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Toddler outfit of the week – 13/11/14

This morning after getting C ready to go the her Auntie Lee and Uncle Keith’s for a while whilst I’m in work. I decided to take some pictures of her I though she look just so cute and grown up in her outfit.

Most of my pictures are of C so I think I will start an outfit of the week post.

She wears a lot of her clothes more than once so you may see a few items on a few different weeks, especially those that I love.

Here is today’s photo.


She is wearing….

Carters Grey Cardigan – My mum bought C this cardigan while we were in Florida. I adore Carters clothes and this cardigan is lovely and thick for those chilly mornings.
We got them in the outlet for $16.00/ £10.70

Carters owl top– I fell in love with this top and bought it in the Carters outlet in Florida as well, It is no longer on the website but I think I paid about $7 for it, I also bought legging in the same print. C is in a size 24 months.

Nutmeg jeans – These are brilliant as they have an adjustable waist which makes the actually fit my skinny toddler without them ending up around her ankles.
We bought these in Kiddicare ( before it closed down) but Nutmeg clothes are available in selected Morrison’s stores.
These were a bargain in the sale for about £4 and are size 18-24 months.

Clarks owl boots –  These were also an absolute bargain and she loves them. I bought these on eBay for £7.50 plus p&p, they are barely worn and a fraction of the cost new.

I want to go back to America just to shop in the outlets and grab some more bargains as shipping to here is a bomb!

I took quite a few photo’s this morning and here are a couple more that I love,

C with granddad


And Diva C posing!


Bargain holiday buys for C

While we were away we went to a few outlet malls, and I got a few amazing bargains for C. She was a very lucky girl and got quite a few items of clothing, I’ll tell you about a few of my favorites.

We visited Carters, Gymboree and Osh kosh, as well as a few others but these were my favourite shops for kids clothes.
I bought C’s halloween costume, from Carters, its an Owl and is just so cute! It cost me about $20 which is a real bargain.


I also got an owl top and leggings as well as a pink pair of pants from Gymboree, we have a thing for owls and  they were just so cute I had to get them.


My best bargain was 2 pairs of pj’s in size 2T which came to only $4.50!!! As well as a dress and cardigan that was less than $10. It’s hard to say no to those prices!


wpid-imag1916.jpg wpid-imag1915.jpg

C even picked out her own coat in carters she brought one over too me that was too big and I told her if she got her size she could have it. Guess which cleaver little girl brought me over a 24 months size! My mum isnt a fan of it, as its florecent pink, but we will never loose her in a crowd 😀


I love her new Osh kosh fleece lined dungarees as well, they will keep her nice and warm in winter and plenty of growing room


She also looks so cute in them!
What do you think?


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Kiddicare bargains

The Kiddicare up to 70% off sale is currently on and I for one have to say I love it!

Toys, prams, car seats and other baby essentials with a good amount off the price.
My mum was looking at the online sale today and saw a few things to get the “put away” for C when she’s older. The only problem was a lot of the items were out of stock :( not really surprising when they have such great deals!
So I suggested a trip up to Kiddicare in Aintree as its our local store.

We headed up there and went in for a look around, a little while later we decided that a trolley was going to be required to 1) hold all the amazing bargains that we had found and 2) contain the toddler who was trying to escape ( luckily for the Squeak sandals she was easily located)

The haul was impressive, we filled the trolley with little toys and presents for both C and for friend’s children’s future birthdays or christmases.
We stopped for lunch at the cafe where I got a drink and mum got a sandwich and coffee, this meant that C got a free meal. She had the kids meatballs and pasta, which also comes with 4 of the snacks from the kids snack bar, she had a drink, yogurt, freddo chocolate bar and a bag of pom poms.  Lunch for us all was only £5!

Then it was back to shopping, another look around the toys, a quick look at the Trunki’s ( which I wish I had bought now) and a browse amongst the clothing selection. Kiddicare used to have a big selection of Nutmeg clothing which we love but unfortunately there was VERY little of it there today and the main clothes brand available was Pumpkin patch, Which although it is a very good kids clothed brand, in my most humble opinion ( which lets face it is what this blog is all about! 😀 ) is a little too expensive for things that kids grow out of so quickly.

We eventually made our way to the till and all the items were scanned, 9 in total although it looked like a lot more, the total of all the lovely things in the trolley?
Imagine what it would have cost if it hadn’t all been on sale!

Well I decided that I just had to work it out and it would have cost a whopping £122.91

I think my favourite one of all the bargains we got was the Trunki trunkisaurous tote bag for £4 down from £12.99. It was the only one left and all the other designs were still full price! I still need to get a Trunki but the tote bag was too good a deal to pass up. I don’t mind if they match or not as it goes inside anyway.

Trunki tote bag

Here are a few pictures of the things I can show you.

wpid-wp-1403258430002.jpeg wpid-wp-1403258439538.jpeg

Little Belle my sweet baby doll – we bought it for £3.99 but RRP was £19.99.
Little belle pram – Again we got it for £3.99 but it should have been £9.99.

We got these for C to put away for when she was older but they didn’t make it into storage, and although they are labeled as 3+ I’m not entirely sure why.
Look at how much she loves them



What bargains have you bought recently?


New shoes!

Ok I know I only posted a few days ago about how I love internet shopping, and that is still true, but some things need to be bought in person and one of those is shoes!

We went to Clarks today to have C’s feet measured and to look at the shoes as their sale started today.
Her feet have gone up a whole size to 4.5 and down in width to an F instead of G fitting.

Nanny ended up buying 3 pairs for C! Continue reading

Some amazing bargains at Asda!

When we went to do the food shop on Wednesday in Asda they had some clothes sale items outside the entrance to the shop. I had had a quick look on my previous visit but didn’t really look closely. This time because I had my mum with me we both had a look, and she found some absolute bargains!

We got :-

Continue reading