Slimming world #Week2

So 1st weekly weigh in today and managed to just get there in time for weight in as I was in work till 6 nad thats when the later class starts.
This week hasn’t been to bad except for a cinema trip with the usual treats and a night round at my friend on Saturday where we drank. I had forgotten how nice Fanta fruit twist is with Vodka especially Mango flavour vodka, really doesn’t taste alcoholic! Well you have to live a little bit even if you are on a diet.

This week I lose 3.5lbs and my mum lost an amazing 5lbs!

We had some lovely meals this week, Chicken Stirfry, Chilli and wedges as well as steak! We have some more amazing meals planned for this week as well so hopefully the losses will continue.

This week I have 2 big events in one day, My grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party on Saturday daytime and my school friend’s hen do on Saturday night that will include a meal and cocktail making class!
I just hope that one day wont mean a gain next Wednesday.

so here we go…
Week 1 – 1st weight in – 14st 11lbs.
Week 2 – lost 3.5lbs – 14st 7.5lbs ( total loss -3.5lbs)

Wish me luck for next week!

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