The Safe Style conservatory saga

This summer my parents decided to replace the conservatory on our house as it was over 25 years old and starting to fail.
One of the windows were buckled and there were holes in the roof from where my y9onger brother had thrown cigarettes out of his window in his youth.
It wasn’t being used as it was too cold in winter and too hot in summer, so useless except for drying washing on hot days.

They had a few quotes and decided to go with Safe Style, a well known and reputable company.
The surveyor came, measured up and they said they would come to fit it in August.

On the 15th they arrived to start, unloaded all the new parts, and took down the old wooden conservatory, taking out the sils, in preparation to fit our new shiny UPVC conservatory. wpid-wp-1472126535623.jpg wpid-wp-1472126547283.jpg wpid-wp-1472126557493.jpg

They worked hard and then the first problem arose, they started by fitting the doors and the measurements didn’t add up, the doors and the window highs didn’t match they were a whopping 110mm out!

They had to stop work and call the office, another surveyor would be out that evening and they made it water tight until then.


The surveyor came and checked the measurements and called into the office. He talked on the phone for a while and I heard phrases such as “We can just put on a bigger flashing” and ” we can make do with the windows that are already made”. To be honest he did sound convincing when he then told us that the main conservatory was fine its just the doors that need to be remade and that they would be back the following day to put up what they could.
The doors would be ordered the following morning on a rush and fitted on Saturday ( This was Monday)

Tuesday came and so did a phone call to say that the men were sick and they wouldn’t be coming till Wednesday. Ok that is no ones fault as you just can’t help being ill sometimes, its life.

The same to fella’s came back on Wednesday and did put up what they could. One of the roof glass panes were broken so they put in a piece of wood, instead and still no doors. They had to give up In the afternoon as the rain got to be too heavy.

The main frame was up but no where near completed. The plaster and brickwork had been left it open to the elements.

Saturday came and went with no one showing up to finish work, mum called on Monday this week to see what the plan was only to be told they would call back on Tuesday, but Tuesday came and no phone call.

We were out on Wednesday, I had to taking my granddad to hospital appointment, while my mum was sitting with my nan, so didn’t have time to call again.

On Wednesday evening someone from Safe Style happened to be knocking on doors in the road and knocked on ours, he asked if we were thinking of getting our windows done soon as ” they obviously hadn’t been done for a few years”. I said we were actually waiting for Safe style to come back and finish the conservatory they had started a week before and we were still waiting, so I wouldn’t be thinking about using them.

Today again we waited, Mum called again and we were again told that they needed to talk to someone in the depot, and that someone would need to call us back tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that we do get a phone call or even better someone out to finish the job that they starte and have had a vast amount of money for already.

For a big company such as Safe Style you would think that they would make customer satisfaction a higher priority.

This is what we have currently been left with

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