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We’re getting a playhouse

Well I should really say that C is getting a playhouse but i’m not sure who is more excited about it, her or me.
She keeps asking if “her garden is ready yet?”

We went today and ordered her playhouse from No1 discount shed factory in Huyton,
we chose the 7×6 foot  bay cottage with veranda  although I know that C wanted the biggest possible one, the space that we have to fit it in wouldn’t have allowed for it and i’m sure we would have needed planning permission for anything bigger lol


C showing you where her house will go

The whole garden is getting a face lift so that we can actually  get out and use it more. Our garden was paved a few years ago after the dogs tore up the lawn in the snow so a new false lawn is going down on the 16th May and her house is arriving on the 13th May ( Friday the 13th….hope that’s not a bad sign)

Where the paving once was

Where the paving once was, the grass soon will be :D

We still have work to do on the garden over the next couple of weeks before the major works start. Weeds need pulling up and weedkiller needs to be put down, we need to clear and jet wash the patio as well.
Once the house is in it will need to be painted before the grass goes down so please pray that the weekend of the 14th is lovely weather wise.

I really hope that the weather this summer is nice so that we can spend a lot of time outside enjoying the garden.

BBC Good Food Show eve

It has become a tradition for me and my mum to go every year, for the last 4 years Danii has joined us as well but this is Dad’s 1st year as a VIP!

Tomorrow we are all off bright and early to drive down to the Birmingham NEC to attend the BBC Good food show as VIP’s. We aren’t really that important, All that means it that we bought VIP tickets as they have so many extra’s that it is really worth it if you ever go, such as :-

  • Entrance to the VIP lounge with free refreshments all day – Seriously great with the amount of walking you do and the shear number of people that are there means a serious lack of comfy seating in the main arena you need somewhere to rest for at least a little bit.
  • Free VIP parking – It’s closer to the event so not too far to carry all your purchases.
  • A Goody bag- Some good stuff in these in the past!
  • Free bag check – Again great for all the present that you will buy
  • Tickets a show in the super theatre,- we are going to see James Martin again!
  • A glass of bubbly – who could say no!

The BBC good food show is running 26th- 29th November this year as is set to be just as spectacular as previous years, the show HUGE so It will really take all day to go around it.

I am so excited and will hopefully be tweeting as the day goes on so look out for me on twitter and I’ll share pics on Instagram and Facebook as well.
Lets just hope my phone doesn’t die!

My baby is growing up

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve really noticed C has grown up, She is no longer really a baby any more she is now a proper little person with her own personality and she certainly has her terrible two’s moments.

We have been shopping in Cheshire Oaks
wpid-imag4208.jpg wpid-imag4207.jpg

I love these pictures. She is such a girly girl, Dresses, Shoes, Handbags and Make-up ( which she isnt allowed to wear yet) are all her favorite things. She walked around Pandora saying ” my favourite” about everything she saw lol.

On Wednesday Afternoon we went shopping in St Helens to get some birthday presents. We went into BHS and I saw the matching Millie clothes they do. I bought C a Molly doll and the matching pyjama set. She now loves going to bed matching her doll. I just wish they did more outfits as all I could see was the PJ’s and one dress.


She looks huge in this picture! not like my little girl :(

We went to the Chester Zoo on Thursday with C’s Auntie Danii and Auntie Gemma. We had a really fun day, C had her face painted for the 1st time and we saw loads of animals.


C being a giant turtle, I think this looks like a modelling pose lol


She loved the monorail, she kept calling it her train.

Not just baby blankets

At the Baby and toddler show in Manchester last week I saw a stall with some lovely personalised blankets on by Mr Mole blankets.
There was a brilliant selection of colours to choose from, they looked so lovely and felt silky and soft yet warm so I though it would be a nice idea to get us a couple.

I bought 2 personalised blankets for a special show price of £50, One is a large green one for Charlotte with her name embroidered onto one corner, she chose the colour herself. It’s the same green as her nursery was so it will be a lovely reminder now she is in her big girl room.

wpid-imag3713.jpg wpid-imag3714.jpg

This blanket is large enough to cover her toddler bed easily and It’s actually a much greener green than the pictures show.

C loves having it on her bed and asks for her blanket of a night, If she ever comes camping then I know she will be taking it with her as well.

The other was an Extra large blue blanket for me to use as my guide camp blanket.
I’ve been looking for a nice warm camp blanket, we are going away to camp in May so although it will hopefully be warm and dry during the day I will probably need an extra layer to keep me warm at night.

wpid-imag3729.jpg wpid-imag3731.jpg

It’s great because it folds up small enough to easily take with me in my bed roll, but it big enough to cover a single bed so will be brilliant to snuggle under.

I will hopefully be adding some of the guide badges that I have collected over the years to it soon.

Holiday cards*

We always buy holiday cards for all our family, since Dan and I getting together and having C the list of cards that I need to buy has increased. I have bought a few but still have at least 20 more to buy for grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins etc.
I still have at least 20 that I need to buy and write, sometimes I think that it would just be easier to do like they do in American movies and programs where they get dressed up in jumpers and hats, and all pose for a picture to put on their cards to send to family and friends.

I’ve always though it was a fun idea to have something personal to send from your family to others. It lets them see how your are all growing and changing, and means that they wont have multiples of the same store-bought cards and I wound have to battle my way through a crowded card shop with a toddler trying to help.

I wanted personalised cards when C was getting christened but I couldn’t find any that I likes and that fitted in with our style, so a I ended up making my own.

I’ve been looking online at Christmas cards and seen some absolutely lovely photo holiday cards that I would just love to get to send to our family and friends so that could see just how much C has grown.
We have quite an extended family who are scattered all live the country and who we don’t see as much as we really should sending them a card like this would at least mean they can see what an amazing little girl C is becoming.

These are a few of my favourite designs that I have seen in my browsing :-


Whirlwind Christmas card $2.84 each (for 25) from  –
I love the simplicity of this card, just your photograph and the message.  I love how they can each be personalised with photo’s and wording inside and out, allowing them to be completely personal.
I would choose to have a folded card as they are the style I prefer but you can get it as a flat (postcard style) card instead which is a little cheaper.


Destination luggage tag holiday photo card $2.84 each (for 25) from –
This is such a pretty luggage tag style card, I have seen this style of design of a few sites including and
I really like the luggage tag style cards although they are less traditional in style and the older generations might not like them, they appeal to me.


Joyful holiday wishes card $2.84 each (for 25) from  –
Again this card can each be personalised in photo’s and wording inside and out, allowing them to be completely personal. You can also select different wording ( holidays or Christmas) as well as different colour ways.

The Minted cards are from an American company so the prices are in dollars and have a minimum order of 25 but they do ship internationally, and at the moment have a free personalised envelope offer on when you order cards which makes them just a little but more special.

I think I have left it a little bit to late this year to get these cards made to send, but I might get them for next year if I manage to get my butt into gear and get things sorted earlier.

*disclosure – I have been offered money off products from minted to write this post. All written thoughts and opinions are unbiased and my own*

Toddler outfit of the week – 13/11/14

This morning after getting C ready to go the her Auntie Lee and Uncle Keith’s for a while whilst I’m in work. I decided to take some pictures of her I though she look just so cute and grown up in her outfit.

Most of my pictures are of C so I think I will start an outfit of the week post.

She wears a lot of her clothes more than once so you may see a few items on a few different weeks, especially those that I love.

Here is today’s photo.


She is wearing….

Carters Grey Cardigan – My mum bought C this cardigan while we were in Florida. I adore Carters clothes and this cardigan is lovely and thick for those chilly mornings.
We got them in the outlet for $16.00/ £10.70

Carters owl top– I fell in love with this top and bought it in the Carters outlet in Florida as well, It is no longer on the website but I think I paid about $7 for it, I also bought legging in the same print. C is in a size 24 months.

Nutmeg jeans – These are brilliant as they have an adjustable waist which makes the actually fit my skinny toddler without them ending up around her ankles.
We bought these in Kiddicare ( before it closed down) but Nutmeg clothes are available in selected Morrison’s stores.
These were a bargain in the sale for about £4 and are size 18-24 months.

Clarks owl boots –  These were also an absolute bargain and she loves them. I bought these on eBay for £7.50 plus p&p, they are barely worn and a fraction of the cost new.

I want to go back to America just to shop in the outlets and grab some more bargains as shipping to here is a bomb!

I took quite a few photo’s this morning and here are a couple more that I love,

C with granddad


And Diva C posing!


New shoes

On Wednesday we took C to have her feet measured again, she hadn’t had them done since just before we went to Florida and her shoes were starting to feel a little tight.

We went to Clark’s again in Speke as its close but easy to park.
We waited for about 10 minutes to be helped and had a look at all the new autumn styles that were out, I had a talk with another mum looking at shoes as well about how all the girls ones for toddlers seem to be pink.

I’m not a huge pink fan but usually they are the only ones available.
We had a good luck and let C decided what she wanted to try on.

They measured her feet as 5 G so they had grown from 4.5 F.

We chose to tried a pair of white trainers with pink things on them, they didn’t have the grey ones we wanted to try so they brought a pair of boots that I hadn’t actually seen on display.

I love the boots and we ended up getting them, they looked better than the trainers and will be more practical for winter.
They are brown with a fur trim and have no pink on although at £38 they are quite expensive for toddler shoes considering she wont be in them for too long.
C averages about 10-12 weeks between needing new shoes. Although Clark’s suggests getting measured every 8 weeks.


I plan on going to Cheshire oaks in the next few weeks and getting some trainers and wellies in the Clark’s outlet over there. I know Clark’s shoes are expensive and  we do buy other shoes as well to play about in, but I find getting proper fitting shoes to wear most often is best for C as I know they wont damage her feet.

Ikea shopping

I have to say I love Ikea, I can easily spend a few hours walking around just looking at things.

Dan, C and I went on Wednesday to look at beds. Currently we have a queen sized bed in our room and as C ends up in with us most nights it really isn’t big enough, plus Dan’s feet stick out the end because he is so tall.
We went as we needed to decide what size would be best for us before we ordered online.

I think an Ikea bed would be best as they do Ikea sizes which are 200cm long (aka big enough for Dan)

After spending a few hours walking around and trying out various objects.



I loved that Ikea even have a family bed set up in one of their displays, C seemed to love it but its a little big for our room.


We tried out a few of the mattresses and decided that the 160 x 200 will be big enough for us while still fitting in our room.
I have fallen in love with the Malm ottoman bed in white, as it has hidden storage which will come in handy for hiding presents and tidying away things so they cant be see. It is also at a new lower price of £355.

We also decided on the Hyllestad Pocket sprung mattress, after trying both we decided on the firm as it felt more comfortable. The mattress is £300, which is a little on the steep side but as it has a 25 year guarantee and as I hoping the bed will last a while it will be a good investment.

While there we bought a new king size duvet which is 7.5 tog and covers as I’m always cold when Dan steals the coves in the night and cocoons himself in them. £20 for the duvet and £25 for the covers is not too bad either.

Now I know which bed it is I just need to sort out our room so there is space to put it and order the new one.
I’d also love to find a voucher code or something as £655 plus £35 delivery is going to take a chunk of our savings, but I doubt there is one available but I will check.

We also looked at the toddler beds as soon C will need a bed and IKEA have some lovely little toddler beds.
Not sure what to go for though.

Have you ever bought an IKEA bed?
What do you think of them?

Bargain holiday buys for C

While we were away we went to a few outlet malls, and I got a few amazing bargains for C. She was a very lucky girl and got quite a few items of clothing, I’ll tell you about a few of my favorites.

We visited Carters, Gymboree and Osh kosh, as well as a few others but these were my favourite shops for kids clothes.
I bought C’s halloween costume, from Carters, its an Owl and is just so cute! It cost me about $20 which is a real bargain.


I also got an owl top and leggings as well as a pink pair of pants from Gymboree, we have a thing for owls and  they were just so cute I had to get them.


My best bargain was 2 pairs of pj’s in size 2T which came to only $4.50!!! As well as a dress and cardigan that was less than $10. It’s hard to say no to those prices!


wpid-imag1916.jpg wpid-imag1915.jpg

C even picked out her own coat in carters she brought one over too me that was too big and I told her if she got her size she could have it. Guess which cleaver little girl brought me over a 24 months size! My mum isnt a fan of it, as its florecent pink, but we will never loose her in a crowd 😀


I love her new Osh kosh fleece lined dungarees as well, they will keep her nice and warm in winter and plenty of growing room


She also looks so cute in them!
What do you think?


#StyleBaby Blog Hop


After trying C’s swimwear on for our holiday to make sure it fits I have remembered that I actually need some.

I have an old swimming costume I bought a few years ago but I don’t feel comfortable showing that much skin, especially because its going to be so hot and sunny. Plus a costume isn’t as practical for quick trips to the loo on water park days.

So I have decided that I need to add finding a tankini top and shorts to my ever growing to do list.
I’ve been having a look online but as I have a rather large bust it’s difficult to find one that will fit well that isnt nearing the £50 mark.

I will only be wearing it a few times on holiday so don’t want to spend too much money on it.
I Like the look of this Tesco’s F&F Floral Print Fuller Bust Tankini Top but I’m not sure what size will fit, my bust has gone down a little since I started to loose weight and I haven’t been refitted for a bra since.
Oh the joys of being a woman!
I have ordered it in a couple of sizes and will return those that don’t fit. Hopefully at least one will!
They have been ordered to store so will hopefully be in by Wednesday at the latest, that will give me a couple of days to find something else if they don’t.

I’ve also ordered a couple of pairs of men’s swimming shorts for me to try from Sports direct, they should arrive as well as some t-shirts and socks I ordered for D.
I ordered yesterday for Next day delivery so they should arrive today, Fingers crossed.

By the way C’s fit perfectly, what do you think?


Sorry for the blurry images, its hard to get a toddler to stay still!