We have little visitors… head lice!

Sorry if I have made you itchy, I know that I am every time I even think of nits.

Since C started nursery in September I have been waiting for them to appear, I had bought combs ready and on Friday after her scratching for a couple of days I combed her hair and found just a couple of the little buggers.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t do it sooner, well she had had her nasal flu vaccine a week before, had a cold and came out in a rash on her neck that I assumed was connected to the vaccine or viral.
We gave her Piriton and after a few days of her still scratching I checked her hair where I found the evil little buggers.


So on Saturday morning I smothered her head in Tesco’s head lice treatment and then left it for an hour, added tea tree oil to her shampoo and washed it out. I then combed it again, only a few there, so I think we caught them early.

I have been washing her hair and using a conditioning spray that I have added tea tree too and combing daily, only juvenile ones there so at least I know that they will soon be gone.

I just hate the little invaders but suspect that we will have visits from them again in the future as kids will be kids and the way that they play in nursery and school means that they easily spread.

Remember to check your kids heads regularly!
I’m now off to wash my hair and check it again as they make my skin crawl just thinking about them.

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