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So are you planning number 2 yet?

This is the major question that I seem to be fielding most recently.
It comes in many different forms and wording, “So are you planning for number 2 yet?”, “Are you feeling broody?”, ” Don’t you think C needs a sibling?”, but the meaning is always the same.

“Don’t you think its time you had another child?”

It seems a common thing that once you have had a child and they get the a certain age that is around 18 months old people start asking when your having more.
I think its a similar thing to getting to a certain age and being in a relationship, people ask when you will get married/ buy a house /have children ( delete as appropriate).

It is just the done thing and the next step that people are expected to take.

So my answer :- Yes I do want to have another child at some point, but right now is not the best time for us.
I have things that I want to do before I expand my family, I want to go back to Uni, I want to get a better paying job, D needs a better paying job as well and we need to move into our own space.
I also need to take D’s opinions into account, weather he want’s more kids or not.

I don’t think we will be ready for another child for a few years at least, but if it should happen sooner then I will be happy.
I have never wanted C to be an only child and have always imagined having more children but what will be will be.

For now I am thankful to have my happy and healthy little girl who I love so much!


13-19/1/14 round up of the week.

This last week has flown over.


Monday was a mixture of chasing baby C up and down the stairs, making some lovely food (sticky sausage with mash and sweetcorn) and Baby C stealing my mum’s handbag.

IMAG0758 IMAG0769 IMAG0771 IMAG0779







Tuesday we spent the morning at home, had a lovely healthy lunch of veg and rice, then I had work in the afternoon so Baby C spent the afternoon with nanny. I picked her up after I finished and took her to Guides with me to see everyone after the christmas break. She enjoyed playing with the Guides, Being dressed up by her guidemother Clairbear and eating chocolate.

IMAG0794 IMAG0795







Wednesday I worked the morning shift and Baby C stayed with Daddy as he had the day off. Nanny and grandad went to visit great nan and great grandad in Wales. We had an uneventful afternoon at home then a fun play before bed, and looked at baby C’s Stars ( she got the Cloud b ladybug from nanny).

IMAG0798 IMAG0800











Thursday was a quiet day, I took my brother to a couple of appointments, went to Asda, and made some mushrooms and eggs in the slowcooker to have with beans. Baby C was up late on Thursday as she just wouldn’t go to sleep, She even tried to make freddie dog get out of bed.

IMAG0802 IMAG0806 IMAG0807 IMAG0809







Friday started out with C mesmerised by the TV and only sitting still for a whole 2 minutes, the rest of the day was filled with drama and arguments, trying to tidy and clean and ended up in a huge argument with my brother ( I didn’t empty the bin bag of rubbish over the floor he did). My parents also arrived home and I went for my evening shift in work.

IMAG0810 IMAG0812











Saturday Me, Mum and Baby C went shopping in the morning then we went to my nans to visit with family. My cousin took a little video and has included it in his blog of the week ( I am not on it thankfully, I was retrieving a Baby C who was escaping at the time) Afterwards Baby C and I went for coffee with my best friend and did a huge tesco shop.

Sunday I picked My boyfriend up from work and we dropped Baby C off at his mums for the afternoon, We then went to the cinema to see delivery man. It is a funny film and a nice way to spend a couple of hours. I then dropped him off at his friends before I went to work for my evening shift.

Overall its been busy week.

Jowsa pack testing

I have been very lucky in the past few weeks. I won a holiday to South Wales last week and on the friday before one of my very lovely facebook friends who is also a blogger saw a request for testers going on holiday to test a Jowsa tester pack.

I replied straight away to Leyla from Motherhood diaries, but didn’t think it would be possible as it was only 3 days before I was due to leave. She got in touch with Jowsa and they managed to arrange it. They sent me a form via email to fill in size requests and information about what was in the box/ what I required.

Jowsa contacted me over the weekend and said that they were sending it and apologized that it might not arrive before we did as it was only being posted express on the Monday morning, They also gave me a tracking number for DHL. I was stunned, they were apologising for a possible delay on a parcel that they were sending me to test for free. I was just grateful that I had been chosen as a tester.

Jowsa also contact the hotel or accomodation to let them know that a parcel is arriving for a customer so it is ready to be collected and they are informed where to collect from.

On the Monday we set off later than planned so didn’t arrive at Bluestone until about 6pm. When we arrived at the arrivals lodge the very well wrapped parcel was handed to me, It had made it all the way from London to south west Wales in only a few hours. I just couldn’t wait to unpack and see what it contained.

Very well packaged

Very well packaged

safe and secure, arrived very quickly with DHL express

safe and secure, arrived very quickly with DHL express

I unwrapped the box, needed scissors to get in as it was very well packaged.

Jowsa logo on the box

Jowsa logo on the box

The box had the company logo on it so we knew who it was from. I opened the box and was stunned.

All the lovely things they sent us, packaged.

All the lovely things they sent us, packaged.

The box contained

  • pampers size 4 (54 nappies)
  • huggies size 3-4 swim nappies
  • sudocrem
  • 100 nappy sacks
  • johnson’s baby wipes
  • johnson’s shampoo
unpacked so easier to see.

unpacked so easier to see.

It amazed me that I was able to have this delivered to me at my holiday destination. It meant I didn’t have to worry about buying and packing these things to go, as getting everything ready with a lively and mobile 9 month old isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I know I was only driving to the holiday destination but if we were flying It would be an amazing saving in space and weight in cases, especially when weight and space are very valuable when going abroad as a family.

I also looked at the Jowsa website as part of my testing, and I love it. It’s very easy to navigate, You can order all the essentials that you could need for your baby and also some things for you, Although I would like to see a greater variety of products and brands. It could be a little expensive to have it posted to your destination but If it saves space and stops those airport luggage fees for going over weight ( especially on budget airlines when you have to pay per case).

I think I would definitely look at using Jowsa for any future family holidays we go on. The customer service alone makes it worth it.

Testing for the nursery trader Baby and toddler awards 2013

I applied a couple of months ago to be a tester for the pushchair and nursery trader baby and toddler awards 2013, I was lucky enough to get a call back and they offered me the chance to test reusable nappies.

I already had a few reusable nappies that I had bought second hand and from ebay. When I was pregnant I had looked at using reusable nappies but the initial cost made it impossible to use cloth full-time straight away. So I was amazed and delighted to be offered nappies to test. I thought that I would be sent maybe 3 or 4 of the 4 different types that they were testing, and since there were 4 in the category I was more than happy that they would really help and when added to the pocket nappies I already had it would mean that we could possible move to reusables for most of the time.

So when this box arrived I was stunned!


I couldn’t wait to open it! And wasn’t I surprised by what awaited me!


I had been sent 15 Tots bots bamboozle stretch  with 3 wraps…..


15 Tots Bots Easyfits  …..


Tots bots disposable inserts and bamboo boosters and USB instructions about each nappy type.

IMAG0152 IMAG0153 IMAG0162

5 Close Parent Pop-ins with 2 night-time boosters and disposable liners….

IMAG0149IMAG0151IMAG0150  IMAG0158

And 3 Fuzzibunz Elite 2013 one size nappies 


After unpacking them all, and not believing that I had really been sent 38 Nappies to test, My next thought was how was I going to store them all.


I then pre-washed them all ready for use.

I was asked to test them by using them as much as possible for two weeks before filling in the questionnaires for each and giving my opinion on each type of nappy.

I have waited to publish this blog entry until after the awards where announced. Here are my opinions on each nappy, and the place award they achieved in the awards.

TotsBots Easyfit (gold)

I loved this nappy. It is as easy as disposable nappies to use. Very quick drying and comes with a fleece liner that helps to keep baby dry as well as making it easier to keep clean. The flushable liners fit the nappies perfectly and also help to keep them clean. The colours and patterns make them fun to use as well. The Velcro tabs fold back while washing to stop them sticking to other nappies, and mean a good fit on baby. One of my favourite nappies to use.

Close Pop-in new Gen Nappy +bamboo ( silver)

These nappies are great, double leg gusset means I’ve not seen any leaks, Velcro fastening means it can be tightened as much as needed and they make great overnight nappies when used with the nighttime insert. They aren’t too bulky under clothes. They take quite a while to dry as they are bamboo, but it means they are very absorbent.

TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch (bronze)

This two part system works very well, the absorbent inner with a waterproof outer. Both parts are Velcro fastening which means it can be tightened to fit the baby as needed. The nappy can also be used as a night-time nappy when extra boosters are used. They really are bombproof, we had no leaks when using them. The only downside is changing when out can be a little fiddly, having a wet through inner to put in a wet bag instead of a nappy with a pul layer.

Fuzzibunz® ELITE 2013 One Size Nappy (shortlisted)

I liked this nappy. They are a pocket style so separate easily to dry. They are popper fastening and even though they are classed as birth to potty they are on the smallest possible waist setting for my average 7 month old. They also didn’t come with instructions so I didn’t know about the adjustable elastic at the leg until I googled it.

This was my least favorite of all the nappies I had been sent, although the colours and patterns were nice I am not a fan of the pocket style and the adjustment for the legs were very fiddly.

I have very much enjoyed testing these nappies, and would love to thank the lovely people for Nursery trader and Pushchair trader for the opportunity to be involved in testing for these awards.

Packing for a surprise holiday.

I found out on Friday that we had won a competition for a midweek break in Bluestone resort in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. I was amazed and excited that I had won a holiday, the only issue was that it was very short notice as we go tomorrow. So I am trying to get  everything ready got my Mother, Baby C and I to drive down there tomorrow.

I am so excited, I get to take Baby C to places I visited as a child, If I ever get the packing done that is.  I currently have some food sorted out, and 3 lists of things we will need, a list for me, a list of food and a Very long list for Baby C. It seems like I need so much stuff for the littlest person, I am trying to make sure we only take one holdall bag of clothes for all of us, then the pram, and food bags.

Here is the list of stuff I think I need to take for Baby C alone, we probably don’t need it all but I feel better making sure I take it.

bottles x6, bottle brush, cup
spoons x 3
bowls x 2
nappies and wipes
nappy sacks
nappy cream

food – jars, pouches, porridge
milk powder
medicines- dentinox, calpol, nurofen

hoodies x2
sleeping bag
toothbrush and paste
bubble bath
cot linen

Baby’s seem to need a lot of things for just a day out nevermind 4 nights. I don’t know how people manage to pack for holidays abroad or for more than one child.

I will be writing updates and sharing photo’s of our holiday so watch this space.


Venture photography studio Warrington

On Friday the 27th September, Baby C and I attended the Baby and Toddler show in event city, Manchester. As I have previously mentioned on my blog.

While there I filled in a questionnaire at the Venture Photography stand, as I did at a few others and they also took some pictures of Baby C to put on their facebook page.

Here is the picture that they selected. I personally dont think it looks like her. Image

I few days later I get a telephone call telling me that I had won a voucher for a family photoshoot with them at their Warrington studio. The voucher was worth £245 and included the shoot and £95 to spend on a picture.

They were lovely and over the following weeks, via phone and email, we arranged a time to go and we booked in to go in last Wednesday to have the pictures taken.The day before I was contacted by the photographer who talked through the shoot and we discussed what we wanted from the shoot.

On Wednesday the 6th November Me, Dan and Baby C all went to the studio in Warrington. When we arrived and were offered refreshments, they asked us to take seats in the waiting area and we were shown books to get ideas. The waiting area is a lovely and calm area with lots of pictures on the walls to show examples of their work and a small play area ( which Baby C loved, although you wouldn’t think she was only 8 months old in this picture)

venture 1 venture 2 venture 3venture 4 venture c

The photographer, Chris, came and introduced himself  and talked through what we wanted from the shoot before taking us up to the studio.  Chris was really nice, he went through the props we had brought and lead us through the shoot while allowing us to be natural. We changed Baby C into a couple of different outfits and changed the lighting as well.

The shoot didn’t take too long about 45 minutes in total, and then we arranged a time to go and view the pictures once Chris had been able to go through, edit them and sorted out a video for us to view.

We were given a booklet after the photoshoot that showed us what we could buy and the prices, to look through before we returned to view the pictures. I was very surprised by the cost, a single 7×5 picture was £95, and that was the starting price.

Here are pictures of the price guide we were given.

IMAG0549 IMAG0550 IMAG0551 IMAG0552 IMAG0553 IMAG0555

We went this afternoon to view the show with all our pictures on, and sit and go through all the images to select which ones we loved.  When we arrived Claire met us and took us in to see our show. I went in thinking that we would just get the free picture and that would be it, but there were so many lovely pictures of all of us together, Baby C on her own or with just one of us. I knew there was no way that I could let so many good pictures simply be deleted, but we don’t have the space for the physical pictures to put them up. So we looked at the digital options, there was a digital photo frame of all the images from our show or USB stick with 15 images and the video of the show.

When we talked it through and Claire told us prices and the options we decided to go for the USB as it was only £350 after discounts.Now I know saying ONLY £350 sounds brash and off hand but its not, its a HUGE investment for us, especially since we have a new car to pay for, and I have been made redundant from one job. But thats exactly what it is, its an investment. We will use the pictures when we move into our own home, we will have the memories and the pictures, and we will be able to print and share the pictures with friends and family.

I know it is a great expense and I wouldn’t have booked to go if we hadn’t won the voucher. Not because I didn’t want the pictures but because we couldnt have afforded it so wouldn’t have tempted ourselves. We discussed what the best value for money was to us and the USB was it.

I will share some of the pictures when we get the USB and I hope you will agree with me then that it was worth it. I would recommend Venture Photography Warrington to anyone who is looking to get a natural photography experience which is fun and relaxed, If a little pricy.

My 3 monsters

Here is Baby C with Our two dogs. Although they can be a little over excited at times they love C and always check on her, especially when she cries as she is their pup 😀

I Never leave them alone together as you can never fully trust dogs or children together.

The last few weeks

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to sort through the ever increasing pile of baby things that we no longer use or clothes that are too small. My baby is getting so big and it makes me wonder where the time goes! I need to find places to store things or sell them! Anyone got any good storage solutions? I’d rather not get rid of all our baby things as I do want more children in the future.

We visited the baby and toddler show in Manchester last week. It was a good show, lots to see and experiance. some fab goodies, freebies and information. I bought some lovely clothes for Baby C, including some lovely long johns for her christmas PJ’s from a company called 

I got to see the newest ERF car seat, seeing as my little baby won’t be in the infant carrier for a lot longer. The problem I’ve got with ERF car seats are the prices they are £££ very expensive. I know they are safer, and I know I should be willing to spend as much money as is needed to make sure my baby is safe, But most parents don’t have a spare £360 to spend or like me have a tiny car and will have NO space for the seat and anything else in the car and I definitely don’t have the money to get a new car. So it makes me feel as if I have to sacrifice my child safety and settle for a forward facing seat or a seat that will only be rearfacing till she’s 18kg. 

Family life has been up in the air recently as well,

– My grandad has been in hospital ( he is luckily home and well now).

– My mother isn’t very well so as a result I am having to take on a lot more at home as well as looking after Baby C.

– Baby C’s other grandparents are on a month long holiday in the USA ( lucky them) meaning they don’t have her on a Sunday, so I don’t get baby-free time to do anything ( usually housework or something just as fun). 

– My parents finally got to the end of their tether and kicked my brother out. 

I havnt really had time to update this as often as I would like to,  but im going to make more of an effort to blog, as it helps me clear my head as well as giving me a place to express myself to others who arnt a teething 7 month old. 

product testing

I’m currently product testing for a few different places, i’ll update when i have permission from the companies.

I am testing mainly baby things, clothes, toys and travel accessories. Although I have had some dog food and household products as well. 

I have signed up to a few websites, you pay to sign up but usually get products that are at least the value of the fee. 

www.thebabywebsite.com – sign up and you will recieve something to test

www.bizziebaby.co.uk – sign up and you will recieve something to test

http://www.nurserytrader.co.uk/ and http://www.pushchairtrader.co.uk/ – sign up and you are entered into every competition they run, plus also have the chance to apply to be a tester


Being crafty

I have been being crafty and have made a mini photo album, this is for a gift exchange so iv left off the 1st page in-case anyone connected sees this.

This is the album page by page running through, it was made using a kit that I received many years ago and unfortunately don’t know who its by/ where its from, although I suspect it was purchased on QVCUK. 


ImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImage

ImageImageIt is a simple album/ journal that they can use to record memories with their precious little girl.