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My 2 year old!

This week Charlotte turns two!
I cannot believe that she is turning 2 years old already,
where has the time gone?

She has gone from a tiny 6lb 15oz baby who was too little for newborn clothes and my parents had to rush out and buy tiny baby clothes for her to wear, into a lively, bouncy girly girl who opens her wardrobe and demands “dresses” and to have her “shhoooes” on to go out.

From this tiny baby....

From this tiny baby….

...to this beautiful and barely still toddler.

…to this beautiful and barely still toddler.

She really has her own big personality and lets you know if she isn’t happy about something, usually with the words “no, no, no, no, no” or a hand and look that tell you that isn’t how it should be.

She has gone from Crib, to cot to Big girl bed and from not sleeping much to nearly sleeping through the night.

Children grown and change so quickly, day by day, week by week they are growing and changing and although we as parents don’t see it as much as others it is astounding when you wake up one day and find that you have a toddler instead of the baby you put down to sleep the night before.

I can’t wait to see how she will grow and change in the next year, what she will learn and be able to do by the time she turns 3 years old.
I look forward to continuing to write about her, tell you how she is growing and changing, and documenting all the fun, amazing or even mundane things that she does, because I want to remember everything!

Maybe one day when she is older she will read these posts and see these pictures.
I didn’t have a baby book to fill in, but I do have this blog it has a duel purpose of documenting our lives as we all grow together.


October 19th – photo a day challenge

A good day

This year my birthday was a very good day!
Being on holiday and spending the day in Universal studio’s Islands of adventure then getting the Hogwarts Express to Universal studios.
I got birthday badges from Universal and Disney, I got chosen for my wand to pick me, and even got fastpass’d onto some rides.

It was a good day.


Cakes to bake

I will be blogging a lot about cakes for the next few months, I’ve been asked to make a naming day cake, a 1st birthday cake, and a wedding cake. As well as making my usual christmas cakes and other christmas goodies.

Lots of baking and making to be done soon 😀 so watch this space and i will keep you all updated on the progress.  

This weekend- Birthday and Kiddicare!

This weekend seems to have flown by, been very busy this weekend.

Saterday was my boyfriend Dan’s birthday, he got a lie-in and then got to have a relaxed day while I looked after Baby C. Me and Baby C went to visit some of my family and skype’d with the parental’s off on their holiday. Then we went for a meal with Dan’s family, afterwards Nanny G took Baby C for a couple of hours and I came home and ironed clothes while watching doctor who, gotta love multitasking!

Today we all had a lie-in, then Me, Baby C, my best friend and her sister went up to Kiddicare in Aintree, if your ever in the area or near to any others I highly recommend a visit  (http://www.kiddicare.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreLocatorContentDetailView?langId=-1&storeId=10001&stloc_id=10006)

I love Kiddicare, its amazing! We had a coffee and looked at all of the cute baby clothes. I looked at things like highchairs and stairgates as we will sooner or later be needing them. Resisted spending more money in there today as I went not long ago with my mum and bought lots of stuff. On that occasion I used the feeding nest in the cafe to breastfeed my little one and left mum to explore the shop. when we finally emerged my mum’s first comment was “I want to buy one of everything” and then pulled me all over the shop to show me what she had found.

This evening I had takeaway with my best friend and watched some TV and played with Baby C. Once she went home I got Baby C ready for bed and my brother took her to watch TV with him while I did some housework, surprising how much can be done in only 20 mins. I did intend on an early night tonight as I have to be up and out for yet another busy day tomorrow but time gets away from me. Hopefully we will be in bed by midnight.