Some very sad news

Yesterday morning Finley was lethargic and not himself again, he took himself out into the garden and laydown under a bush and refused to move, so we took him back into the vets.
He saw Nicky again who had helped him last time, she scanned his chest and found he had more fluid around his heart. She managed to drain about 80ml’s of blood from a the sac around his heart that was making him sick, he perked up but she asked to keep him for observation for a few hours.

We came home and discussed what we should do if it happened again as he was suffering and agreed that if this happened to him again that we would let him go as it would be best for him, it wasn’t fair to keep him with us if he was in pain and having difficulty even breathing.

At about 4pm I got a call to say that he had been fine and barking for the last few hours but had gone quiet at about 3.15pm, they rescanned him and there was more fluid around his heart.
She asked what we wanted to do, we could have had them drain it again but it would have probably refilled and meant he would have to go back again in only a few hours so we decided that the best thing for him was to let him go.

He had, had tests and scans but no one was able to find a cause for the fluid build up. We will probably never know what caused it to happen.

My dad was with him when he went, his suffering and pain was gone and so was he.

Yesterday was a very sad day.

I ended up spending the night on the couch with our other dog Freddie last night as he wouldnt settle, he had never spent a night away from Fin in the 6 years that we have had him.
The next few days will be tough and I know that I will be crying still for a while, but it will get easier over time.

Finley was only 7 years old but it was his time to go.

August 2008 - Finley joined me to get my A-Level results, he was so tiny then.

August 2008 – Finley joined me to get my A-Level results, he was so tiny then.

He knew he wasn't allowed on the furniture, but looked so cute.

He knew he wasn’t allowed on the furniture, but looked so cute.

Looking like an old man this year in the vets waiting room.

Looking like an old man this year in the vets waiting room.


4 thoughts on “Some very sad news

  1. Lonestarsky

    Oh, how awful, I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s heart breaking when a pet dies, they really are one of the family and it’s even worse when there’s another pet who doesn’t understand where their buddy has gone :( . You definitely did the right thing though, as hard as it is. He looks such a cutie, I can imagine what a hole his loss has left in your lives. All the best xx

  2. tiffany callan

    Sorry for your lose, it’s never easy making that decision and even knowing you did the best in a bad situation for your dog doesn’t make it any easier, right now it hurts and you’ll be sad for a while but over time you’ll remember the fun, happy memories and treasure them along with letting go of the pain.


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