C’s 1st hair cut

On Wednesday the 16th July we took C for her 1st haircut. It wasn’t a proper cut, more a trim to neaten it all up, but it was still her 1st haircut. She was so good, she sat in the special children’s race car chair and moved the wheel around while the hairdresser, Winnie, cut her hair.


I took her to our local hairdressers Cathy’s cutters in Childwall, where both my mum and I, as well as both my aunties go to get our hair done. It only took 5 minutes, she sat relatively still, she had a little wriggle but there was no tears which is lucky because apparently I was a brat when it came to getting my hair cut and would scream and cry. That might explain why I only make it to the hairdressers about once a year now.  


I was given a lock of hair to keep, one of her little curls, that I have put it into her 100 year diary book which will have to start filling in more of. I bought it for her before she was born with the intention of filling it in for her until she is old enough to do it herself, but up to now I have only managed to fill in her name and put in a scan picture.

Her hair was a lot shorter, Winnie cut it in a layered way so it will make it easier to manage, but she still has her lovely curls.

wpid-imag0948.jpg wpid-imag0949.jpg

She was being her nosy self and was looking around and smiling at the other customers, I have a feeling that she will love trips to the hairdressers when she is older, to socialize and gossip. Best of all this haircut only cost me £2. Cheapest haircut I’ve ever paid for I think.

I’ll take her back in a couple of months to have it neatened up again but that is another one of her 1st milestones done.

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