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 My name is Ellie and I am the main writer in this site, although we do occasionally have guest bloggers so please do contact us if you are interested.

Please have a look around and read some of the post’s I have written.
As a family we are always willing to try out new products and give an honest opinion of what we think.
We have a varierty of people in our household we have :-

  • C -A typical toddler- who at 2 years old is into everything, she loves to role play, dance and sing, and especially loves our dogs.
  • My brother- A 25 year old male – who spends most of his time hanging around with his friends when he isn’t working away.
  • My boyfriend -A slightly more mature 25 year old father – who really is just a big kid when it comes to his computer games. He enjoys playing with C, watching his beloved Liverpool FC or hanging with his friends.
  • My Father -A mid-50 year old grandfather – who is a work-a-holic and spends his free time studying the sky and reading anything he can get his hands on.
  • My mum – A mid- 50 year old Nan – who is a slight shop-a-holic and Disney-a-holic, who loves a bargain and loves to spoil everyone especially her only grandchild.
  • Finley and Freddie – A lovely and bouncy male dog who C adores and he adore her ( when she isn’t pulling his tail)
  • And finally me, I am a 26 year old single mother, daughter, blogger, baker, friend, employee, reader, writer and graduate with a dream of going back to Uni to get a Degree in Nursing.

Know that you know us a little, and if you have a product, service, or site you would like us to review please do contact us, and let us know a little about you.

Email –

facebook – having a baby and living at home 

twitter – @babylivinathome

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  1. Emily Lawson

    Hi I was wondering if you wanted you run a competition for my page?
    For inexpensive Disney inspired handmade tutus for any little princess. We can make anything to order!

    Please can you invite your lovely readers to also like my page. Once I have received 100 likes a winner will be allowed to choose any tutu!
    Many thanks x


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