Last weeks bakes

I seem to be baking something every week at the moment. In the last week I have baked chocolate cakes for the Sugar and crumbs icing post I posted here yesterday.


I have also made a couple of friends cupcakes.
I made a dozen vanilla cupcakes with pink icing for my friends little girl’s 5th birthday party last Wednesday. This was the box just before I finished filling it. I added a little edible glitter to the mix to make them sparkle ( I don’t think that shows up on the pictures thought)


 I made a mixed dozen for a work colleague which consisted of 4 salted caramel, 4 Victoria sponge and 4 chocolate cupcakes.


She said that she really loved the Chocolate Milkshake ones.

I am a huge Great British bake off fan and watching it every week makes me get into a baking mood.
although it has shown me that I really need to expand my range of bakes, all I seem to make at the moment is cupcakes or celebration cakes.
In the coming months I think I might try my hand at bread or pies or something else. I
really feel like making Chocolate brownies as well at the moment, I need to find a really good recipe for gooey chocolate brownies.

Once I’m back from holidays I will also be starting on my Christmas baking planning. I really want to try making a Christmas pudding as well as Christmas cake and mince pies this year.

What would you like to see me making?

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