Baking fun and Giveaway

C and I have had some baking fun over the weekend as you might have seen on our #MySundayPhoto post this week. Well there is no excuse like Easter to get the mixer out and make some cakes.

C loves to help me bake and she is now getting good at telling me what ingredients I need next, being the official taste tester and of course helping clean up by licking the beater.


We made Easter cupcakes to share with family and friends, What do you think?

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As baking is one of my hobbies and I blog about it a fair bit I thought that I would give away a selection of baking goodies to get you started or help you on your baking journey with children,

I think baking is a perfect rain day activity, and can be used to teach children new skills, as well as improve upon things like counting, and as a bonus you have something edible at the end to enjoy or to give away as gifts.

Here is the bundle of baking goodies that I will be giving away as part of our 2nd blogaversary to get you started.



1. Measuring cup and measuring spoon sets
2. Muffin cases
3. Heavenly cupcakes recipe book
4. 2 x cupcake boxes (each holds 6 cakes)
5. 2 x chocolate flavoured frosting 250g pots
6. A Peppa pig chocolate cookie kit
7. A Frozen cupcake kit
8.Writing icing – 3 tubes
9. Sugar stars (28g pot)
10. Mini marshmallows (12g pot)

Simply fill in the Gleam form below to be in with a chance to win.

baking competition

Good luck

* Open to UK residents only, prize supplied by me and not associated with any company/brand*

81 thoughts on “Baking fun and Giveaway

  1. Tracy K Nixon

    Yes and yes. And when my kids go round to my parents now, my mum bakes with her grandchildren! I was lucky to have a mum who was a great cook and baker! She taught me loads and now I love passing on my skills to my kids! Thank you for the giveaway x

  2. Susan B

    Poor mum! She put up with the horrors of little girlies baking until we were sufficiently competent to bake ourselves.

    The first time I tried to show my own daughter how to bake a cake, I dropped it on the floor – upside down – as I was trying to put it in the oven. It put her off for a while!

  3. Jayne T

    I bake with my kids all the time, we have lots of fun tasting what we’ve made. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  4. Amanda Richardson

    my mum always baked with me as a child as I do with mine, they taste much better than shop bought cakes

  5. Chris Andrews

    Did you ever bake with your parents and do you bake with your kids?……….oh yes and l loved it. Am passing on this love to my children and grandchildren

  6. Paula Readings

    I didn’t bake with my mum, But I did with mine, mainly cup cakes & rice crispie cakes, things that don’t take to long, Little ones don’t have a long attention span. not as nice as yours though.

  7. Lynsey Buchanan

    My gran would bake with me my mum and dad were always so busy. I bake and cook with my daughter she loves to get involved in the kitchen

  8. Claire Nutman

    Truthfully my mother is a terrible cook, and we dreaded her jam tarts, lol, and I do bake with my kids yes x

  9. barbara daniels

    e baked a lot of cakes, shortbread when we were kids, I do the same with mine, lots of brownies, muffins.

  10. Leanne

    Chocolate chip cookies was something my mom and I baked together. Muffins, cakes and cookies are things that I would like to make with my little one’s!

  11. Elizabeth Hinds

    I baked with my mum all the time when I was younger. Funnily enough I don’t bake with my own girls that often, it is definitely something I would like to start doing more of!

  12. Emma Mason

    I dind’t bake with my Mum but I baked with my Grandma incesantly, my favourite were peanut butter cookies and “butterfly” cakes

  13. Mari Sutherland

    I used to bake with my boys all the time when they were little. Always had to get cake mix out of somebody’s hair; most often the dog’s!

  14. Lynne Durkin

    Yes I used to bake with my mom and have always baked with my own children. Now my daughter bakes cakes with her own children, think it’s lovely to see their faces when the cakes come out the oven :) x

  15. gemma brown

    we used to make rice crispie cakes but that was pretty much it. i tey and dop a lot of cooking with my boys

  16. kate philpott

    didnt bake much with my parents but i do with my kids a fav id chocolate crunch so easy and gingerbread at xmas x

  17. Bryony Brooke

    Yes I remember making cakes with my mum and getting to lick the beaters. Also I remember squeezing the orange juice for the christmas pudding, and being allowed the skin afterwards to eat the last little bits of the orange.

    I don’t have children of my own yet, but I’m looking forward to when my niece is old enough for me to bake with her.

  18. Tracy Newton

    I was brought up by my Dad. He makes a mean Christmas cake. He taught me to make it too. My little boy is not very interested in baking, but will help occasionally

  19. justine meyer

    We were brought up on home baking and was always helping mum in the kitchen and I am doing the same with my children x

  20. Jodie Cook

    My mum always says she’s “Cook by name, but not by nature” so we didn’t bake together, but my grandma was amazing at baking so I always baked with her when I went for a visit.

  21. Emma Birley

    I always used to bake with my mum! Especially rock cakes and Victoria sandwich. And when my daughter was younger I used to bake cookies with her, but she bakes all the time by herself now and she’s a lot better than me, so I leave her to it 😉

  22. Sarah Lee

    I always used to bake with my mum and my nan, I don’t bake with my children/babies yet – they’re a little too young but i do plan on it when they are a bit older

  23. Wendy Tolhurst

    Didn’t get to do baking with my mum much as a child but I have grown up to love baking. I try to bake with my children regularly – sometimes I try to get something made quickly so do it alone but usually the children help.

  24. Claire Ward

    I still bake with my mum she’s a chef and I’m learning to decorate cakes not my strong suit I also bake with my niece. She loves it and it’s fun to do and she likes giving her mum and grandad something she’s made… She loves licking the spoon too


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