My new busy life diary

For Christmas from my brother I asked for a new diary, for the last few years I have had a diary that I have used to plan my life.

I write down everything in it, work shifts , appointments, meetings with friends, nights out, days out, birthdays. Everything!
My life is contained in that one little book.

So when Tom asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said a diary. He complained saying that he couldn’t get me just a diary for Christmas but I explained how my diary holds my life in it and it had to be a specific one, with space for everything that I could think of.
So being the very helpful sister I am, and to make sure it was right I sent him the URL to it on Amazon so he could buy it.

Here it is!


Well I got my new busy family diary and I have to say I love it.
It has the usual personal info and useful numbers pages but also has very useful pages like one to write everyone’s birthdays on, this will be a lifesaver as I have at least 50 people who I need to get birthday cards for throughout the year as we have quite a large family.


Each week has a double page, with space for me to write all my notes, appointments etc on one side, and a page with columns on the other, these I can divvy up as I’d like, I will have one for all C’s appointments, baby ballet classes as well as when she will be visiting people.
I also plan on using one column as a food diary to help me get back on to Slimming world and stick to the plan by writing what i’ve eaten each day.


Each month also has a page with reminders and a pocket for notes etc


I look forward to filling this one up with notes and memories to look back on like I have my last few.

If you’re anything like me and feel as if you have a thousand things to do each day and worry about keeping on top of everything, then I suggest you invest in a family diary and keep everything in one place.

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