It’s December and our Elf has arrived.

It’s the 1st of December and that means a few things…

  1. It’s Christmas this month.
  2. Chocolate before breakfast is a must.
  3. Our new elf Happy has arrived.
  4. I really need to finish my Christmas shopping.
  5. I need to find time to wrap all the presents.

This year is the first year that C is really old enough to understand and get involved properly, so I decided to get her an unofficial “Elf on a shelf” as I don’t really like the official one.

So meet Happy as C has called him.


He arrived with C’s advent calender, some chocolate coins and the magic elf door to the north pole.


C loves him, she even got dressed as an elf as well and wanted to bring him to Guides this evening to show the girls.
We were doing crafts this evening and while she was distracted I managed to turn a left over box into Happy’s new elf bed.
So of course he had to go up and sleep next to her tonight.


He of course has now flown off to the north pole to report to Father Christmas, and will appear somewhere else tomorrow morning.

I just LOVE how excited that she gets, do you or did you ever do elf on a shelf when your kids were little?

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