My favourite Christmas experiences

With Christmas being less than 11 weeks away all our preparations are well underway.
Presents have been bought, list are being written and plans are being made, we will soon be starting the deep clean of the house in preparation of decorating and I will be starting the Christmas cakes.
I love Christmas and have gotten my love of the season from my mum.

My mum just adores Christmas it is her favourite time of year and she will start singing Christmas songs as early as August,  We have now come to an agreement that she wont start until after my birthday in mid September ( although I usually have to remind her of this when she starts humming them)

We have a few traditions in our house that I love. 

  • On Christmas eve we have a picky bits tea, we have meats, pate, cheese, dips, crisps and French stick. We also have sherry shandy’s and watch tv together.
  • We eat out on Christmas day with my mum’s side of the family, this year we are going to a carvary. I will have beef or gammon as I don’t like turkey and loads of veggies, with traditional Christmas pudding for desert. As there are a few of us eating out is the better option as we all have such a varied liking of food. The one year that we had Christmas lunch at home for 13 people, it involved a lot of cooking, planning and a choice of starters and desserts as well as 3 different meats. My poor mum and aunties were knackered.
  • We have a Christmas quiz, every year my mum writes a quiz and wraps up little prizes. We are put in teams and answer questions, its so much fun.
  • For the past two Christmases we have also been to my boyfriends parents on Christmas morning to do presents with his family. They all meat at his parents at about 11am and swap presents and open them all 😀

It is very hard to choose just one favourite as I love the whole of Christmas, but my very favourite Christmas memory is sitting on the worktop in the kitchen of our old house, with lines of pastry circles already cut out ready for me and mum to make the mince pies.
I can’t wait till C is old enough to help me just like I used to help my mum.


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