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#MySundayPhoto – 23/08/15







This weeks #MySundayphoto is quite funny I think, C loves her baths and last night she decided to lay down as the water was draining.
This was the 1st time that she has chosen to put her head under the water and when her ears were covered she was laughing as “mummy sounded funny”


I love being able to do C’s bathtime, It used to be daddy’s job but now I get the pleasure of playing with bubbles, racing ducks and giggles.

Preparing for nursery.

C will be starting nursery in just 2 short weeks and she is so excited, every time we pass she says ” That’s my school”. I know that she will have an amazing time there and hope that she will make some life long  friends like I did.

She will be going to the nursery that I went to when I was little and hopefully will also attend my primary school once she is old enough.

Her starting nursery 3 mornings a week will also mean a change to the nights that she stays at Dan’s, currently she goes on a wed and comes home on Fridays but she will be in nursery on Thursdays and he lives to far away to get her there in the morning with no transport.

I chose mornings on days I work, as Dan’s shifts can change, so it’s easier on my mum as she is our main form of childcare. It means that I can drop her off at nursery and mum has a few hours to herself before she picks her up. It also means that it doesn’t affect her seeing her nana Gill on a Wednesday afternoon.

The nursery have a uniform top in the same colours as the school, but as a first time parent I am trying to figure out what to get for her bottom half. She is skinny so joggers usually fall down, at home she lives in dresses, shorts or adjustable waist jeans ( and thank god for them!)

I’m going to have to try and find leggings that are long and warm enough but don’t fall down, so if anyone knows of any please let me know!

I did manage to get her a pair of school shoes in Asda yesterday while shopping, little black size 7 shoes with flowers on, she loved them although I’m not sure how long they will stay nice. I also bought some white frilly socks and some tights in the sale so once the weather gets cooler she will have warm tights to wear, even if they might clash with her top.

It feels like she is becoming so grown up and I know that it won’t be long until she is full time in school. I want to enjoy the next 2 weeks getting her ready and having a little fun.

#MySundayPhoto – 16/08/15 (My little girly girl)

This weeks #MySundayphoto was actually only taken this morning.
I went out for breakfast with my best friend and C loved her nails, so we said if she was good we would see if Danii’s sister Gemma would paint her nails for her when we dropped Danii off.

Know I know that some people will disagree with a 2 and a half year old having her nails painted but if she asks for it and it’s not going to hurt her then I see no harm in it 😀

Well C was over the moon and got to pick the colours she wanted, green with sparkly glitter just like Danii 😀


She sat so nicely to have them done, and blew on them between coats.
Gemma did an amazing job! I don’t know how anyone can get kids to sit and listen so well, I swear she will be a fabulous mum one day and should really think of a career in children’s party entertainment or paediatric play in hospitals as she loves to work in the care sector.

C is so lucky to have so many Auntie’s who love her and want to make her happy.
My little girly girl.


Barclay’s coin machine

This week I went and opened a Barclay’s saving account for the simple reason that they have a coin deposit machine!
I was directed to the ipads at the rear of the store to open an account, it was only after I complete it did I realise that it was a current account not a savings one, luckily a very helpful lady closed that account and opened a savings account for me in a bout 5 minutes.

The large Barclay’s branch in Liverpool city centre is the nearest one to me that have a coin deposit machine but I think they would a great addition to any branch!

C tends to get a lot of coins, she loves to put them into her many many money boxes and I often empty my purse of small coins for her to save them (as do many members of our family).

I was surprised at how quickly her pennies mount up and fill her boxes, so instead of trying to find the time to count them all up into bags and take them to the Lloyds to put into her savings, I will just take the bag of mixed coins every few months to the Barclays bank and pour them all into the coin deposit machine.

It will save us time of counting and I know C will love pouring the coins into the machine.

I took her 1st lot of penny’s with me when I opened the account. The bag weighed a ton and it only contained the coins from a couple of her money boxes, it was a great work out carrying it around with me lol

Here is the receipt


A staggering £49.29, I’ll keep taking coins and then I’ll transfer it over to her savings account once or twice a year. It will be a good way to encourage her to save more as she grows up and gets pocket money.

How do or will you encourage your children to save?

#MySundayPhoto – 09/08/15

This weeks #MySundayPhoto was taken on Saturday, We were at my nan’s as usual and we decided since the weather was nice to go over to the park near to their house and enjoy the sun.

C and my granddad Eddie were walking along hand in hand, he was pointing out things to her and they looked so sweet together, so I tried to snap a picture, she chose that moment to run to me though.


There are 80 years between them but they are thick as thieves.
Love them both so much


Finally sleeping through

C is 2 years 1 month old and has finally seemed to have cracked sleeping though. There has been the odd night when she has slept through and I thought ” oh maybe this is it, no more getting up in the night” then the next night was usually 10 times worse waking up a million times.

She has always woken at least once a night but for the last 3 nights, touch wood, she has slept all night, she went to bed at 7.30pm at her request and slept until between 7am and 8.30am.


I think my baby is finally growing up, I thought the lighter morning might mean her getting up earlier and to be harder to get to go to bed as its light at bedtime, but so far she has been ok. I think it might also be time to introduce the grow clock!

Long may it continue as I am finally starting to enjoy me sleep again 😀 now just to get us a new bed to make it that much more comfy!


#MySundayPhoto – 05/04/15

Here is this weeks #MySundayPhoto,


I took it yesterday on my phone while I was baking some Easter cupcakes, C wanted to help. She helped to weight out the ingredients, then turned on the mixer, she was the official tester (The cake mix was “nice”), then she helped clean up with her mouth lol

I love the far off look on her face as she eats the cake mix.

Do your children like to bake?


The Toddler and the camera

When my dad got a new camera a  couple of years ago he gave me his older one, its a Pentax K100 D Super.
Now I have never studies photography and have no idea what most of the settings do but I really want to take more photo’s with something other than my phone.

I got it out yesterday and realised the batteries where dead. So found a charger and put the batteries on to charge,  it uses 4 rechargeable AA batteries so I think I need to get more so I have spares.
I also found some lovely photo’s on the memory card that I might share at a later date.

This morning I put the batteries in and brought it down to take some pictures, a toddler isn’t the easiest thing to photograph but I got a couple of good pictures of her drawing on her new easel.

IMGP4771IMGP4770  IMGP4778

She then decided that she wanted to take pictures, she knew to hold the camera in a certain way and how to push the button but the photo’s weren’t the best.

wpid-imag3809.jpg wpid-imag3808.jpg wpid-imag3810.jpg

I took a little video of her taking a picture as well as a couple of photo’s that are above.

I think she likes taking pictures 😀
What do you think of her photos?

IMGP4785 IMGP4786 IMGP4787 IMGP4788

Not just baby blankets

At the Baby and toddler show in Manchester last week I saw a stall with some lovely personalised blankets on by Mr Mole blankets.
There was a brilliant selection of colours to choose from, they looked so lovely and felt silky and soft yet warm so I though it would be a nice idea to get us a couple.

I bought 2 personalised blankets for a special show price of £50, One is a large green one for Charlotte with her name embroidered onto one corner, she chose the colour herself. It’s the same green as her nursery was so it will be a lovely reminder now she is in her big girl room.

wpid-imag3713.jpg wpid-imag3714.jpg

This blanket is large enough to cover her toddler bed easily and It’s actually a much greener green than the pictures show.

C loves having it on her bed and asks for her blanket of a night, If she ever comes camping then I know she will be taking it with her as well.

The other was an Extra large blue blanket for me to use as my guide camp blanket.
I’ve been looking for a nice warm camp blanket, we are going away to camp in May so although it will hopefully be warm and dry during the day I will probably need an extra layer to keep me warm at night.

wpid-imag3729.jpg wpid-imag3731.jpg

It’s great because it folds up small enough to easily take with me in my bed roll, but it big enough to cover a single bed so will be brilliant to snuggle under.

I will hopefully be adding some of the guide badges that I have collected over the years to it soon.

My 2 year old!

This week Charlotte turns two!
I cannot believe that she is turning 2 years old already,
where has the time gone?

She has gone from a tiny 6lb 15oz baby who was too little for newborn clothes and my parents had to rush out and buy tiny baby clothes for her to wear, into a lively, bouncy girly girl who opens her wardrobe and demands “dresses” and to have her “shhoooes” on to go out.

From this tiny baby....

From this tiny baby…. this beautiful and barely still toddler.

…to this beautiful and barely still toddler.

She really has her own big personality and lets you know if she isn’t happy about something, usually with the words “no, no, no, no, no” or a hand and look that tell you that isn’t how it should be.

She has gone from Crib, to cot to Big girl bed and from not sleeping much to nearly sleeping through the night.

Children grown and change so quickly, day by day, week by week they are growing and changing and although we as parents don’t see it as much as others it is astounding when you wake up one day and find that you have a toddler instead of the baby you put down to sleep the night before.

I can’t wait to see how she will grow and change in the next year, what she will learn and be able to do by the time she turns 3 years old.
I look forward to continuing to write about her, tell you how she is growing and changing, and documenting all the fun, amazing or even mundane things that she does, because I want to remember everything!

Maybe one day when she is older she will read these posts and see these pictures.
I didn’t have a baby book to fill in, but I do have this blog it has a duel purpose of documenting our lives as we all grow together.