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My new Fitbit Charge

Yesterday I finally got my Fitbit Charge working.
I decided that I wanted to buy a Fitbit and after doing a little research decided that the one most suited to me was he Fitbit Charge. I bought my Fitbit Charge from John Lewis as I had a £50 gift voucher to use and as It was down to £69.99 It only cost me £19.99, so was a bargain really.
I ordered it online on the 15th July and picked it up on the 17th, I put it straight on and when I got home I went to charge and sync it only to find that the sync device and charger wires were missing from the box, because of work and family I haven’t had a chance to get back into town until yesterday to exchange it.

When I got home I finally set up my Fitbit account on the computer and also on my phone, then I put it on to charge as the battery was low. I cant wait to see how much I walk and track my sleep to see how many times I wake up of a night. I think that wearing it will motivate me to do more exercise as I can see how few steps I have done at just the touch of a button.

I wore it to bed last night and tracked my sleep, I slept for 6 hours with 2 period of being awake and 15 restless periods. C had me up twice so I know that it accurate.


Do you have a Fitbit?
Has it motivated you to exercise more?

 I really hope that it will help me lose the 4 stone that I have set as my goal in conjunction with my slimming world plan.
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