#MySundayPhoto – 16/08/15 (My little girly girl)

This weeks #MySundayphoto was actually only taken this morning.
I went out for breakfast with my best friend and C loved her nails, so we said if she was good we would see if Danii’s sister Gemma would paint her nails for her when we dropped Danii off.

Know I know that some people will disagree with a 2 and a half year old having her nails painted but if she asks for it and it’s not going to hurt her then I see no harm in it 😀

Well C was over the moon and got to pick the colours she wanted, green with sparkly glitter just like Danii 😀


She sat so nicely to have them done, and blew on them between coats.
Gemma did an amazing job! I don’t know how anyone can get kids to sit and listen so well, I swear she will be a fabulous mum one day and should really think of a career in children’s party entertainment or paediatric play in hospitals as she loves to work in the care sector.

C is so lucky to have so many Auntie’s who love her and want to make her happy.
My little girly girl.


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