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An open letter to Vtech

Dear Vtech,

Merry Christmas.

I really hope that all your employees have a very merry Christmas, I also hope that none of them have purchased a Vtech Innotab, Innotv, Digigo or Innotab Max for their kids because like so many other children this Christmas they will be very disappointed on Christmas morning when they open their new toy to find that they can’t use it.

You do realise that you are a toy company I assume, although I know I should just assume things really as that can backfire. Since you sell the products you also know how much they cost, parents pay out quite a lot of money to buy your products for their children, then pay out more for games cartridges, which at £15+ a pop isn’t cheap.

I am one of those parents who thought that the Innotab Max would be a great Christmas present for my nearly 3 year old.  She will be able to use it and leave my tablet and laptop alone. It’s a good learning tool, it’s got games that she can easily play, it will grow with her and help her with reading and writing at the same time.
A win win for us both in my opinion.

I actually bought it months ago from Tesco when it was on a really good offer and hid it away until Christmas. So yesterday I got it out and charged it up. Once charged I went to set it up so that it would be ready to pick up and go on Christmas day, well what 3 year old has enough patience to give mummy their new toy to fill in all the boring important info and get it set up when all they want to do is play?

It’s only after I couldn’t get it to register online and checked the link that pops up did I discover that due to a data breach in November I am unable to register my product, That would be ok if I could bypass registering it for now and still use it properly without “this isn’t available” messages, but without registering the Innotab, it and games that I have also bought wont work, so its pretty much useless.
The link also says that you will have a solution by Christmas eve, and share it on Facebook for all to use.

Well Christmas eve the solution has finally been published now but I need a microSD card to be able to do it. So another trip to the shops is needed as well as a spare hour to do the download, and firmware update!
How am I meant to do this Vtech on Christmas eve, I’m working till 2pm, have things that I need to do and will have the toddler with me?

I really hope that it fixes it, but I have my doubts.

Effectively by being quiet about the hack, not making people aware of the issue surrounding registering products, or by publicly announcing the problems it you have just lost the trust of consumers.

I hope that you do fix the problem with learning lodge soon so my little girl can use it fully but I will definitely have second thoughts about buying a Vtech product now.

your sincerely,

An angry and upset mother

*update* – 14/01/2016 – Well as I suspected the firmware update didn’t make the Innotab Max much better to use. They still haven’t fixed the issues or given a date as to when it will be fixed other than “mid January”, Which is tomorrow and there has been no new information in a while.