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24 week countdown! – WDW 2016

24 weeks and counting ūüėÄ

One of the men from our work is going in just 6 weeks time so we are both enjoying our countdowns ( although I get told not to mention mine as he will have been by then) and discussing Florida at every chance we get.
I have booked my shifts off work, so just waiting for them to be confirmed.
It still seems such a long way off but I know that it will be here before we know it.

I have also been practicing “princess” hairstyles for C when we are away.
At least one day while we are there I am going to make her look like a princess, I¬†would love to book her in to the¬†bibbidi bobbidi boutique to be made into a princess but they have to be above the age of 3 and she will be about 3 weeks shy when we come home :( I personally think that she would be fine and love the experience but I don’t want to risk getting her hopes up just to be turned away on the day as she is “too young”.
So I have decided that I will do it myself, do her hair, put on a little make-up ( eye shadow and lip gloss ) some fairy dust (glitter) and dress her up in a princess dress.

Here is my 1st attempt at a bun in her hair, its still a little short but we have 6 months for it to grow lol


25 weeks and counting! – WDW 2016

25 weeks and counting until we go to Florida again ūüėÄ
This time I am determined to actually document our holiday properly and share all the fun and amazing things we do.

C is so excited, she keeps talking about going on holiday to see Mickey, I don’t think she can understand how long she will have to wait still.

We have booked our flight seat this week, and have started booking our Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR’s), we managed to get a meal at Be our Guest on the day after we arrive. Continue reading

Holiday planning again

I have a couple of holidays in the next 6 months that are being planning, both family friendly as well as toddler free time.


In October I am going away for the weekend with just my best friend for a girls weekend in London.
We are going to watch a show, shop and explore the big city.
We went last month, it was my 1st time being away from C and although I missed her I enjoyed being able to just do what I wanted for a few days while knowing that she was safe and happy. It was so last minute, as it was actually my mum and Auntie Ann’s weekend break but they gave us the chance to go as my grandparents were ill, so we didn’t get a chance to really plan what we wanted to do, although I must say we did fit in a lot! Continue reading

Our Florida holiday- Day 1- Epcot

Day 1 – EPCOT

We got up bright and early, and went over to the main building for breakfast. I¬†chose pancakes with sausage and maple syrup, yes I know it sounds like a strange combination especially to anyone who knows me and my aversion to “fruit with food”, I can’t stand sweet with savoury but this is the exception¬†to the rule¬†because in my opinion it is¬†just amazing.
C loved the sausage and stole it off my plate, Dan had ordered bacon with his and neither he nor C were fans of it.


We enjoyed our food then played while we waited for mum and dad to join us, so we could head off for our day in EPCOT.


This is were we hit the first little bump of our holiday, my dad tried to order breakfast only to find out that the meal plan that was booked hadn’t been added to the reservation. So off we went to guest services who were very helpful but told us that we needed to contact Ocean Florida back in England, because of the time differences this wasn’t as simple a task as you would expect.

After a lot of back and forth getting phone cards which didn’t work, going back to room to try and call them from the room phone, and speaking to guest services again, we were told to expect a call back after they had sorted it and went to EPCOT, only 2 hours late and after missing some prebooked fast passes.


We arrived and went straight on the spaceship earth (the ride inside the ball) then Dan, C and I went over¬†to test track as we had fastpasses for that still. I went on 1st while Dan looked after C outside, It was a fun ride and had changed a lot since I’d last been.

After I came out Dan went in and C and I waited inside the exit where they have interactive games and it was cooler.
C really enjoyed the driving games in there.

We went for a leisurely stroll around the lands after test track, to kill time before we went for tea. We enjoyed our journey from Mexico to Canada and even saw some bunny rabbits enjoying the grass in the Canada pavilion.


We were booked into the Rose and Crown pub in England at 7.05pm.
We were lucky to be seated outside on the varander which gave us the perfect view for the illumination firework show that evening at 9pm.

We shared some starters off then menu to lengthen our visit so that we would be able to watch the fireworks.
My main course was a Lovely sirloin steak served with onion rings and green beans.
It was amazing, cooked perfectly and tasted delicious.


Both my Dad and Dan ordered Fish and chips that looked and apparently tasted very nice as well.


As we were having the Disney dining plan we had main course, desert and drink included in our entitlement.

We ordered the deserts to take out as we were stuffed and moved to the lower viewing area to wait for the fireworks to start.

Disney knows how to do a firework show, if you have never been then you have to go to EPCOT and watch the illuminations firework show. It is a very magical show although C didn’t like the fireworks at all, although when they were over she smiles and clapped with everyone else.


We headed back to the hotel after the Fireworks had finished to get some much needed sleep!



Florida- hotel arrival and Magic Kingdom

Here is my next Florida Walt Disney world post, You can read the previous one here.

We arrived at our hotel, Coronado springs, at about 5 pm and checked in.
We went up to our room 6313 and quickly unpacked, before meeting my parents to go and get the bus to Magic kingdom.

Mickey on the bed, a lovely little touch

Mickey on the bed, a lovely little touch

The sink area

The sink area

In past years it has always been a tradition to go to EPCOT on the day we arrived but mum decided that Magic kingdom would be better as it had extra magic hours so was open till midnight.

Arriving at Magic kingdom and walking up main street for the 1 st time that holiday was lovely, the heat and the atmosphere just blows you away, although it was raining which did draw a little of the magic away.

We went straight to Cosmic Rays in Tommorowland once we got into the park to enjoy a well deserved meal.
As they sever a variety of fast food meals and there was something that each of us would eat.
I got a lovely pulled pork burger!
It was just as lovely as I remembered It from my previous trip and the chips were yummy too.  Continue reading

Our flight to Florida

As you might know from past blog posts we recently went to Florida on holiday.
It was an amazing holiday that I will be telling you all about over the coming weeks.

One of my friends and a fellow blogger was away on holiday herself this week and asked if I could write a guest post for her blog.
I wrote all about our flight to Florida and how C coped on her 1st ever flight.

You can read my post all about it over on mum to a monster.

Please let me know that you think


Holiday Photo’s

Over the last week I have been slowly sorting and downloading our holiday photo’s.
Although I took a camera most of my pictures where on my phone, oh I only took about 1500 of them :O

My dad purchased memory maker before we went on holiday and we got about 360 ride, character and street photo’s taken in the Disney parks that we were able to download, It is amazing value as the package costs $149 but the quality and quantity of pictures is great. We could have had many more taken if we had wanted too as well.

I still need to download all the pictures from my mums camera, and get copies of the ones from Dan’s phone and my dad’s camera.
Getting all the pictures sorted and chosen is a job in itself and with work and looking after C I just haven’t had time to do it.

Once I have them all in one place I can then decide which are the best ones to get physical copies of to add to C’s memory book and to make a scrapbook about the holiday.

 For now here are a few of my favourites.

frame image wm1 blog image 5 blog image 4 blog image 3 blog image 2

Our travel journals

I always take a holiday journal with me to document what we do everyday, what I ate, what rides I went one etc.

I have got a new travel journal from Paperchase I wrote about it back in April when I bought it, you can read about it here.
In that post I also told you what I was looking for in a travel scrapbook for C.
I never found on in the shops so I have made my own.

I bought a Kirsty Alsop small photo album in Tesco’s clearance section for about ¬£3, it was the perfect size but I didn’t like the colour, floral just doesn’t say Disney or Children’s book to me, so I recovered it.

When we we in B&Q shopping I saw the¬†map wallpaper that just screamed travel journal so I took a sample (plus the office needs redecorating so I wanted to see if it would suit it, i’m still not sure it does).



I removed the hard board covers and recovered them using the map paper before returning them to the album, I think it looks amazing.



As this will be C’s 1st Florida holiday I am making her, her own scrap journal, that I will take with us.
I’ll make notes about her favorite rides, which characters she met, what she loved or disliked etc, and will add pictures in when we get back.

I hope that this will be a lovely keepsake for her to have as she probably wont remember her 1st holiday abroad.

I will also be making a family scrapbook when we return to remember this holiday, and keep all our pictures in it.
I will show you how I make that in a month or so.

Flying Virgin to Orlando

You might guess that this is a pre-written post, well its a little difficult to post from an airplane.
Right now we will be in our seat, hopefully comfortably enjoying our flight with Virgin Atlantic.

I will be on holiday for the next 2 weeks so I’m not sure if I’ll post or not, probably not except for a photo on Silent Sunday, I do have some fabulous guest posts scheduled so please continue to come and visit and read what my guest bloggers have written.

If  you want to know how our holiday is going then please follow us on Facebook, twitter and instagram for more current updates and pictures.

Love you all
Enjoy the beginning of Autumn


Another change of plans… but a good one

It’s not often that I get to write a post like this but what I published this morning is no longer true!
By some miracle my mum who has been quite sick for the past week and a half, unable to eat and barely able to drink has turned a corner and is feeling well enough to travel.

She isn’t 100% better but is feeling well enough that she want’s to go on holiday, for the past 10 days she was barely able to move and said that she didn’t want to go as she felt too ill.
Anyone who know’s my mum knows that to miss Disney would be a huge deal and would only happen if she was very sick.

The Doctor put her on some new medication after a visit to him, which seems to have helped an awful lot. Her pain has lessened, she was able to eat without being in excruciating pain, and she decided that she want’s to join us on the holiday as planned.

She doubts that she will eat much and it will probably be a few more days into the holiday before she will have the energy to do as much as usual but she said she would rather go and be ill there for a few days then enjoy the rest of the holiday, than miss the whole thing.

I am so happy that they are both coming with us as I know how much they have been looking forward to this holiday. My dad sounded so happy when I called to tell him that mum was feeling well enough to go as he was planning on calling to cancel it today.

Miracles do happen and I’m so glad that we were lucky enough to get one!