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New photos from Whitebox photography

A couple of years ago I took C to review Whitebox photography and got some really cute photo’s taken. We really enjoyed it and I found that Liam the photographer was really great with C, he was able to get great photo’s even when she was moving and could get her attention easily to get the photo’s I wanted.

I thought it was about time that I got some updated photo’s so looked on Whitebox photography’s facebook page and booked another session.
So at the I took her up to Crosby for a 20 minute photo session.

I have to say Ā£25 for a 20 minute session is a bargain when you get all the photo’s on a CD.
C had so much fun laughing and jumping her way though the whole session. We got some really cute photo’s, here are a few of my favourites.

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I really do recommend Liam at WhiteBox Photography Liverpool to anyone looking to have pictures taken, great quality and value for money plus the copyright is yours so you can print and edit the images however you want.

Which is your favourite picture?


Back to nursery

We arrived back from holiday yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to blog while away as I had no real internet connection on my laptop or tablet but I did post some pictures on our Instagram and facebook pages, hopefully I will get some time to write about our break this week as C is back in nursery.

Today was C’s 1st day back into nursery so of course that means the obligatory 1st day photo šŸ˜€
I personally love these photo’s and love to look back at the ones my parents took on our 1st days of school.

So here it is C’s 1st day of Preschool ( nursery) 2016



Front door


Today was herĀ first full day in nursery as last year she only did mornings,Ā I chose to send her for 2 full days and one half day this year for a couple of reasons.
1) I am going back to be a student so will be in uni or on placement most of every week.
2) As a form of childcare because it would be too much for my mum to have her everyday.
3) To help her get used to longer days before she startsĀ school next year.
4) she is a social child and loves to play with other kids, so nursery is a great place for her to interact with other kidsĀ and learn as well.

I’ve just been to pick her up and she loved it šŸ˜€ she played in home corner with the dolls, had outdoor play and got messy with playdough.


Time to wash her uniform for tomorrow, I think I’m going to have to buy some more uniform tops as her others are too small, I have a couple of skirts and a pinafore so that’s no problem.

summer is here…

Sorry I’ve been very quiet lately, I’ve had a bit going on in my life generally and time seems to be passing by too quickly.

I have a new boyfriend, although at 27 years old the word boyfriend sounds a little childlike. He is lovely, so kind and thoughtful and he gets on great with my family and friends. I’ll Call him Mr J for now as i’m not sure that he will want me to talk about him, I don’t think he’s found my blog yet although I could be very wrong. ( Hi if you have found me)
It’s only been a month but it feels like i’ve know him for years and we get on so well.

I still need to meet his family and friends properly as we just havnt seemed to find the time to meet up with them yet.

Me and C went on a fantastic holiday in Towyn, North Wales at the end of last month with Danii and my cousin Ste as well. Ā We had loads of visitors and got to have a catch up with friends, new and old. We made the most of a wet caravan holiday (took me back to childhood šŸ˜€ ) playing in the arcade and jumping in puddles.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the week.

We made a flag :D

We made a flag :D

Frozen frustration!

Frozen frustration!

Missing their friend :'(

Missing their friend :'(

The play area, who cares about a little water!

The play area, who cares about a little water!

I can see you!

I can see you!

Just had to be done ;)

Just had to be done ;)

On the Ferris wheel.

On the Ferris wheel.



This next one is my favourite thanks to a little filter šŸ˜€


Don’t they just look so cute! not a care in the world, just looking out at the sea.

C breaks up from nursery on Thursday then the real fun begins, 6 weeks with no school! Although I still have work :( so I need to sort the babysitting list out.
My mum is my usual childcare but she isn’t too well at the moment so roped Mr J in as emergency childcare for today. ( didn’t I tell you he was good, think I got lucky with him) need to try and sort something else out though for other days.

I have also started a separate blog about my journey to becoming in nurse as I start my training in just 2 months time, I will be posting on Not Just a student nurseĀ so pop over and have a little look and give me some love over there.

I’m going to try blogging more to keep a journal of the years if nothing more.

Love to all, Ellie

An open letter to Vtech

Dear Vtech,

Merry Christmas.

I really hope that all your employees have a very merry Christmas, I also hope that none of them have purchased a Vtech Innotab, Innotv, Digigo or Innotab Max for their kids because like so many other children this Christmas they will be very disappointed on Christmas morning when they open their new toy to find that they can’t use it.

You do realise that you are a toy company I assume, although I know I should just assume things really as that can backfire. Since you sell the products you also know how much they cost,Ā parents pay out quite a lot of money to buy your products for their children, then pay out more for games cartridges, which at Ā£15+ a pop isn’t cheap.

I am one of those parents who thought that the Innotab Max would be a great Christmas present for my nearly 3 year old. Ā She will be able to use it and leave my tablet and laptop alone. It’s a good learning tool, it’s got games that she can easily play, it will grow with her and help her with reading and writing at the same time.
A win win for us both in my opinion.

I actually bought it months ago from Tesco when it was on a really good offer and hid it away until Christmas.Ā So yesterday I got it out and charged it up. Once charged I went to set it up so that it would be ready to pick up and go on Christmas day, well what 3 year old has enough patience to give mummy their new toy to fill in all theĀ boringĀ important info and get it set up when all they want to do is play?

It’s only after I couldn’t get it to register online and checked the link that pops up did I discover that due to a data breach in November I am unable to register my product, That would be ok if I could bypass registering it for now and still use it properly without “this isn’t available” messages, but without registering the Innotab, it and games that I have also bought wont work, so its pretty much useless.
The link also says thatĀ youĀ will have a solution by Christmas eve, and share it on Facebook for all to use.

Well Christmas eve the solution has finally been published now but I need a microSD card to be able to do it. So another trip to the shops is needed as well as a spare hour to do the download, and firmware update!
How am I meant to do this Vtech on Christmas eve, I’m working till 2pm, have things that I need to do and will have the toddler with me?

I really hope that it fixes it, but I have my doubts.

Effectively by being quiet about the hack, notĀ making people aware of the issue surrounding registering products, or by publicly announcing the problems it you have just lost the trust of consumers.

I hope that you do fix the problem with learning lodge soon so my little girl can use it fully but I will definitely have second thoughts about buying a Vtech product now.

your sincerely,

An angry and upset mother

*update* – 14/01/2016 – Well as I suspected the firmware update didn’t make the Innotab Max much better to use. They still haven’t fixed the issues or given a date as to when it will be fixed other than “mid January”, Which is tomorrow and there has been no new information in a while.

It’s December and our Elf has arrived.

It’s the 1st of December and that means a few things…

  1. It’s Christmas this month.
  2. Chocolate before breakfast is a must.
  3. Our new elf Happy has arrived.
  4. I really need to finish my Christmas shopping.
  5. I need to find time to wrap all the presents.

This year is the first year that C is really old enough to understand and get involved properly, so I decided to get her an unofficial “Elf on a shelf” as I don’t really like the official one.

So meet Happy as C has called him.


He arrived with C’s advent calender, some chocolate coins and the magic elf door to the north pole.


C loves him, she even got dressed as an elf as well and wanted to bring him to Guides this evening to show the girls.
We were doing crafts this evening and while she was distracted I managed to turn a left over box into Happy’s new elf bed.
So of course he had to go up and sleep next to her tonight.


He of course has now flown off to the north pole to report to Father Christmas, and will appear somewhere else tomorrow morning.

I just LOVE how excited that she gets, do you or did you ever do elf on a shelf when your kids were little?

Technology not co-operating!

Technology not co-operating!At the age of 2 and 3/4 years C is an ace at technology, well the modern technology anyway.
She can turn on the table or mobile smartphone, change the volume, put on her games and play them easily as long as it is a touch screen device.

She used my dad’s laptop today, Both mine and my mums laptops are touch screen but dad’s is old school and requires a mouse or fingerpad to use.

This is what happened when C tried to change to a different video on YouTube.

As you can see she wasn’t very happy, hopefully she will love the Vtech Innotab max that she is getting for Christmas and give us all out laptops and tablets back.

We have little visitors… head lice!

Sorry if I have made you itchy, I know that I am every time I even think of nits.

Since C started nursery in September I have been waiting for them to appear, I had bought combs ready and on Friday after her scratching for a couple of days I combed her hair and found just a couple of the little buggers.

You’re probably wondering why I didn’t do it sooner, well she had had her nasal flu vaccine a week before, had a cold and came out in a rash on her neck that I assumed was connected to the vaccine or viral.
We gave her Piriton and after a few days of her still scratching I checked her hair where I found theĀ evil little buggers.


So on Saturday morning I smothered her head in Tesco’s head lice treatment and then left it for an hour, added tea tree oil to her shampoo and washed it out. I then combed it again, only a few there, so I think we caught them early.

I have been washing her hair and using a conditioning spray that I have added tea tree too and combing daily, only juvenile ones there so at least I know that they will soon be gone.

I just hate the little invaders but suspect that we will have visits from them again in the future as kids will be kids and the way that they play in nursery and school means that they easily spread.

Remember to check your kids heads regularly!
I’m now off to wash my hair and check it again as they make my skin crawl just thinking about them.

Merseyside derby day!

Today is the Merseyside Derby day
Everton V Liverpool
1.30pm kick off at Goodison!

We have a little rivalry at the moment over who C will support. ( The poor toddler hears conflicting views all the time)
Her dad and his family are Reds whereas all my family are Blues.
So she doesn’t have it very easy on Derby days, with the family spilt.
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September challenge #theidearoom -Day 18

Day 18

Everyday I…


…I am amazed by my beautiful little girl and how much she is changing everyday. She is becoming so grown up. She is so clever that sometimes I’m surprised with the things she comes out with.

She is just 2.5 years old but seems so grown up, I will enjoy seeing her grow and changed every second of every day.
I love her so much x