13-19/1/14 round up of the week.

This last week has flown over.


Monday was a mixture of chasing baby C up and down the stairs, making some lovely food (sticky sausage with mash and sweetcorn) and Baby C stealing my mum’s handbag.

IMAG0758 IMAG0769 IMAG0771 IMAG0779







Tuesday we spent the morning at home, had a lovely healthy lunch of veg and rice, then I had work in the afternoon so Baby C spent the afternoon with nanny. I picked her up after I finished and took her to Guides with me to see everyone after the christmas break. She enjoyed playing with the Guides, Being dressed up by her guidemother Clairbear and eating chocolate.

IMAG0794 IMAG0795







Wednesday I worked the morning shift and Baby C stayed with Daddy as he had the day off. Nanny and grandad went to visit great nan and great grandad in Wales. We had an uneventful afternoon at home then a fun play before bed, and looked at baby C’s Stars ( she got the Cloud b ladybug from nanny).

IMAG0798 IMAG0800











Thursday was a quiet day, I took my brother to a couple of appointments, went to Asda, and made some mushrooms and eggs in the slowcooker to have with beans. Baby C was up late on Thursday as she just wouldn’t go to sleep, She even tried to make freddie dog get out of bed.

IMAG0802 IMAG0806 IMAG0807 IMAG0809







Friday started out with C mesmerised by the TV and only sitting still for a whole 2 minutes, the rest of the day was filled with drama and arguments, trying to tidy and clean and ended up in a huge argument with my brother ( I didn’t empty the bin bag of rubbish over the floor he did). My parents also arrived home and I went for my evening shift in work.

IMAG0810 IMAG0812











Saturday Me, Mum and Baby C went shopping in the morning then we went to my nans to visit with family. My cousin took a little video and has included it in his blog of the week ( I am not on it thankfully, I was retrieving a Baby C who was escaping at the time) Afterwards Baby C and I went for coffee with my best friend and did a huge tesco shop.

Sunday I picked My boyfriend up from work and we dropped Baby C off at his mums for the afternoon, We then went to the cinema to see delivery man. It is a funny film and a nice way to spend a couple of hours. I then dropped him off at his friends before I went to work for my evening shift.

Overall its been busy week.

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