My baby is growing up

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve really noticed C has grown up, She is no longer really a baby any more she is now a proper little person with her own personality and she certainly has her terrible two’s moments.

We have been shopping in Cheshire Oaks
wpid-imag4208.jpg wpid-imag4207.jpg

I love these pictures. She is such a girly girl, Dresses, Shoes, Handbags and Make-up ( which she isnt allowed to wear yet) are all her favorite things. She walked around Pandora saying ” my favourite” about everything she saw lol.

On Wednesday Afternoon we went shopping in St Helens to get some birthday presents. We went into BHS and I saw the matching Millie clothes they do. I bought C a Molly doll and the matching pyjama set. She now loves going to bed matching her doll. I just wish they did more outfits as all I could see was the PJ’s and one dress.


She looks huge in this picture! not like my little girl :(

We went to the Chester Zoo on Thursday with C’s Auntie Danii and Auntie Gemma. We had a really fun day, C had her face painted for the 1st time and we saw loads of animals.


C being a giant turtle, I think this looks like a modelling pose lol


She loved the monorail, she kept calling it her train.

4 thoughts on “My baby is growing up

    1. Ellie Post author

      I know, she is such a girly girl! that and trips to the hairdressers is going to cost me a fortune!


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