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Pawsome box review

As you may know form past posts as part of our family we have 2 dogs Finley and Freddie.

I was recently contacted by a company called Pawsome who do monthly packages for dogs. Now if your dog is anything like mine then they always bark at the postman! One of our poor postmen is scared stiff of our monsters, although I think that they would never hurt anyone, much more likely to lick him to death lol.

We received our USA themed pawsome box and I couldn’t wait to see what the boys thought of it.

Our box included

  • A hot dog squeaky toy – This is actually a quite load squeaky toy and neither dog is to interested in it, until the toddler decides to sit squeaking it!
  • A led light to attach to a collar – This is a great flashing light and very handy to be able to see the dog when they go out to the toilet before bed, although I now need another for the other dog.
  • A rawhide baseball – Freddie claimed this straight away, and it was gone within the hour. Kept him entertained for a little while at least.
  • A Rubber toy- C keeps giving this to the boys and Fin loves to throw it and make it bounce. It is still in one piece so it is durable and they have had it a couple of weeks now.


  • A pack of chicken flavoured treats -These treats were well enjoyed by both dogs, the packs say they are 100% chicken and they feel quite nice, there weren’t many in the pack though especially when sharing between 2 dogs.
    wpid-imag3233.jpgwpid-imag3238.jpg wpid-imag3239.jpg
  • A pack of bacon flavoured treats – These bacon strips were a good size and meant that it was easy for C to also give each dog treats.
  • A guide to read all about the contents and more information about Pawsome and their theme. This time it was the USA, I would love to see what other themes they are going to send out.

Overall it was a nice treat box and each item was appropriate for our dogs, as you can see for the above photo, there can be a few different things in the boxes when it comes to the toys.

Our dogs loved the treats, Fin kept trying to steal the bags of them from the box when I wasn’t looking, even opening the box to do so.


On the Pawsomebox website you can personalise your profile to let them know what your dogs are like, and they can then personalise the box for your size dog.

There are three types of plans:
Monthly – You pay £19.90 each month and receive a box.
Half-yearly – You pay 6 months upfront with a discounted rate per box of £17.90 and then receive 1 box each month for 6 months.
Yearly –  You pay for twelve monthly boxes together for an even greater discount making it just £15.90 per box.
Each box contains products worth £30, according to the website.
If its something that you are interested in and you think your dogs would benefit then you just need to go to their webpage and sign up.
They also do a purrfectbox for cats
*Disclaimer- I was sent a pawsomebox free for the purpose of the review, All opinions and photographs are my own. I have not been influenced in my opinions, they are all unbias*

Pets at Home 30 Day Nutrition Challenge – part 4

Our 30 days are up and although Freddie has put on weight and is looking a lot healthier, Fin still needs to loose a fair amount.
Its a mixture of him stealing Freddies food and the toddler giving hers to him I think.

We are keeping them on the Wainwrights complete food as they seem to enjoy it and it is good for them, they are in much better body condition than they were on the supermarket own complete foods.

Talking to Sarah last week we agreed that we want Fin to lose his weight slowly over the next 6 months. So we will be going back again every couple of weeks to a month to see if they are still loosing, gaining or maintaining as they should.
The free health checks are brilliant and the scales are also in store to use if we wish. I really do recommend that health checks to anyone with a pet that they think might need a check over.

I love having a pet shop where the staff are so friendly and helpful and where we can take the boys in with us.

We need to pick up some special Christmas presents for them next time we are in for a check. We will get them some rawhide Christmas treats and they get new blankies every Christmas as well which I need to order.

looking for a solution

C is now getting very grown up and I’m thinking about moving her out of her cot and into a big girl bed.
I love the Ikea Kura bed as it will last a while, we can use it as a low bed while she is young and convert it to a midi bed once she is a little older.

The problem is that she is in the box room and i’m not sure how to fit that bed in there.
Its a small room made even more difficult as there are built in wardrobes along one wall and a radiator under the window on the opposite wall.

The only way a bed will fit in here will be to have it only the wall with the window and radiator on.
So I need a radiator cover that is child friendly for her room.

Any suggestions?

here are some pictures to give an idea about the small size.
Please excuse the mess as i’m sorting out her smaller clothes to get rid of/ store away and getting her larger things out.


Te window taking up most of the wall, with the radiator below


Where the cot is now, although a bed wont fit that way with access to the wardrobe


Built in wardrobes

Pets at Home 30 Day Nutrition Challenge – part 3

Today we are 2 weeks into our challenge and took the boys for their check up with Hannah.

The are both looking in great condition, shiny coats and good general health, We got both boys weighed again.
Finley although looking a lot slimmer at the waist, with more ribs visible and a more defined waist had only lost 0.2 kilograms. Where as Freddie who was a little underweight at our last appointment had put on a whopping 2.1 kg, He still has about another 3 kg to put on but is obviously doing very well.

Hannah suggested brushing Freddie’s teeth but I think I will get the water additive as it will be easier with both of them as I don’t think they will let me brush their teeth, I find it hard enough trying to do the toddlers twice a day!

Hannah also checked their microchips while we were there as I mentioned that I was going to ask the vet to check them at their next visit, just to make sure they hadn’t moved since last time.

Both dogs are loving the Wainwright’s food and we still have loads left in each of the 15 kg bags.

We have just started on our second box of each of the trays, ideally I’d like to move them over to just the dry food eventually but I’m not sure if they will eat just the dry food.

Freddie made a new friend in Pets at home today, A little hamster, he was fascinated my it and just stood watching him in the cage for about 5 minutes. He only left as we had to leave the shop and come home, or I’m not sure how long he would have stayed so still.


We have booked in to go back again on the 1 st of December for another weigh in to check how both boys are doing.


Pets at Home 30 Day Nutrition Challenge – part 2

We have been following the advice from Hannah for the last week and a bit, both dogs are really enjoying their food and we have clean bowls after each meal.

C seems to be trying to sabotage Fin’s weight loss by sneaking him food when we are not looking, she just loves to share with Finley, but even with the toddler sabotage he seems to be looking a little slimmer, you can see more of his ribs and his chest seems less bulky.

The problem is we don’t know what breed Finley is so we have no idea what shape he should be. I suspect he has staffie in him so the broad and bulky chest seems right.

Freddie is also loving the food and happily eats it all up quickly.

My only concern is the rubbish, When we had tins they could be recycled but the plastic trays cant be so our bin is getting more full.

We have a weigh in scheduled for next Monday, so I will update again on their progress and let you know how both of my lovely boys are doing.


So are you planning number 2 yet?

This is the major question that I seem to be fielding most recently.
It comes in many different forms and wording, “So are you planning for number 2 yet?”, “Are you feeling broody?”, ” Don’t you think C needs a sibling?”, but the meaning is always the same.

“Don’t you think its time you had another child?”

It seems a common thing that once you have had a child and they get the a certain age that is around 18 months old people start asking when your having more.
I think its a similar thing to getting to a certain age and being in a relationship, people ask when you will get married/ buy a house /have children ( delete as appropriate).

It is just the done thing and the next step that people are expected to take.

So my answer :- Yes I do want to have another child at some point, but right now is not the best time for us.
I have things that I want to do before I expand my family, I want to go back to Uni, I want to get a better paying job, D needs a better paying job as well and we need to move into our own space.
I also need to take D’s opinions into account, weather he want’s more kids or not.

I don’t think we will be ready for another child for a few years at least, but if it should happen sooner then I will be happy.
I have never wanted C to be an only child and have always imagined having more children but what will be will be.

For now I am thankful to have my happy and healthy little girl who I love so much!


Pets at Home 30 Day Nutrition Challenge – part 1

As you may know we have 2 dog, Finley and Freddie.
I have written about them a few times before and they have been very willing testers on occasions.

Pets are a big part of most families, they are another family member and deserves just as much recognition and care.

Recently I was contacted and asked if Finley and Freddie would like to take part in the Pets at Home 30 Day Nutrition Challenge.

So on Monday, D, C and I took Finley and Freddie to Pets at home in Speke for our appointment with the lovely Hannah.

Hannah performed a general health check for each of them. She checked teeth, eyes, ears, nails, skin condition, fur condition, and weight.
She asked us questions about their exercise routines and what they eat.

She told me that Finley is a little overweight, which I know as he is a glutton and eats everything!
She said that Freddie is perfectly in proportion and if anything could put on a little weight.

After getting them weighed she took us over to the dog food section and helped to explain what is the best food for each of them nutritionally, as they are fussy eaters they are both on a mixture of complete dry food and trays of meat.

Hannah suggested Wainwright Adult for both of them, as it contains high proportions of meat proteins. As well as Seaweed which is full of important natural trace elements, Brown rice which is a highly digestible carbohydrate and Alfalfa which helps to prevent smelly excrement. There is also Chicory root with added natural prebiotic that boost friendly bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system,
Calcium and phosphorus which helps balance levels to promote optimum growth, as well as added vitamins and minerals to help maintain general health and well-being. 

Finley has had Wainwright’s food before as that is the food he was on when we got him from the Dogs Trust as a puppy, I know that The dogs trust feed Wainwright’s to all their dogs as it a very good and nutritionally balanced food, What I didn’t know before talking to Hannah was that Wainwright’s is actually made by Pets At Home.

Finley is now on Wainwright’s light adult food ( RRP £41.99) which is for ages 1-7 years old, it has a formulation that helps them feel fuller so stops them eating so much and begging for food. As well as the Wainwright’s light turkey tray food (RRP £9.99)

 wpid-imag2586.jpg wpid-imag2589.jpgwpid-imag2588.jpg

Freddie is now on Wainwright adult food ( RRP £41.99) which is for ages 1-7 years old, As well as the Wainwright’s Turkey trays. (RRP£9.99)

We chose to keep them on similar foods some once Fin has lost his weight we can swap him over and he will be on the same food as Freddie.

Hannah also provided us with two cups to measure out the dry food. Finley is on 335g a day over two feeds with half a tray with each, and Freddie is on 340g  a day over two feeds with half a tray with each.
I measured out the food once and put tape around to mark of the level of food they need, so I can just fill it to the line now.


I started them off on Monday night by mixing some of the dry food with their regular tins and a little mixer as you need to slowly change a dogs food to prevent any upset stomachs.


Today I started them on the trays as well and they love them.


Hannah also suggested a water additive to help keep their teeth clean which I will definitely look at buying when we go for our next appointment to get them weighed and see if the diet is helping Fin’s weight loss.

I will be posting weekly updates about how both boys are getting on with the challenge.
Why not book your pet in for a free nutrition consultation at your local pets at home?

*Disclaimer – We were asked to take part in the Pets at home 30 day Nutrition Challenge in exchange for a free health check for both dogs as well as being provided with the food for the challenge. Everything that has been written in these posts are all our unbiased opinions and we have not been influenced in any way*

Car insurance

Oh how I love being an adult and having the freedom to go where I please whenever I want.
I can just jump in the car and drive away….

Well not quite,
First you have to buy the car  – ££££££,
then insurance the car  – £££££,
Servicing cost money  – ££££
Oh and then there is Tax  – £££,
and if its over 3 years old don’t forget the MOT –  ££,
And finally petrol and other little things –  £.

Cars are a privileged and a curse!

We have had our new (to us) car for just over a year and today I remembered that I needed to renew the car insurance.
Not being a fan of the renewal price offered by my current insurers, I decided to be a smart shopper and shop around.
As we are in the age of technology and have information and comparison sites at the tips of our fingers after just a few minutes and some tapping away I got it down by over £100.

I got the renewal price, called my old insurers to cancel the automatic renewal and decided since I had a hyperactive toddler and was due in work that I would renew later.

So I dropped C off at her Nana’s, and went to work.
I couldn’t renew it in work as the computers don’t allow you access to anything other than essential sites, so I had to wait till I got home at 6pm.

Forgetting it was Sunday and that the world closes at 4.30 pm, ment that although I have put in my payment details and sent pictures of the relevant documents to the new insurers, I’m not sure if I’m insured until I receive confirmation from them.

Their phone lines open at 9 am tomorrow so if there is no email in my inbox before 9.10 am tomorrow regarding my insurance I will have to call.
Any other Monday and it wouldn’t matter as I don’t have to work Mondays but I have to take my mum to an important hospital appointment at 10.30 am tomorrow and need to drive there!

This week is a busy work week

This week seems to be very busy.
I’m working 6 out of 7 days, doing double shifts on two days as well as CPR training on Monday night, Guides on Tuesday night and a guide camp activity day in Warrington on Saturday. I don’t have one free day this week, and I’m looking for activities to take C too.


My diary pages are looking a lot fuller than usual. I usually work Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, Friday evening and Sunday afternoon.

The rest of my week is spent :-

  • Looking after C, who is active and only occasionally naps during the day.
  • Food shopping -Although I must admit I mostly do it online now as its easier.
  • A little cleaning – I should do more really but its difficult with the toddler
  • Guides- I do guides every Tuesday evening of term time, as well as the odd activity day meeting and training.
  • Other shopping – birthday cards, presents, Christmas bits, clothes etc that need doing on a weekly basis
  • Seeing friends- I try to see people when I can, not always possible but I try.
  • Blogging – As you can probably tell by how far down the list this is and by how much I’ve posted lately, I don’t get too much free time to blog during the week, its snatched moments as and when I get a chance and a lot of my posts are drafted many times adding small snip bits of information as and when.

Busy weeks are a blessing and a curse, they will fly over and it will be a week closer to Christmas but it also means that C is a week older.
She no longer looks like a baby, not that she really seemed like a little baby for that long at all since she walked at 9 months, but she is starting to loose the toddler look and look a lot more like a little girl.
She is just growing up too fast and I know there is no way to stop it, I just have to keep taking photo’s, backing them up and also blogging.
Blogging is my way of documenting our lives as they happen, the interesting and the mundane, I want to remember everything and share it all with whoever wants to read.