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#MySundayPhoto – 06/09/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken yesterday on our walk in the park.


Autumn begins!
The conkers are already beginning to fall and the leaves are turning golden and red.
I can’t wait for Autumn this year as C will really enjoy it, crisp leaves to jump in, conker hunting and muddy puddles to jump in.

I must get her some new wellies as her size 6’s are getting a little tight, and find mine too.

#MySundayPhoto – 30/08/15

This weeks #Mysundayphoto was taken at my auntie’s house on Saturday.


 We went to a family BBQ and C loved my cousins old rocking horse. It was made by my granddad for my younger cousin about 15 years ago.
My paternal grandparents also had a similar one in their house when I was young and I used to love riding it on a Sunday.

C also loved playing with the dolls house that they have that granddad pops also made. I have a dolls house made by Granddad Mac that I want to refurbish and pass down to C when she is a little older.

Do you have any handmade items that get passed down?

#MySundayPhoto – 23/08/15







This weeks #MySundayphoto is quite funny I think, C loves her baths and last night she decided to lay down as the water was draining.
This was the 1st time that she has chosen to put her head under the water and when her ears were covered she was laughing as “mummy sounded funny”


I love being able to do C’s bathtime, It used to be daddy’s job but now I get the pleasure of playing with bubbles, racing ducks and giggles.

#MySundayPhoto – 16/08/15 (My little girly girl)

This weeks #MySundayphoto was actually only taken this morning.
I went out for breakfast with my best friend and C loved her nails, so we said if she was good we would see if Danii’s sister Gemma would paint her nails for her when we dropped Danii off.

Know I know that some people will disagree with a 2 and a half year old having her nails painted but if she asks for it and it’s not going to hurt her then I see no harm in it 😀

Well C was over the moon and got to pick the colours she wanted, green with sparkly glitter just like Danii 😀


She sat so nicely to have them done, and blew on them between coats.
Gemma did an amazing job! I don’t know how anyone can get kids to sit and listen so well, I swear she will be a fabulous mum one day and should really think of a career in children’s party entertainment or paediatric play in hospitals as she loves to work in the care sector.

C is so lucky to have so many Auntie’s who love her and want to make her happy.
My little girly girl.


#MySundayPhoto – 09/08/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken on Saturday, We were at my nan’s as usual and we decided since the weather was nice to go over to the park near to their house and enjoy the sun.

C and my granddad Eddie were walking along hand in hand, he was pointing out things to her and they looked so sweet together, so I tried to snap a picture, she chose that moment to run to me though.


There are 80 years between them but they are thick as thieves.
Love them both so much


#MySundayPhoto – 26/07/15

This week was my grandparents Diamond wedding anniversary!
They have been together for an amazing 60 years.
Here they are on their wedding day in July 1955 and again yesterday July 2015.

I love them so much and we are very lucky to have two such amazing and lovely people who love us.

We had a little family party yesterday in their flat and I made them a cake, here are a few pictures of it, I’ll write a post with the recipe and step by step guide very soon for anyone who wants a go.

 wpid-imag4546.jpg wpid-imag4543.jpg

#MySundayPhoto – 28/06/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken in the butterfly house in Chester Zoo.
We went on Thursday, C loved walking running through the house and across the bridge looking at the flying butterflies but when we got to the end and there were some settled down close by she was scared to go near to them.

This was the close’s she would get to them, She looks so content in this picture and the butterfly was beautiful.


Chester Zoo really is an amazing place to visit weather it is with children or on your own with a camera. This was the 1st time that Charlotte really got to explore and enjoy the zoo but I hope that we will go back again very soon and enjoy the new Islands that will be opening next month.