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2 years of blogging and Giveaways

This month…

2nd blog photo

I started blogging as an outlet while on maternity leave after a mummy friend suggested it.

Now I know am not the greatest blogger, I only post occasionally when I remember although I do aim to post more often and my vocabulary isn’t the largest. I use my blog to help me improve my spelling as well because it has always been shockingly bad, I think that is because words don’t seem to look wrong to me ( maybe i’m a little dyslexic) if you show me four words and ask which is spelt correctly I won’t always be able to tell you as they are to me it doens’t look wrong.

I love having an outlet for my voice weather anyone really reads it or not doesn’t matter. I can share what I think here, I can share my thoughts on products and places as well as sharing photo’s. It’s completely my choice what I type out and share.
This blog is also a sort of diary/ journal of C growing up, there’s stories of her 1st hair cut, Our Florida holiday  and family events.

I love my blog, even if nobody else does and that’s all that matters.

So I want to thank those who have followed and read my blog over the last 2 years by running a few little giveaways over the next month to Celebrate our second year up and running.

My blog is mainly about family, our hobbies and things we like.
So I plan on running a few giveaways of things related to the things we blog about.

– I want to give away some baking related items, as that is one of my biggest hobbies. I adore baking and love to share my creations with anyone who wants to read about it. 
 – I want to giveaway some sweets and chocolate as who doesn’t like chocolate!
–  I want to giveaway some children’s books as C loves to read and I think all children deserve books!

So here is out 1st prize


3 lovely children’s books

– The wheels on the bus
-The polar bear paddle
– Hungry harry

 To enter simply fill in the form below

Children’s book giveaway

I will possibly think up a few other things too…
What would you like to see us give away?

*I will be providing all items for the giveaways so the items won’t be overly expensive*