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Selling baby clothes

I cannot believe how many boxes and bags of baby clothes I have that are full to the brim of things that are too small for C now.
Babies grow so quickly and we were so lucky to have so many generous family members, friends and even strangers -people who know someone in our family and wanted to get something for the new baby or make something for the baby.
We were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of generous gifts that we received (and still receive), from clothes and books to knitted blankets and cardigans.

I have been sorting through all the clothes and deciding what to do with it all, so far I have decided that :-

  • I am keeping some bits that I love either for C when she is older to show her.
  • we are keeping some to use for any more babies we have in the future.
  • I’m going to sell some of it, to put towards buying bigger stuff for C.
  • I am also going to give some of it away to friend who are pregnant or to people who will have a good need for it.

Children’s clothes, especially small baby clothes, are usually grown out of before they get much wear at all. So most of the clothes that I have been going through look brand new, a few still had tags on as she had outgrown them before she even got the chance to wear them or they were the wrong season.

I have decided to sell locally on a few Facebook selling pages and have sold a couple of items in the last couple of days.
I did try selling on ebay and  would have eBay’d more of it but when I did put up a few items there just wasn’t the interest in it. It either didn’t sell or sold for pennies. I ended up selling a brand new with tags Next dress for 99p, bargain for the buyer but not really great for me.

sale clothes

I have girls clothes ranging from tiny baby up to 12 month’s in boxes and bags taking up way to much room in the house, and we have even more clothes that she is yet to grow into.
So if you are looking for any girls clothes just let me know lol.

Holiday clothes shopping

16 weeks 2 days until we fly to Walt Disney world in Florida!  Although is seems likes its ages to go, I know it will be here in no time! We still have loads to do before then.

On Monday my mum, C and I went shopping. We went to kiddicare, mothercare and Tesco, and started to buy holiday clothes for C. She will be 18 months when we fly but as she is petite I think she will still be in 12-18 months clothes mostly.

We got some lovely t-shirts and short, as well as a hat to put away for her holiday. Their is one minnie mouse outfit that I have decided that she will wear when we go to Animal Kingdom, with a matching hat that we got in Tesco. The hat was in the boys section but its just so cute and suits her so well.

Here are just some of the clothes we bought.

spotty top and shorts pink shorts minnie mouse night dress, pink spots little girl tops minnie mouse safari outfit

Lots more shopping still to do!

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Mothers day outfit ideas

Last mothers day passed in a blur of feeding and changing my newborn baby, I got some lovely presents and made some very pretty mothers day presents for the nan’s, but I don’t think I changed out of my PJ’s that day.

I would love this mothers day to be different. I am hoping that the weather will be glorious, I doubt it as we live in england and the weather is very unpredictable, as I would love to go for a meal with Baby C, Dan and all the grandparents. Then go for a walk in the park and allow C to burn off some energy, We could even take all 3 dogs with us.

I have recently read a blog post from Baby budgeting about a blogger competition in conjunction with Vertbaudet (www.vertbaudet.co.uk) to design an outfit for your child from their website for mothers day, so here are my idea’s for C’s outfit for mothers day.

I have had fun looking through all the cute spring and summer outfits on Vertbaudet, some may have jumped into my basket as well. I am sure C doent need any more clothes but they are all just too cute not too.

v collage

  1. Baby girl’s 100% expert parka with detachable cardigan- This is a cute coat with a heart design, it is a brilliant idea as it’s a coat and cardigan. So depending on weather your little one will be kept nice and warm using both or remove one for a warmer day. The RRP is £29 an is available in sizes 3 months up to 3 years.
  2. Pack of 2 girls tights – Tights are a must to me as C will remove socks if possible so tights are my preference. This pack of 2 contains a plain white pair that will go with anything as well as a white with beige spot’s pair. They are very cute and great value at only £5
  3. Baby girl’s soft denim shorts – I love Baby C in denim, she really suits it and the shorts and tights combo is just too cute on toddlers.  I love the bow’s and pockets on these shorts and £8 isn’t to steep for a diverse product.
  4. Pack of 2 baby girl’s t-shirt with bows on the back- This twin pack of tops is just so cute! One grey and one white top that will go with so many looks and outfits. The sleeveless look is brilliant for summer ( Although a lot of sun cream will be needed if its sunny) as you can always layer if it is a little cool. This 2 pack is only £9.
  5. Girl’s Dual fabric high top trainers- these cute little spotted trainers would look amazing with tights and shorts. They start at toddler 4 and go up to 9. C is only in 3’s at the moment so it might be a while before she could wear these shoes but they are just so adorable she needs them! The vertbaudet price for these are £17
  6. Happy price pack of 3 baby girl’s vest top bodysuits- We had these last summer and they were a godsend! These strappy body suits can go under any top or dress and means that I know even if it is a little cool you little one will be a little warmer. These are £9 for a 3 pack and come in a variety of colours.

So that would be the perfect little outfit for Baby C for our mothers day meal and walk with the family. She would stay warm but be able to move and run, and she would be able to have fun. Mothers day should be about families having fun in my opinion.

* This post is my entry into the blogging mum’s competition on Baby budgeting’s blog and used http://www.photovisi.com/ to create the photo collage*


clearing out!

So all our christmas decorations were taken down today,  when I left for work the house still looked festive and when I got home it looked bare :(

No cards :(

No cards :(

where the tree was

where the tree was










I always feel a little like something is missing when the decorations are taken down, the rooms seem to echo and the place feels so much bigger.

Although it means that my plan for getting the house clean and sorted can begin without the clutter to clean and tidy around.
Since the baby is in bed early tonight and I managed to get an early dart from work i’ve been putting some more sale items up to try and clear out as well as getting some extra cash.  Local selling pages on facebook and eBay are my winter selling spaces, I’m going to try and get a stall at a baby sale in the next couple of months as we have so much baby stuff that is now too small for C and just taking up room.

Wish me look with the cleaning and clearing I know I will need it, especially with little miss walking around and “helping”

Ebay baby clothes

I’ve decided to start trying to sell on Ebay, Put up two of C’s old dresses, well when I say old I mean they are basically brand new, worn once each but she has outgrown them. If these sell I think i’ll try selling some other stuff. 

I hope they sell quickly as iv just had to spend a lot getting my car fixed so every penny helps at the moment.