways over the next month to Celebrate our second year up and running.

My blog is mainly about family, our hobbies and things we like.
So I plan on running a few giveaways of things related to the things we blog about.

– I want to give away some baking related items, as that is one of my biggest hobbies. I adore baking and love to share my creations with anyone who wants to read about it. 
 – I want to giveaway some sweets and chocolate as who doesn’t like chocolate!
–  I want to giveaway some children’s books as C loves to read and I think all children deserve books!

So here is out 1st prize


3 lovely children’s books

– The wheels on the bus
-The polar bear paddle
– Hungry harry

 To enter simply fill in the form below

Children’s book giveaway

I will possibly think up a few other things too…
What would you like to see us give away?

*I will be providing all items for the giveaways so the items won’t be overly expensive*

Do people actually read this?

I never really think about people reading my blog because they choose too.
I know that my friends and family might occasionally click the links to see what we have been up to, or other bloggers will comment during linkys or from share posts.
Maybe a few people read because they have searched for a product that we have reviewed but I don’t think that people actually look for and read it because they want to, more likely they stumble across it and look at a post or two before closing the tab and forgetting that this blog exists.
Well that is what I thought until one of the doctors in work yesterday told me that he was reading my blog.
MY Blog!
My blog is mainly for me to document our lives together and how C is growing up, I didn’t think anyone would purposefully search it out to read although I would love it if they did, maybe it’s a little better than I thought.
I would really love my stats to go up but for that to happen I really need better content and to post more.
To achieve that I need to have more time to invest into my writing and find interesting topics to write about.
Maybe one day that will happen but for now my blog is just that, MINE 😀