#MySundayPhoto – 20/09/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken on Thursday afternoon,


It was my birthday and I did wonder if I would actually get anything off my little girl, since her dad and I broke up in June. 
I’m not sure on the etiquette once you have broken up with someone about getting presents from the kids, I personally will make sure that C get’s him presents for birthday/Christmas/fathers day until she is old enough to chose to do it herself, but I know that he is rubbish at buying things, as I had to do all the shopping for his family while we were together, and don’t even get me started on the lack of wrapping on my xmas gift last year
( Two words :- carrier bags).

I shouldn’t have worried though because at 2.5 years old she is apparently already able to go online and order “pretty pink flowers” for me as well as going and getting me a Pandora necklace.
( Thank you again mum 😀 )

I also received 2 Pandora charms, one off my parents and one off C’s other Grandparents and auntie.
As well as money of other relatives which I’m saving for my London visit next month.

I was well and truly spoilt 😀
Thank you to everyone who gave me a present or wished me happy birthday.

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