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A very long day.

Today seems like the a never ending day. Last night was a very broken nights sleep after not getting to sleep until after 2am I spent hours awake as Baby C was crying a lot with colic type pains. Then Freddie, Our hungarian vizsla, started crying at 4am because he needed to go outside. At 5.30 my dad knocking on my door asking if I was dropping him off at the train station. Unfortunately I was too tired after not much sleep and I had to start work at 7.45.

I got up without waking Baby C and got ready for work, left at 7.20 and arrived early so I started my shift a little early. It was a very boring shift and really dragged today, I spent most of my shift talking about baking and cake decorating with the Walk in centre staff and trying to find something to do. Finally 1.30pm arrived and I could go home 😀

I got home to a lovely welcome from my beautiful baby, who had just woken up from her nap. We had a play and I gave her some cheese, pear and dessert for lunch and played some more. She loves her peekaboo cheeky monkey book at the moment.


At 4.20 Nanna came and picked Baby C up as she goes there on a Wednesday afternoon for a couple of hours, While she was out we went for a carvery for tea. It was delicious I have eaten far too much ( mostly veg) but I had been looking forward to a carvery for Ages!Here is a(slightly blurred) Picture of my meal. I have to say I didn’t eat the yorkshire as it was too dry and crispy, and I left some potatoes and veg as well.


I came home, put some washing on, sorted out some bottles and tidied up a little before Baby C is due home. I really hope that she will go to bed early tonight after her bath and bottle.

update…I am Amazed Baby C came home, had her bath and her bottle and by 8.10pm she looked like this


She is now asleep in bed! I am off to get an early night soon 😀 Fingers crossed she sleeps well tonight x

My rough plan for 2014

This is just a list of things that I would like to do this year,

  • Apply to University and hopefully get a place
  • Save as much money as possible
    • Budget, make a spreadsheet and keep track of spending
  • Enter and win some competitions – I’d love to get £2014 worth of prizes but I doubt it will happen.
  • Get organised for Christmas earlier- Try and get bargains
  • Celebrate Baby C’s 1st birthday with our family and friends – hoping to have a cake smash!
  • Bake more cake and work on other things like bread and pastry
  • Work on my cake decorating skills and make Sarah’s wedding cake look beautiful.
  • Sell more on eBay and declutter.
  • Try to set aside some time for me and Dan, as well as have some family time.
  • Make more of an effort to see friends and family.
  • Spend less time on facebook/ the internet.
  • Blog everyday (sort of goes against the previous one doesnt it lol)
  • Spend more time outside.

This isn’t a list of resolutions its just an aim, I probably won’t do all these things this year, I’ll probably change my mind and think of different things that I want to do as well or instead of them. I just want to try and if I don’t try I wont achieve anything.

organization for 2014

Today my latest KTwo products delivery arrived. I discovered this company a couple of years ago and I have without fail got one of their busy life diaries every year since. 

This time round I ordered a busy life diary (£9.99), a set of mini sticky notes (£2.99) and a family calendar (£9.99).

I am not the most organised person on the planet and I need to write things down to remember where I am meant to be, on what day and at what time. Also as both me and Dan work shifts we need to know where each other are and who is meant to be taking Baby C each day, so the family calendar will be a godsend come January!


My family calendar 2014

The family calendar has spaces for 5 people to each note down appointments, shifts, birthdays etc. It also has an extra column for you to note down special days such as birthdays and anniversaries. There is also a deep pocket on each month to put in any extra important information.  


open calendar showing 6 columns

The busy life diary is my lifeline! I swear I am lost without it in my bag. I got the sticky notes with it this time as there is a space in the back of the diary which they slide into meaning I am never without a sticky note ( my old diary was always full of them with extra information on) 


Busy life diary and sticky notes

 It is a brilliant double page design, meaning I have a page for work and a page for home or a page for me and a page for Baby C as I did with last years diary.

It is a brilliant diary for new mums, I was able to keep track of feeding times and pumping, as well as her weight, and doctors appointments and whenever she hit a milestone, all on her side and anything for me on mine.

The diary has reminder pages every 3 months with a little pocket in ( as shown below)



Reminder page


Double page per week


sticky notes in their place at the back

I personally love KTwo products ( I have quite a few) and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get organised and especially great for gifts. I even gave a holiday organiser to a friend a couple of years ago when we were going to florida. Mine was full of travel documents when we went but full of memories when we returned.    

If you are looking for a way to organise your life then take a look and give them a try, I hope you find them as helpful as I do.

Back to work

Tonight my maternity leave has officially finished. I am on my 1st proper shift back at my job as a receptionist for a doctors out of hours service.

I have worked  for this company since I was 16, starting out as a call handler in the call center and moving onto reception when I passed my driving test in 2007.

I did two training shifts last weekend which were just to learn new system updates and operating procedures as well as visiting centers and seeing what had changed. In the short space of 9 months we have gained 3 new centers, moved location in 2 more and one has been completely refurbished. So it is all very different.

It feels good to be back, but as its only be a short shift, I know it wont be long until I am home with my hopefully sleeping baby again. 


Today I was made redundant from one of my jobs. I was hired last June by Multiserve to be the afternoon receptionist in the garage. Unfortunately the garage closed in February this year just before I left to have Baby C, and although they did try and find me another job doing admin work up in the office they just wasn’t enough work to keep me on.

I am lucky that I still have my evening job in the local Doctors out of hours service and I will be able to get more shifts there of an evening and weekend, when Dan can look after Baby C and put her to bed.

It means that I will get to spend my days with my lovely and precious little girl, when so many mothers have to return full time to work when their children are still so little. So I am looking at it as a blessing.

So although we will need to tighten our belts as we have a new car to pay for. We will manage, we will work extra shifts, and do what we need to. We are so lucky that we are living with my parents. I cannot thank them enough for letting us live here with them.