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Technology not co-operating!

Technology not co-operating!At the age of 2 and 3/4 years C is an ace at technology, well the modern technology anyway.
She can turn on the table or mobile smartphone, change the volume, put on her games and play them easily as long as it is a touch screen device.

She used my dad’s laptop today, Both mine and my mums laptops are touch screen but dad’s is old school and requires a mouse or fingerpad to use.

This is what happened when C tried to change to a different video on YouTube.

As you can see she wasn’t very happy, hopefully she will love the Vtech Innotab max that she is getting for Christmas and give us all out laptops and tablets back.

#MySundayPhoto – 09/08/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken on Saturday, We were at my nan’s as usual and we decided since the weather was nice to go over to the park near to their house and enjoy the sun.

C and my granddad Eddie were walking along hand in hand, he was pointing out things to her and they looked so sweet together, so I tried to snap a picture, she chose that moment to run to me though.


There are 80 years between them but they are thick as thieves.
Love them both so much


The Toddler and the camera

When my dad got a new camera a  couple of years ago he gave me his older one, its a Pentax K100 D Super.
Now I have never studies photography and have no idea what most of the settings do but I really want to take more photo’s with something other than my phone.

I got it out yesterday and realised the batteries where dead. So found a charger and put the batteries on to charge,  it uses 4 rechargeable AA batteries so I think I need to get more so I have spares.
I also found some lovely photo’s on the memory card that I might share at a later date.

This morning I put the batteries in and brought it down to take some pictures, a toddler isn’t the easiest thing to photograph but I got a couple of good pictures of her drawing on her new easel.

IMGP4771IMGP4770  IMGP4778

She then decided that she wanted to take pictures, she knew to hold the camera in a certain way and how to push the button but the photo’s weren’t the best.

wpid-imag3809.jpg wpid-imag3808.jpg wpid-imag3810.jpg

I took a little video of her taking a picture as well as a couple of photo’s that are above.

I think she likes taking pictures 😀
What do you think of her photos?

IMGP4785 IMGP4786 IMGP4787 IMGP4788

Not just baby blankets

At the Baby and toddler show in Manchester last week I saw a stall with some lovely personalised blankets on by Mr Mole blankets.
There was a brilliant selection of colours to choose from, they looked so lovely and felt silky and soft yet warm so I though it would be a nice idea to get us a couple.

I bought 2 personalised blankets for a special show price of £50, One is a large green one for Charlotte with her name embroidered onto one corner, she chose the colour herself. It’s the same green as her nursery was so it will be a lovely reminder now she is in her big girl room.

wpid-imag3713.jpg wpid-imag3714.jpg

This blanket is large enough to cover her toddler bed easily and It’s actually a much greener green than the pictures show.

C loves having it on her bed and asks for her blanket of a night, If she ever comes camping then I know she will be taking it with her as well.

The other was an Extra large blue blanket for me to use as my guide camp blanket.
I’ve been looking for a nice warm camp blanket, we are going away to camp in May so although it will hopefully be warm and dry during the day I will probably need an extra layer to keep me warm at night.

wpid-imag3729.jpg wpid-imag3731.jpg

It’s great because it folds up small enough to easily take with me in my bed roll, but it big enough to cover a single bed so will be brilliant to snuggle under.

I will hopefully be adding some of the guide badges that I have collected over the years to it soon.

Big girl bedroom

Tonight is C’s 1st night in her big girl bedroom.
We moved most of her clothing and furniture over to the larger room yesterday, then today while C was with her Auntie Lee and Uncle Keith, having fun in the park and while I was at work Dan built her new toddler bed.

It is an extendable bed from Ikea so will grow with her from toddler bed, to kids bed and finally into a full single size so it will last a while.
I love the while metal frame which is girly but practical.


After  I finished work I picked C up and came home and had lunch. Afterwards we moved over her bedding and cuddly toys and sorted through some of her smaller stuff for the car boot sale on Saturday.

I put the new Ariel wall sticker up with a little help from Auntie Danii, and put up her tent.


Her tent is in the corner to prevent her from opening the airing cupboard and acts as a house for her teddies and a place for her to play.

She has her Cloud B turtle on the cabinet by her bed which shines stars on her ceiling and blind, although I want to move the Trofast cabinet to behind the door as it looks to big next to her bed.


I’ll get some better pictures when I can and add them, I just wanted to document the day she went into her new big girl bed for the 1 st time today the 22 nd January 2015 at nearly 23 months old.


Toddler food

I try to give C a balanced diet but sometimes her meals are just what she asks for, like today’s lunch for example.

For lunch today she wanted fruit and fibre cereal dry, a babybel and plain pasta.


She will also have some banana and yoghurt as a snack later.
She isn’t the biggest eater so I am happy as long as she is happy and enjoys eating her food, Dan is a fussy eater and I hope that C grows up eating a more varied diet than he does.

She looks like she’s enjoying it to me, her favourite food, other than chocolate, is pasta and she would eat it for every meal if I let her.


What are your toddler’s favourite foods?

looking for a solution

C is now getting very grown up and I’m thinking about moving her out of her cot and into a big girl bed.
I love the Ikea Kura bed as it will last a while, we can use it as a low bed while she is young and convert it to a midi bed once she is a little older.

The problem is that she is in the box room and i’m not sure how to fit that bed in there.
Its a small room made even more difficult as there are built in wardrobes along one wall and a radiator under the window on the opposite wall.

The only way a bed will fit in here will be to have it only the wall with the window and radiator on.
So I need a radiator cover that is child friendly for her room.

Any suggestions?

here are some pictures to give an idea about the small size.
Please excuse the mess as i’m sorting out her smaller clothes to get rid of/ store away and getting her larger things out.


Te window taking up most of the wall, with the radiator below


Where the cot is now, although a bed wont fit that way with access to the wardrobe


Built in wardrobes

Toddler outfit of the week – 13/11/14

This morning after getting C ready to go the her Auntie Lee and Uncle Keith’s for a while whilst I’m in work. I decided to take some pictures of her I though she look just so cute and grown up in her outfit.

Most of my pictures are of C so I think I will start an outfit of the week post.

She wears a lot of her clothes more than once so you may see a few items on a few different weeks, especially those that I love.

Here is today’s photo.


She is wearing….

Carters Grey Cardigan – My mum bought C this cardigan while we were in Florida. I adore Carters clothes and this cardigan is lovely and thick for those chilly mornings.
We got them in the outlet for $16.00/ £10.70

Carters owl top– I fell in love with this top and bought it in the Carters outlet in Florida as well, It is no longer on the website but I think I paid about $7 for it, I also bought legging in the same print. C is in a size 24 months.

Nutmeg jeans – These are brilliant as they have an adjustable waist which makes the actually fit my skinny toddler without them ending up around her ankles.
We bought these in Kiddicare ( before it closed down) but Nutmeg clothes are available in selected Morrison’s stores.
These were a bargain in the sale for about £4 and are size 18-24 months.

Clarks owl boots –  These were also an absolute bargain and she loves them. I bought these on eBay for £7.50 plus p&p, they are barely worn and a fraction of the cost new.

I want to go back to America just to shop in the outlets and grab some more bargains as shipping to here is a bomb!

I took quite a few photo’s this morning and here are a couple more that I love,

C with granddad


And Diva C posing!


Toddler Classes

I’ve been looking for some classes to take C to. I want to take her to somewhere where she can socialise, run off some energy and build up her confidence and vocabulary, as she doesn’t go to nursery.

I’ve never been one of those mums who take’s her child to loads of classes, mostly because of the cost but also because of time.  when she was younger we did a couple of terms of baby sensory, but other than that I haven’t taken her to organised classes.

We have been to indoor play centres a few times and Ice skating once, which she was a little bit too young for really, so I might take her back soon. As well as visiting play areas.
I don’t have many friend with Children, and as we all work its rare to have time to actually meet up and take them somewhere.

So I have looked at both Tumble tots (TT) and baby ballet (BB) classes that run classes in our area and am trying to decide between them.

Both have membership fees Tumble tots is £22 a year and baby ballet is £10.
Each have a weekly class fee TT is £6 and BB is between £4-7 depending on area.
Each have age grouped classes that she will be able to grow through.
BB has a 3 week introductory offer just £15 to try the class before joining as a member.

It’s hard to make a decision as she loves climbing and dances every time music starts.

What would you suggest?
Have your children ever been to either class?

toddler tantrums

Very few toddlers can have a full conversation at 17 months so they have to make themselves known. It must be hard for them to make you understand what it is that they want.

They can’t just say ” Mummy can I please have some milk?” or ” Mum, the dog’s tail just whipped me in the face again”.
Instead they point and make noise, and cry.
It must be very frustrating.

C seems to have her own language of hand gestures and “ah” noises, she makes if clear what she wants even if she doesn’t use many words.

C is only 17 months old but has really found her voice when it comes to protesting about something.
Her scream is louder than anything I have heard before, Mum says that she takes after me with the pitch she can reach.

She seems to have so many tantrums that sometimes I just have to laugh. She screams and cries and falls to the floor all because I told her she couldn’t open the cupboard in the corner, or that she can’t drink my Coke Zero or that she can’t climb on the dogs.

I know it’s a stage all toddlers go through, I remember stories my mum told me from when I was a toddler and I decided to have a meltdown and refuse to take Calpol when I was ill. Usually I would love Calpol, but I just had a complete meltdown and wouldn’t entertain it.


This picture was taken just after I took a plastic bag off her that she wanted to put over her head, they don’t understand dangers and that you are only trying to stop them injuring themselves.
They are funny little creatures who think they know everything, and you are just trying to ruin their fun.

C is bad enough now I really hope that It wont get worse when she is 2!

Do you have any good toddler tantrum stories?