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In my spare time.

As a mum I tend to have very little spare time that I can call mine, but this afternoon I have 2 whole hours of “spare time” well I’m calling it spare time,It’s actually just that we have a shopping delivery due between 1-3pm, so I am waiting in for that.
Its one of those rare days with a little bit of spare time in it.

Its only 12.43pm but I have been up for about 7 hours, after about 3 hours of broken sleep.
I got up early to take my grandad to the hospital for 7am as his is having an operation, he’s in as a day case so will be out later this afternoon, and I will be going to pick him up when I get the call.
I came home after that and had a cup of coffee while C was still asleep. I then had to get her up, dressed, fed and we had a little play.
Then took my mum and C to my nan’s, went into town to drop my brother off at a course for 12 and headed back home to wait for the shopping.

While I have been waiting, I have been cleaning and tidying a bit, putting the dishwasher on, putting washing in the dryer and more in the washing machine and I have come on here to write a little bit more and filter my comments (read as Spam).

 I hope that I might also have time this afternoon to nip out to the local recycling and waste centre to drop off some items we have, and go to the library to photocopy a template I need. I also have a trip to the post office that I need to do today or tomorrow.

I always seem to have a list of things that I need to do soon, but never seem to be able to get many things done with the small person in toe but it’s hours like this on days like these where the real work takes place. For a mum down time isn’t really down time, It’s “time to get everything else done” time and it’s amazing how much you can actually get done in those couple of hours.

I use my “down time” to plan meals, cook, clean and tidy like most mums do, and maybe have the odd cup of hot coffee.
Mum’s are like superhero’s, well my mum is anyway.

When I was 3 months old my mum went back to work, she worked a full time job, looked after me, cooked and cleaned, and probably like me had a list as long as her arm of things to do.

Mum’s do the best they can, so I just want to say…

Thank you so much Mum for everything you did and still do for me. I appreciate you and since I have become a mum I appreciate you even more, for all the sacrifices that you have taken and all the love you have given me.

I love you

Vacancy :- Friend

There seem to be a few vacancies lately in my life for the position of friend.
Please carefully read the job description, all applications will be carefully read.

  • Position :- Friend
  • Hours :- Although it is a full time job, a few hours a week in person, online or via phone are all possible ways to get your hours in. Some evenings and weekends will be required.
  • Pay :- Pay will be discussed on an individual basis but monetary pay will be nil, the odd coffee and a shoulder to cry on will always be available.
  • Skills required :- Good communication skills are a must. Typing and shorthand skills are gr8.  Strong shoulders and good hugging arms are a must. A good memory is required.
  • Location :- I am liverpool based but worldwide friendships are welcome, with skype and facebook the world can be in you livingroom.

Ok this is obviously a joke advertisement but being truthful, the great close group of friends I had not that long ago has gone. Growing up, jobs, moving and babies (ok maybe it was just me who had a baby) seems to have separated me from them.
I think me having a baby has been the biggest change, its changed me a but not a lot. In college I was always the “mum” of the group, looking after people.

Communication is obviously a two way street, so I am as much in the wrong for letting us drift apart, but I really wish I still had them in my life like I did not that long ago.
I can honestly, hand on heart, say I have only a handful of very close Real life (RL) friends now and of course my internet mummy friends.

I’m just disappointed that I haven’t kept contact with past friends. Those kids I played with in Primary school, the people I spent holidays playing with and sleepovers with in secondary school. The amazing friend that I partied with and hung out with in college. The people who shared the stress and halls with in Uni. Colleagues I have met in work, and others in my life, neighbours acquaintances etc.
Each new change brought new friends and others have slowly slipped away.
Mobile phones became a daily part of life, great for getting and keeping people’s numbers but again with changing contracts, new number and lost phones people can slowly lose contact.

Social media is great for tracking people down and catching up, send a small message, just to see how people are but its all to easy to just let people go.

I love my family and the friends who I still see, you are the people who mean the world to us.
Thank you for still being in our lives.
To those I don’t see anymore…I miss you, I hope you are all happy and healthy wherever you are, and if you miss me too, I’m just a call or message away.


Me time

Now me time doesn’t happen often as a mum, My main job is looking after C . Its a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week , 365 day a year job that I wouldn’t give up for the world. *

But occasionally we all need a little “Me time” to read a book, watch a film or go and enjoy something that isn’t aimed at or includes children.
This weekend I am doing two things that I consider “me time” things. I have started reading a new book, and I am attending the cake and bake show in manchester.

I won tickets to the show last month and have been looking forward to going with my best friend. I could take C with me I suppose but I think she is a little young to appreciate it and we would probably have to leave earlier if she came. So my mum is kindly watching her for me so I can go and have a good day out, Thank you mum! I can’t wait!!!

Most of my “me time” happens in work. I am very lucky that with the job I have I can find the time to read the odd chapter or research something for my blog.
I love my job but I wish I had more hours. Its part time in the evening and weekends and with the job Dan does (mornings) I need the evening work so that, If my parents and his parents, are away then he is able to be home with C while i’m at work.

I will be posting about the cake and bake show when I have time, and might even review the book i’m reading, Its called Liverpool angels by Lyn Andrews.

* Thank you Auntie Ann for pointing out my mistake in the 1st paragraph! It has now been fixed