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Flashback Friday 13/02/15

This weeks Flashback Friday picture ( 44/365) was taken last March in a photo shoot we had at limitless photography, we had a great day I had my hair and make up done and we had a lovely photo-shoot. This picture is a lovely one of me with C.

water marked picture 1

It has been photo shopped though, which I’m not a huge fan off.
I did have the original (unphotoshopped) photo’s as well until my computer died and I lost them all along with quite a few others.

Have you ever had a photo-shoot?  

#MySundayPhoto – 08/02/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto and 39/365 is this lovely picture of C in her new Everton training top.

I attended the Everton v Liverpool derby last night and as we arrived early Danii and I went into the Everton shop for a little look around.
I saw this top and thought that it would be prefect for my little Evertonian.


Please excuse the background as the wallpaper is being stripped to be redecorated, she also has a mouth full of white chocolate buttons, but she loves her new top and didn’t want to take it off.

Now I know that her Dad and his family are all reds so ultimately it will be C’s choice what team she supports be it Everton, Liverpool, or someone else.
Everton is my team, My initials are even EFC, so I hope she follows in my footsteps and supports the blue boys!

#MySundayPhoto – 25/01/15


Sorry that My Sunday photo and also my 25/365 photo was late, I’ve had a busy few days and also a sick toddler to top it all off. This photo is C with Samantha, Samantha was my Auntie Ann’s doll from when she was a child. She gave her to me when I was little and I have passed her on to C. Samantha is over 40 years old and is surprisingly well kept only missing some eyelashes.


Flashback Fridays 23/01/15

This weeks photo is of me, when I was very young, It is actually my newborn hospital picture.
They came around and took pictures of the babies and decided waking me up was a good idea, It really wasn’t.
I still don’t like being woken up and mum says that I pull this face when I’m annoyed.

279568_10150768383540228_7355769_o (1)

Do you still pull faces you did when you were young?

Mummy 2 Monkeys

Project 365 – week 3

So here is a quick round up of the days 13-19

Day 13 – 1st proper day on slimming world, Managed to take the wrong yoghurt into work so went and bought some Batchelors pasta and sauce for a syn free lunch.


Day 14- Little miss C wanted to sit on the back seat of the car and put the seatbelt on. Moments later she was in meltdown as I had to put her into her car seat so we could go out shopping and visiting family.


Day 15- C’s favourite hiding place at the moment, in the washing machine of her kitchen. She often disappears into there so I just had to snap a pic.


Day 16- #flashbackfriday – Bluestone in November 2013, So excited for our return there next Monday.


Day 17- Our Pawsome Box arrived on Saturday, so excited about reviewing it as are Fin and Fred.


Day 18- Baby ballet poser! pointy toe and everything! She was wearing her Tu leotard, headband and skirt from Sainsburys, I hope the ballet pumps fit her soon.


Day 19 – 1st weigh in after rejoining last week and a fab 4lbs lighter. long may it continue!



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#MySundayPhoto – 18/01/15

This weeks My Sunday Photo and 18/365 is this …
It was taken at Baby ballet, you can expect a few of these over the coming months as little ballet dancers are just the cutest.
I just love the relaxed pose with the pointy toe, she was listening to Miss Amy telling them what we would be doing next.
She is wearing her new Leotard and headband (£6) and skirt (£6.50) from the Tu clothing range from Sainsburys.
I have also got her ballet shoes (£6 I think) from there but they start at a size 6 so her feet are too tiny for them yet.

Flashback Fridays 16/01/15

IMAG0051This weeks photo was taken in Bluestone national park resort in November 2013, its not too long ago but it was C’s 1st little holiday.

Me, D and C will be returning to Bluestone in a little over a week and I have been thinking about it a lot recently and wonder how different this holiday will be to our last visit.

I’ll be writing all about our trip as well as tweeting and posting instagram pictures while we are there.

Mummy 2 Monkeys