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Date night

Last night was mine and Mr J’s 1 month anniversary since our 1st date.
He had told me to keep the 20th free and he had planned a date for us but wouldn’t tell me what it was. Although he told both my best friend and my mum which I though was a little unfair.

So yesterday afternoon I got dressed up in a dress.  Seriously those who know me will know that i’m not a dress kind of girl (except for very special occasions), and did my hair and make up ready for my surprise date.

I met Mr J at central station in Liverpool at 5pm and we had a little walk around the shops. I went into Primark and bought some new shoes as the ones that I had chosen to wear had given me a blister, rookie mistake I know but I generally live in flipflops and sketchers but had been banned from either of those and i’m no longer used to wearing my “going out” shoes as it’s been years. I found a pretty pair that went with my dress.


We then wandered back to the station and boarded the train towards Hunt’s cross.


I still didn’t have a clue as to where we were going to it was all a surprise for me.
We got off the train at St Michael’s station and walked through to Lark lane. Lucky for us the weather was holding out but had cooled down a bit.


I then had a choice of where I wanted to eat, after a short walk along the road looking at menu’s we chose to eat in Al Dente, a sort of Mediterranean/ Italian fusion sort of restaurant.

They have a lovely outside courtyard that has covered seating and we chose to eat out there. The staff were all very friendly and attentive, the food was delicious. I chose the chicken and mushroom tagliatelle although I don’t remember seeing any mushrooms in it, the pasta was perfect and the sauce was creamy but not to heavy. Mr J ordered a mixed kebab that also looked lovely.

wpid-wp-1469098728542.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728468.jpg

We also shared a side of the mozzarella pockets, which is mozzarella cheese enclosed in pizza dough with a garlic dip.


We ordered dessert too and I got a fabulous homemade tiramisu and Mr J got cheesecake.

wpid-wp-1469099344114.jpg wpid-wp-1469099344121.jpg

I would definitely recommend trying Al Dente to anyone who’s around Lark lane and hungry. Although unless you want a blue tongue avoid the Blue Lagoon cocktail


After food we had a wander back down Lark lane towards the park, got a couple of pokestops ( Yes I play Pokemon Go) and went into the Lodge for a cocktail.

I got a Zombi and Mr J got a long island ice tea, they were very strong and missing the puree as they didn’t have any, but delicious non the less.

wpid-wp-1469098728185.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728222.jpg

We walked back to the station, and I managed to get very wet feet by stepping on something that attacked me with water.

In town we went to Roxy’s, which is a pool bar and again we got cocktail ( I was spoilt 😀 ) Can you guess which was mine?

wpid-wp-1469098728186.jpg wpid-wp-1469098728224.jpg

We sat on the rooftop terrace and enjoyed the lovely evening weather.
Mr J then asked if I wanted to go to one of the casino’s in town?

I’d never been to a casino so I though I might as well finish the night trying something new. It was really fun, we only stayed about 30 mins. I put £10 onto my card to use and walked out with £35 so my 1st time in a casino was a good one.

Overall it was a fantastic date, we have decide to make it a regular thing and try to do something on the 20th of each month, I think I should plan a surprise for Mr J next month 😀

Thank you again for a fab night out Mr J xxx

New york day one

Be warned I might sounds a little cranky and ranty bit ive had 2 hours sleep since wednesday morning. (also excuse spelling or grammar mistakes as I’m on my phone)

So we arrived at the hotel just after 5, checked in and we were greeted with smiles by Emily. Quickly checked in and trekked to the room.
We are only in the 4th floor of 26(ish) but what seems the furthest away from the lifts.


Our room is compact but looked nice, clean but a little dark as there is no “big” light and one of the bedside lights was broken.



We put our cases in the room,<<image



Arrived back just after 8, shattered by 16 hours travelling to find that maintenance had been in the room and fixed a light by the bed that was broken ( we hadn’t reported it), I’m confused why it was done after we had checked in. We are just lucky we left our cases locked and hadn’t unpacked.

We got ready for bed, realised that we could hear some noise in the bathroom from the club but it was manageable. We settled down and then the air con cut out.

Just loving the 4th floor “superior” hotel room directly above the night club!
Seriously I think the music is louder in our bathroom than the club. Oh and the view of the terrace means noise from there too and the lovely smell of cooking if you open the window.


It was so loud that I ended up going to reception to see if they could move us to another room. Fully booked up hotel means that we are still here.
Before you say it I know it’s  new york and its the city that never sleeps but I need too!

The space under the stairs

We have some space under our stairs its usually used as a junk storage area but we gave away the cabinet that had been living there so there is now a lovely empty space. Recently C has been going under there hiding and laughing.

I want to make it into a play area/ den/ wendy house type area for her. I’ve seen on facebook pictures of people converting it to lovely little house fronts.

As we live with my parents, I can’t do anything permanent so I am going to try and make one using a sheet that can be removed and stored in her toy box but tied up to make the den.

Here are some pictures of the area and I will start working on my designs.

 den area 2 den area

Wish me luck!

Photo a day- Day 20

Well todays word was peace, with a lively toddler and a house to get ready for a party means that peace is hard to come by.

Well Baby C finally had a nap, a rarity in our house as she fights it. So I did what gives me a peaceful feeling, baking! I love baking it relaxes me, making something that you know will be enjoyed makes me happy so here is my peace photograph(s) ( I couldn’t choose just one)

wedding 3  wedding 2wedding 1sleeping baby c

Photo a day – day 18

Today is day 18 of the photo a day project, Todays word was Magic.

I thought and thought about magic and how I could depict it in a photograph. Well when I think magic I think Harry Potter, I thought about using one of the pictures I took in Harry potter world in Universal studio’s when I went on holiday a couple of years ago, or using one I took in the Harry potter studio’s tour near London because I took A LOT of pictures in both locations and they are very magical places. Then I went to Costco to order the Babies cake for her party and saw this……



and I have to say seeing Harry potter playing on a 80″ tv in Costco was magic.

Photo a day – Day 12 ( and a little extra)

This is day 12 of 28 and I’m starting to think I should have made them all into one post that just got updated daily, I feel as if the Photo a day posts are taking over a little and stopping me writing what I am thinking or feeling about everyday. Well you live and learn. If I ever decide to do a photo a day challenge again I will definitely do it all differently.

These last few days have been tough, full of sickness and changes.

  • I have gone self hosted on my blog, with the help and guidance of one very lovely and helpful friend.
  • I have been sent a few items to review, so have been trying to write them up as and when I can. I don’t want to make companies who have been kind enough to send me products to try and review, wait too long for their product review.
  • I have been trying to look after Baby C who seems to have caught a bug so has been ill and unsettled since Saturday.
  • My Boyfriend and mum have both also been ill with cold so it feels like I’m living in a sick house and to make it worse i’ve now caught the cold as well.
  • I have been organising, planning, shopping for and baking a Wedding cake that is due in March.

I suspect that the next few months in our house will probably pass in a blur. We have a 1st Birthday to plan and celebrate, The wedding cake to finish and deliver, I am working 4 days a week, being a full time mum as well as keeping up with blog posts and reviews I have planned.

Please bare with me if I am slow or if I write something that doesn’t make sense. I do proofread all posts, but sometimes things just pass me by.  I welcome all comment and criticisms but please try and be nice. I am still relatively new at this, so sometimes I make mistakes, I am only human after all.

Well onto the actual point of the post, I will stop my ramblings for now.

Today’s word was  “out and about”. Well, todays weather was awful, wind and rain. I was in work this morning then came home to the still ill baby who only wanted to cuddle and sleep. So todays picture was actually taken by Baby C’s nan last week when they went to see the ponies and horses. ( Thank you for the picture, I just had to use it)





Photo a day - day 5

Today’s word was Square. So I decided to show you C’s favorite shape the yellow square in her shape sorted. This one lives in nannies bedroom and she plays with it if she goes in there with nanny while mummy is busy.

Photo a day – Day 4

Todays word was Childhood. I have looked through the pictures that I currently have on my laptop, I have loads on my external hard drive but haven’t been able to get it out to look for today. 

I wasnt able to choose just one photo for today so I am cheating any putting up 5 pictures out of the thousands we have that really sum up my childhood.

My childhood was a blur of family holidays in caravans, birthday parties with friends and playing out. I was very lucky, I grew up in a very close family and had my brother and cousins to play with. I was the 4th grandchild on my mum’s side and the only girl. I grew up playing rough and tumble with the boys but still being spoilt as the only girl.

That is what I think Baby C is missing out on, She is the only grandchild, she has no cousins and in my experience cousins are your 1st friends, the ones you learn how to play with. 


So here is my childhood :-  


This took forever to take, In a time before digital cameras it took my mum a good 20 minutes to get us standing the perfect position without anyone walking past.