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Breakout Liverpool

Have you ever wanted to be a spy?
Watched 24 when he only has an hour to stop something happening?
Watched a film where they have to stop the bomb going off?

Did you think, I could do that, It didn’t look so hard.

Well yesterday I got to have a real experience of that excitement and pressure at Breakout Liverpool, 3 friends and I went into Liverpool city centre to be locking in a room.


It sounds strange that we were choosing to be locked in a room but it was very fun.
We arrived and out mission was explained to us, we were entering the sabotage room and we had one hour to look for clues and solve problems to stop a missile from being sent to blow up Liverpool.
We were also told that they would be watching us to make sure we were ok ( and laugh at us if we did anything funny), and that we would be given clues on the screen if they thought we needed them (which we did), and that the door that we first entered through wouldn’t be locked in case we needed to get out but that wouldn’t count as an escape.
He also mentioned that only about 20% of people have managed to escape in the hour, so no pressure right?

We were then shown to our room, the door closed and the clock started. One whole hour to solve clues and unlock the door to get out, simple right? Well I’m not going to tell you any of the clues or what we did but I can tell you it was difficult.
We searched for clues, wrote notes and found keys.


We managed to get into the second room after about 20 minutes, where the clues got more difficult and the pressure built as the time slowly at first ticked by, I checked the clock 30 minutes left, worked on clues then looked again 20 minutes to go.

The time seemed to go quicker and quicker and we just couldn’t get into the computer, we eventually did and then we needed the code to stop the missile launch, and it didn’t work! it took ages but we eventually did it! then we had to escape with 2 minutes to go, only 2 minutes to get the keys to get out.

Well we made it… just ….


Do you think you can beat our time?

It was a really fun experience, and I really want to go back to try out classified and the newest room shipwreck which doesn’t open until Saturday!

Don’t just take my word for it here is what Dan and Danielle thought about Breakout Liverpool 

Danielle – “Had an awesome time last night at Breakout Liverpool. It was good to do something different rather than the usual cinema, food or drinks etc. I would totally recommend this to anyone!”

Dan – ”The Breakout Liverpool, One Hell of a Stressful but also really entertaining Hours you will ever spend. The object to breakout of a room may seem simple but when combined with Puzzles, Clues, Riddles.. its a lot more difficult. I won’t give anything away but I would recommend Working as a team as it really does help”


The prices of the rooms vary depending on when you go and how many people you take, they say that you can have 2-5 people per room but 3-4 is perfect.
The sabotage room on off peak ( Monday 10 am – Friday 5 pm is off peak) would cost £56 for 4 people or £14 each,
Peak time (Friday 5 pm – Sunday 10 pm) is slightly more expensive at £60 or £15 each for 4 people.

The prices are all on their website on the booking page when you select your room, time and number of people.


Breakout Liverpool is located at 7-11 Sir Thomas street in Liverpool city centre, It’s really easy to find you just go past the Liverpool direct office and look out for the LARGE Breakout Liverpool sign on the right when walking with the MET quarter on your left, it is located in the basement which adds to the mystery and fun in my opinion.
We parked in Queens square car park and it took us about a 3-4 minute walk there, but it has great bus and train links too.

Who is it for?

I think Breakout Liverpool is a perfect day out for families with older children (8+), groups of friends, Team building, or stag/hen do’s.
It’s fun but you really need to work together, communicate and think, it would make a good location for birthday parties for  young teens as well.


*Disclaimer – We were given the use of the room for free to write about our experience,  all opinions are my own or my friends and they are unbiased and honest*

Our Bluestone holiday – January 2015


We packed up the car and set off just before 10.30 am on our almighty journey through Wales. It was a long and tiresome journey with a stop for lunch and a couple of  car sickness stops to change C’s clothes ( I wish I’d have packed more now! )

We also got stuck in traffic after a motorcyclist had an accident and we had to wait for the air ambulance to airlift them to hospital and the police to reopen the road to Aberystwyth.

We arrived at Bluestone national park resort at 4.30 pm, checked in and drove up to our lodge in Bartholomew rise to see our lodge for the week. We are staying in an upside down Ramsay lodge.

It has a large open plan upstairs living area and 2 bedrooms with en-suites downstairs.

wpid-imag3335.jpg wpid-imag3336.jpg wpid-imag3337.jpg wpid-imag3340.jpg wpid-imag3342.jpg

After we had unpacked the car I drove it up to the long stay car park and picked up the buggy that I had pre-booked for the week, It only cost me £40 when I checked a few weeks ago but would have been £65 if I had hired it while here, such a bargain to pre-book.

We decided to go down to the Farmhouse grill for some tea. Continue reading

Our zoo day- Chester zoo

To celebrate Baby C’s 1 st Birthday in February we took her to Chester zoo. I know I am nearly 5 months late posting about our visit but now is the time of year when most people think about days out to zoos and safari park’s so I thought I’d share our experience of our chilly winter zoo trip as hopefully you will have better weather than us. Continue reading

Harry Potter Studios tour (part 1)

On Friday the 25th April, We ( C, my mum, my best friend Danii and I) got in the car bright and early, and started the long drive to Leavensden studios near Watford to visit the Harry Potter studios tour.

I have been once before to the Harry Potter studios tour but the Flight and feathers even was on where you could see the owls that were in the films and find out more about them and the other feathered creatures from Harry potter.

We had booked to go on the tour a few months ago and were very excited for it. Our arrival slot was 12.30-1 pm but we arrived in plenty of time at about 11.30 am. We collected our tickets and went into the cafe for a drink before going for a look around the shop.

At 12.30 we joined the queue to get into the tour. The 1 st couple of sections of the tour are guided but after that its self guided and you can take as long as you like looking and taking pictures. The 1 st room is where you are introduced to the tour and the amazing journey that the books have taken to screen.  Then you go into a seated cinema area where you watch a short film, then go into the tour.

The tour is filled with props and sets from all of the 8 Harry Potter films, and you can read about them as you go around the tour.

Here are some of the pictures from our visit.

Harry potter studios passport passport press machine

If you go with a child you can get a “passport” that can be embossed at 6 different locations around the tour.

under the stairs harry potter the great hall breackfast cheeriOwls broomstick great hall moaning myrtle costume great hall

These pictures were taken before entering the tour and in the great hall.

mirror of Erised

Mirror of Erised

Gringotts cart on green screen

Gringotts cart on green screen

Broom on green screen

Broom on green screen

IMAG1850 - Copy IMAG1851 - Copy IMAG1858 - Copy decrees and ladder

These are just some of the amazing pictures we took. I will be making a separate post to show you all even more.

Gullivers world offers

We live about 20 minutes from Gullivers world Warrington. I decided to have a look on their website about opening times and prices to take C soon since the wather is getting nicer.

They currently have some limited offers so I managed to book for me to take her for the day on 12th June for a parent and toddler day using a voucher code meaning that I only had to pay £5 for us both.

They apparently have 100 offers on but for 1 week only!
Why not take a look at the Gullivers world website offer page here and see if there is anything you can take advantage of.

It is years since I have been to Gullivers world, I think i was less than 10 when I last went so I have no idea what is there now, but I am excited to take her and find out.
It has obviously changed alot since then and I know it is aimed at younger children so I hope that C will enjoy it, plus for a £5 it is worth a try.

I will tell you all about our day or what we did or didnt enjoy as soon after 12th June as I can.

If you have taken a toddler there in recent years tell me about your experiance.



Ice skating with a 1 year old!

Today Baby C and I joined my friend and her little boy for a morning of ice skating. I know a few of you will be thinking “Isn’t Baby C a little young to ice skate?” Well our local Ice skating rink have a parent and toddler skate on their dinky rink on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Since baby C has been walking for more than 3 months I thought we might as well go and see what it was like. (plus nanny has her heart set on an olympic medal lol)

The parent and toddler skate is 10-11.30 am, It only costs £5 and includes skate hire, and refreshments. There are toys and penguins on the ice to help the little ones balance and creates a fun atmosphere for them.

When you arrive you get a passport that gets stamped for every session you attend, and you get special gifts at session 6 and 12. Then go and collect your skates.

skate 2skate 1

Next to the skate hire is a lovely poster telling you the do’s and dont’s on the ice!  ( Although I may have broken one about mobile phones, but I needed pictures of her 1st skate)



They have little skates with 2 blades that strap on to their shoes so there is no wrestling little ones into hard skates, although its still tough to get the skates to stay on their feet.

Doesn't she just look so cute!

Doesn’t she just look so cute!

2 blade skates

2 blade skates

I haven’t been ice skating myself for a few years, we usually take the guides to liverpool 1 in the winter but I haven’t been on the ice for the last 2 years. So I was worried that I might fall over but it comes back to you quickly.

So I put her on the ice, I was very worried that she would fall straight away but she didnt. I was surprised by how well Baby C did as it was her 1st time ice skating.  She did really well. She fell a few times, as expected but she was moving, changing direction, bending down to get toys and playing.

IMAG1369 IMAG1370 IMAG1371

We didn’t stay for the whole time as she had a small melt down after falling over, but I think as she was the littlest on the ice today she did very well for her 1st time. We got quite a few comments on how little she was and how well she was doing.

you can watch a very short video here

We will definitely be going back to skate again soon!


well we need to see the penguins again as C made two new friends!


Uk baby and toddler show Liverpool

On Sunday I went to the Uk baby and toddler show in the Liverpool echo arena with Baby C and both nan’s. We went last year before Baby C was born and we weren’t very impressed. This year it was bigger and had a lot more variety of stalls. We decided to go as there were free entry vouchers in the Echo a couple of weeks ago, and to go for 60p each instead of £12 who could resist?

When we got there we decided to go straight to the Diana Celine photography/memory box pictures stand (c1) They were taking photo’s of kids that will be entered into a competition to win a modeling contract with Model 101. I loved C’s photo and they were selling the photo’s. We bought one of them in High resolution for £15. It will be sent electronically to me via email from memory box pictures, then I can then share it, print it and do what I like with it.


She has been entered into the competition, using this photo.

ellie caldwell (1)

I have a feeling that she won’t win, although of course I think she should. We entered a few different competitions to win swimming lessons, vouchers and other little things. Well someone has to win don’t they.

Baby C got a little spoilt at the baby show. There were some amazing stands selling Clothes, bibs, toys, accessories and more.

Here are just some of the great stands we saw and loved.

Tiny tots togs! – This was a lovely stand that we had noticed as soon as we had entered the show. Filled with some amazing and beautiful dresses handmade by two lovely scottish ladies, Lorayn and Katrina.

IMAG1014 IMAG1015IMAG1016IMAG1018


The pinafore dresses they make are reversible, so you get 2 designs for the price of one, but best of all because of  the way they are made with a cross over back they have no zips meaning they grow with your child. So they can be worn as a dress then worn with leggings as a top as your little girl grows. Meaning you will definitely get your moneys worth from them. We bought one in 12-18 months in the pink/ skull print and one in 18-24 months in a blue tartan/ pink print. We should get a good couple of years out of those 2 dresses.  

IMAG1034 IMAG1035 IMAG1036 IMAG1037

Walking pet balloons – When we first arrived we saw a lot of children with balloon animals, but not in the traditional sense these were walking pet balloons. Helium filled animals with legs that hover about 6 inches off the floor so “walk” with your child.

Baby C got a lovely little dog balloon, that ended up with only half an ear because she loved it so much.


Eisberg – Eisberg was a lovely stand for all the mummies and daddies ( and grandparents) at the show. They are a company that make alcohol free wine, the wine was quite nice and great for anyone who doesn’t or can’t drink.  It is sold in quite a few supermarkets.

Ceramique – I saw this stand at the Manchester baby show last september and loved them there. They are a mobile ceramic arts studio.  I loved the cups with handprint on. I would love to book them so we could make some pretty things. If you live in the north west and are looking to do any pottery painting check them out here.

Little long johns – I saw this company at the manchester baby show as well. They were at the liverpool baby show this weekend and were making more of their adorable embroidered longjohns.  I loved the one I bought for Baby C for christmas and will hopefully be buying another set for her for christmas this year.  If you want to see their adorable creations have a look at their facebook page here.

Rowdy Roody vintage – This lovely little stall was tucked away to one side by the family fun area. It sold vintage baby clothes and toys. My mum loved it as it brought back memories of when she was a child. She bought Baby C a pull along vintage pull along dog. They had the cutest harley davidson leather jackets for babies. Here is their Facebook  page.

Zippy – This company sold some lovely bandana style bibs. At the baby show they had their Fun bandana bibs (4 pack) on 3 for the price of 2 (12 bibs for £20).  They were also selling packs of their Absorbent bibs (3 packs) for £5 a pack. I Loved all the patterns and colours they were selling and the lovely girls were kind enough to mix and match for me and let me have 1 pack of the absorbent bibs and 2 of the fun bibs for £20. They even had a free gift for sales of £20 and over. Baby C got a lovely set of stacker cups that are great for her changing bag to entertain her while we are out.


The fun bibs came in a variety of fun patterns, colours and seasonal designs.

IMAG1032 IMAG1030

The absorbent bibs were thicker, and lovely and soft. Great for teething dribbly babies.


Baby C really seems to love modelling her new bibs.

IMAG1048 IMAG1051

I really wish I could have taken more pictures at the baby show, I took my proper camera with me but a busy place and a mobile toddler aren’t a great mix for getting good pictures.