Sugar and Crumbs chocolate icings

I am a huge fan of Sugar and Crumbs icing and have been ever since I tasted some of their lovely icing flavour options at the cake and bake show in March.
I am very lucky that I have been chosen to test out Sugar and crumbs newest icing sugars and they are Chocolate!

I received two of the new flavours that are due for release in September, Chocolate milkshake and Black forest, I just could not wait to try them out.


They arrived as all sugar and crumbs icing do, packaged in resealable bags which helps to keep the icing fresh. The use by dates are nice and long ( Feb 2016 on the one’s I received) although they don’t last long enough in our house to reach the use by dates.

So as soon as I could I got into the kitchen and started baking. I decided to make chocolate cupcakes to test the icing out on.

Although all sugar and crumbs icing bags give you a recipe of how to make the icing, in the past I have always made a base buttercream to add the icing too, it makes the sugar and crumbs icing last a little longer or go further as well as making the flavour a little more subtle.

The salted caramel icing is a big fan among my friends and family so I couldn’t wait to try the Chocolate milkshake and Black forest ones out on them.

I made the icing up as the recipe states:- 125 g butter, 250 g chocolate icing sugar and 2 tablespoons of 1% milk, and mix into buttercream.


I piped the buttercream onto chocolate cupcakes, I got about 9 cupcakes out of each pack. It states 12-24 on the packs but I am very generous with the quantities that I put on.
I think I would make it up like I do with the normal icing next time and dilute the chocolate icing sugar with some icing and coco powder to make it go further and make the flavours more subtle.
The buttercream is lovely, light and very flavourful, My personal favourite is the chocolate milkshake, I’m not a big Cherry fan.


I’ve had a few people taste test the two different flavours and tell me which they prefer.


Black forest vs Chocolate milkshake

Michael – preferred the black forest for the fruity flavour and because if he hadn’t known that other was chocolate milkshake then he would have just guessed plain chocolate.

John – ” The black forest topping is subtle, pleasantly flavoured and acted as a perfect complement to the underlying cake. The chocolate milkshake was nice enough but was slightly too sweet for my taste”

Audrey – “The chocolate milkshake one is lovely, it’s tasty and compliments the cake beautifully. The black forest is dreadful”

Eddie – ” The chocolate milkshake one is very chocolaty, the Black forest is chemically tasting”

Annie – ” I like both”

I think it’s all about what you like and personal preference
Why not buy some and tell me what is your favourite flavour?

*disclaimer – I was supplied with the packs of chocolate icing sugars from Sugar and Crumbs for the purpose of this post. Most of the post are my unbiased opinions but also contains the independent opinions of others were stated*

7 thoughts on “Sugar and Crumbs chocolate icings

  1. Sheri | Flowers & Freckles

    This sounds like a really interesting way to make great icing, I always get a bit bored making buttercream – forever adding more butter and then more sugar, It’d be nice to have something that will just make it taste good with minimal effort! I’ll definitely be looking out for these in the supermarket! xx

  2. Colette B

    the black forest sounds lovely. I like the idea of making a base buttercream to add the flavouring too as when I made it I used just the flavoured icing sugar and it was a bit overpowering! x

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