Merseyside derby day!

Today is the Merseyside Derby day
Everton V Liverpool
1.30pm kick off at Goodison!

We have a little rivalry at the moment over who C will support. ( The poor toddler hears conflicting views all the time)
Her dad and his family are Reds whereas all my family are Blues.
So she doesn’t have it very easy on Derby days, with the family spilt.

As its Sunday she will be going to her paternal grandparents for the afternoon as I am in work but this is what she is wearing.


You can see our post here on Instagram and Facebook and see what other have to say about this picture. 

Personally I think that she will chose to be a Blue, because Blues are born not manufactured. She even went to her “first” match before she was born when I was about 5 months pregnant, but I also know that her dad wants her to be a red ( No wonder we split up lol)

I know that although we will all try and influence her and get her to support our teams that she will have the right to choose whoever she wants to support when she is older, and I hope everyone will support her decision.

Just one more thing to say…. #COYB!!!

Do your kids support a team?
Is it the same or different to yours?

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