Me time

Now me time doesn’t happen often as a mum, My main job is looking after C . Its a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week , 365 day a year job that I wouldn’t give up for the world. *

But occasionally we all need a little “Me time” to read a book, watch a film or go and enjoy something that isn’t aimed at or includes children.
This weekend I am doing two things that I consider “me time” things. I have started reading a new book, and I am attending the cake and bake show in manchester.

I won tickets to the show last month and have been looking forward to going with my best friend. I could take C with me I suppose but I think she is a little young to appreciate it and we would probably have to leave earlier if she came. So my mum is kindly watching her for me so I can go and have a good day out, Thank you mum! I can’t wait!!!

Most of my “me time” happens in work. I am very lucky that with the job I have I can find the time to read the odd chapter or research something for my blog.
I love my job but I wish I had more hours. Its part time in the evening and weekends and with the job Dan does (mornings) I need the evening work so that, If my parents and his parents, are away then he is able to be home with C while i’m at work.

I will be posting about the cake and bake show when I have time, and might even review the book i’m reading, Its called Liverpool angels by Lyn Andrews.

* Thank you Auntie Ann for pointing out my mistake in the 1st paragraph! It has now been fixed

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