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It’s been way to long, so quickest catch up ever.

We are well into the new year and I haven’t posted in so long, Life has just been too busy.

I’ve been on placement as a student nurse so had even less time than usual, 13 hour shifts are a killer and then I have life to catch up with on my days off.
I’ve got uni work and essays to do plus resit exams to do as I was ill over the exam period in December.

C is just amazing, so no change there then. She will be turning 4 next week and I honestly cant believe that she is that old already.
I put the application for school in last month so we are waiting to see where she will get a place, Fingers crossed its in the school at the end of the road.

My relationship is still going strong, been together nearly 8 months now and we are very happy.

Not much else to report at the moment, going to try blogging more again but I’m not sure how much time I will have.

The Safe Style conservatory saga

This summer my parents decided to replace the conservatory on our house as it was over 25 years old and starting to fail.
One of the windows were buckled and there were holes in the roof from where my y9onger brother had thrown cigarettes out of his window in his youth.
It wasn’t being used as it was too cold in winter and too hot in summer, so useless except for drying washing on hot days.

They had a few quotes and decided to go with Safe Style, a well known and reputable company.
The surveyor came, measured up and they said they would come to fit it in August.

On the 15th they arrived to start, unloaded all the new parts, and took down the old wooden conservatory, taking out the sils, in preparation to fit our new shiny UPVC conservatory. wpid-wp-1472126535623.jpg wpid-wp-1472126547283.jpg wpid-wp-1472126557493.jpg

They worked hard and then the first problem arose, they started by fitting the doors and the measurements didn’t add up, the doors and the window highs didn’t match they were a whopping 110mm out!

They had to stop work and call the office, another surveyor would be out that evening and they made it water tight until then.


The surveyor came and checked the measurements and called into the office. He talked on the phone for a while and I heard phrases such as “We can just put on a bigger flashing” and ” we can make do with the windows that are already made”. To be honest he did sound convincing when he then told us that the main conservatory was fine its just the doors that need to be remade and that they would be back the following day to put up what they could.
The doors would be ordered the following morning on a rush and fitted on Saturday ( This was Monday)

Tuesday came and so did a phone call to say that the men were sick and they wouldn’t be coming till Wednesday. Ok that is no ones fault as you just can’t help being ill sometimes, its life.

The same to fella’s came back on Wednesday and did put up what they could. One of the roof glass panes were broken so they put in a piece of wood, instead and still no doors. They had to give up In the afternoon as the rain got to be too heavy.

The main frame was up but no where near completed. The plaster and brickwork had been left it open to the elements.

Saturday came and went with no one showing up to finish work, mum called on Monday this week to see what the plan was only to be told they would call back on Tuesday, but Tuesday came and no phone call.

We were out on Wednesday, I had to taking my granddad to hospital appointment, while my mum was sitting with my nan, so didn’t have time to call again.

On Wednesday evening someone from Safe Style happened to be knocking on doors in the road and knocked on ours, he asked if we were thinking of getting our windows done soon as ” they obviously hadn’t been done for a few years”. I said we were actually waiting for Safe style to come back and finish the conservatory they had started a week before and we were still waiting, so I wouldn’t be thinking about using them.

Today again we waited, Mum called again and we were again told that they needed to talk to someone in the depot, and that someone would need to call us back tomorrow.

Fingers crossed that we do get a phone call or even better someone out to finish the job that they starte and have had a vast amount of money for already.

For a big company such as Safe Style you would think that they would make customer satisfaction a higher priority.

This is what we have currently been left with

We’re getting a playhouse

Well I should really say that C is getting a playhouse but i’m not sure who is more excited about it, her or me.
She keeps asking if “her garden is ready yet?”

We went today and ordered her playhouse from No1 discount shed factory in Huyton,
we chose the 7×6 foot  bay cottage with veranda  although I know that C wanted the biggest possible one, the space that we have to fit it in wouldn’t have allowed for it and i’m sure we would have needed planning permission for anything bigger lol


C showing you where her house will go

The whole garden is getting a face lift so that we can actually  get out and use it more. Our garden was paved a few years ago after the dogs tore up the lawn in the snow so a new false lawn is going down on the 16th May and her house is arriving on the 13th May ( Friday the 13th….hope that’s not a bad sign)

Where the paving once was

Where the paving once was, the grass soon will be :D

We still have work to do on the garden over the next couple of weeks before the major works start. Weeds need pulling up and weedkiller needs to be put down, we need to clear and jet wash the patio as well.
Once the house is in it will need to be painted before the grass goes down so please pray that the weekend of the 14th is lovely weather wise.

I really hope that the weather this summer is nice so that we can spend a lot of time outside enjoying the garden.

Going back to Uni

In December I applied through UCAS to go back to uni. I applied for Adult nursing  at Liverpool John Moore uni, Liverpool Uni, Edge Hill university and Salford uni, as well as operations department practice at Edge hill.

It didn’t take long to get my first two replies and they weren’t promising
Liverpool uni -rejected my application.
Edge Hill ( operations department practice) – rejected.

Then just before I went on holiday I got interviews at Edge hill and Salford They were both meant to be while I was away but I contacted the uni’s and them moved them to February 11th and 16th.

On Friday the 19th I got a conditional offer for September 2016 from Edge hill (Adult nursing) . The conditions stated they wanted to see my GCSE certificates and Degree certificate.

Then on Monday Salford gave me an Unconditional offer for March 2016, I had been asked in my interview if I could start next month but after thinking about it Salford is a little far to travel each day and very short notice to finish work and get everything sorted in just a month.

I’m so excited to be going back to uni to study nursing, I did apply for Children’s nursing before I had Charlotte, I had interviews but didn’t get a place. So applied for Adult nursing this time as I’m not sure that I would be able to nurse children after having C.

I’ll hopefully be writing about my experience, I might even make a new blog or at least a separate page for it all.

Wellness dog food review

Anyone who has seen out previous dog food reviews will know that Finley was our hoover dog who used to eat anything and everything ( possibly part of the reason that we lost him earlier this year) while Freddie is a very fussy pedigree pooch.

Freddie has been asked recently to try out a new food that is being stocked by Pets at home it’s called Wellness and is a grain free dog food. It contains no Wheat, Soya, Corn, Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, so is better for your dogs digestive system as they are designed to eat a meat rich diet.

We were sent both wet and dry food as he currently is mix fed, here are our thoughts on Wellness Core dog food.

Wet food 
According to the Pets at home website the wet food it is available in 5 different flavours :-
– CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Beef, Lamb and White Sweet Potatoes.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Chicken, Chicken Liver and Spinach.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Turkey, Duck and White Sweet Potatoes.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Lamb, Turkey and Kale.
-CORE Chunky Centres Flavoured with Tuna, Chicken and Kale.

We got two each of the chicken and beef flavours, each pot contained a smooth pate with a chunky centre. Freddie really enjoyed both flavours, he couldn’t get enough.
2015-12-30 10.36.02

I really liked the look of it, you could see the meaty chunks and could tell that it was proper meat, and I thought that the portion sizes were good for a dog of his size.

The pack of 4 x 170g is £7.95 so it’s more expensive than our regular dog food and with him needing to eat at least 1 pot a day it would cost us quite a bit to move him to this food full-time.

As it is grain it would be very good for dogs that suffer with allergies or sensitivities.

Dry food 

The Wellness grain free core dry food we received was ocean flavour and Freddie wasn’t so keen on it, he usually has chicken or beef dry food so he took some convincing to try it. I think that if we had tried the original he would have woofed it down (pun intended)

2015-12-30 10.36.14

Over the course of the last  week we mixed this with his old food as is suggested when changing any dog food. He had no problems with it at all.

It was quite small kibble pieces so very easy for a dog of Freddie’s size to eat, even if he wasn’t too keen on the flavour.

2015-12-30 10.37.14

The dry food comes in 4 varieties, Ocean, Original, Reduced fat and Small breed. Like the wet food it is all grain free so good for allergies but is high in proteins so very good for your dogs health.

Again this food is more expensive as it doesn’t contains the grains as fillers so a 1.8kg bag of the Ocean is £12.99 in Pets at home.

Overall I think that Wellness is a well made and though through dog food and would be great for a food sensitive dog.
If Freddie was ever ill I would consider buying this as it contains fewer allergens that could upset him.

 *Disclaimer : – I was sent a free sample of dog food for the purpose of this review, All opinions are my own (well Fred helped on this one) and are unbiased*

Pawsome box review take 2

We were recently sent another Pawsome box to review, we were lucky to receive one a few months ago which both our dogs loved.
You can read that review here.

This time Freddie got the summer pawsome box all to himself since we lost Fin in May.
He seemed really excited to see it when it arrived and couldn’t wait for me to open it, he even tried to help.


I took a little video of my unboxing it with the help of Freddie. ( please excuse the lack of narrative, I’m not used to unboxing)

He seems to have really enjoyed all the things in the box. He loved the food elements – the cured sausage and rawhide pork roll.


Each box contains slightly different products all based on one theme which you can read about in the accompanying booklet.
In our box there was:-

  • Mutt and Jeff cured sausage – Which contained a good number of lovely sized sausage that were easy to cut and he would do anything for one, so great for training.
  •  The rawhide pork roll – This lasted a few hours and kept him quiet, although he did insist on throwing it about before starting to eat it.
  •  A collapsible water bowl-I will keep this in the car for when we take him out.
  • A Frisbee- To be honest I haven’t really tried this one out with him as he is obsessed with the campervan at the moment.
  • The orange squeaky campervan – This he loved and so does C to be honest, its noisy and bright so easily visible in long grass if dropped.

Although him or C sitting and squeaking it and laughing is annoying sometimes.

  • Multivitamin paste. It says to give about 2 cm’s for Freddie’s weight, he liked it but it took a while to convince him that he should even try it. I think its a good way to make sure that he is getting the vitamins that he might need as he can be a fussy eater.
    wpid-imag4522.jpg wpid-imag4523.jpg

On the Pawsomebox website you can personalise your profile to let them know what your dogs are like, and they can then personalise the box for your size dog.

There are three types of plans:
Monthly – You pay £19.90 each month and receive a box.
3 monthly – You pay £56.70 in one lump sum which is works out at £18.90 a box for 3 months.
Half-yearly – You pay 6 months upfront with a discounted rate per box of £17.90 and then receive 1 box each month for 6 months.
Yearly –  You pay for twelve monthly boxes together for an even greater discount making it just £15.90 per box.
Each box contains products worth £30, according to the website.
If its something that you are interested in and you think your dogs would benefit then you just need to go to their webpage and sign up.
They also do a purrfectbox for cats
*Disclaimer- I was sent a pawsomebox free for the purpose of the review, All opinions and photographs are my own. I have not been influenced in my opinions, they are all unbias*

Looking to the future.

After my post yesterday I think it’s time to write a few things that I am planning to do this year to make it a little happier, hopefully nothing happens to mess up my plans.

  • I am still signed up to do the 10k race for life in Liverpool on the 5th July, I certainly won’t be running but i’m determined to walk and finish it. I could do with some more sponsors if you think that you would like to sponsor me then just log onto my just giving page to donate that way or see/speak to me about filling in a sponsorship form.
  • I am looking to do some volunteer work in a hospital to give me some more experience and give me something else to add to my Uni application.
  • I am going to reapply to Uni to do a nursing degree, I did apply a few years ago before I had Charlotte but I wasnt luck enough to get a place, then I had my beautiful little girl.
  • I am going to look at a nursery for C, She doesnt get any free funding until Easter term next year but I’d like to find a nice nursery for her to go to.
  • Danielle and I are going to London in October for the weekend, I really hope this doesn’t get cancelled as whenever we plan a holiday something happens!
  • I think I will do the lotto and enter some competitions because after all the bad luck that we have had this year some good luck should be on its way to us!

Fingers crossed that its all blue skies and rainbows for the rest of the year, I’ve had enough of grey skies and rain.

Wish me luck!

Some very sad news

Yesterday morning Finley was lethargic and not himself again, he took himself out into the garden and laydown under a bush and refused to move, so we took him back into the vets.
He saw Nicky again who had helped him last time, she scanned his chest and found he had more fluid around his heart. She managed to drain about 80ml’s of blood from a the sac around his heart that was making him sick, he perked up but she asked to keep him for observation for a few hours.

We came home and discussed what we should do if it happened again as he was suffering and agreed that if this happened to him again that we would let him go as it would be best for him, it wasn’t fair to keep him with us if he was in pain and having difficulty even breathing.

At about 4pm I got a call to say that he had been fine and barking for the last few hours but had gone quiet at about 3.15pm, they rescanned him and there was more fluid around his heart.
She asked what we wanted to do, we could have had them drain it again but it would have probably refilled and meant he would have to go back again in only a few hours so we decided that the best thing for him was to let him go.

He had, had tests and scans but no one was able to find a cause for the fluid build up. We will probably never know what caused it to happen.

My dad was with him when he went, his suffering and pain was gone and so was he.

Yesterday was a very sad day.

I ended up spending the night on the couch with our other dog Freddie last night as he wouldnt settle, he had never spent a night away from Fin in the 6 years that we have had him.
The next few days will be tough and I know that I will be crying still for a while, but it will get easier over time.

Finley was only 7 years old but it was his time to go.

August 2008 - Finley joined me to get my A-Level results, he was so tiny then.

August 2008 – Finley joined me to get my A-Level results, he was so tiny then.

He knew he wasn't allowed on the furniture, but looked so cute.

He knew he wasn’t allowed on the furniture, but looked so cute.

Looking like an old man this year in the vets waiting room.

Looking like an old man this year in the vets waiting room.


sorry for radio silence

For the last 2 weeks I havnt really had a chance to write or post anything, It’s been a very busy time with an awful lot happening, it felt like a years worth of problems all in the space of a couple of weeks.

C was sick for a few days she was all out of sorts, she must have caught a vomiting bug from somewhere :(

We had to say goodbye to Dan’s Great Auntie Maggie on the 29th as well, she was a lovely lady who taken far too soon.

Then Finley was ill, he was fine all day on Wednesday the 29th, then he refused to eat his tea and was just laying in the Livingroom  its not the 1st time he has been sleepy and off his food and with C being ill I didn’t know if he had a bug or something too, I wasn’t feeling great either so had an early night. I got up in the middle of the night for more tablets and came down to get some and found Fin lay out one the hall floor and he wouldnt move. I let Freddie out and then Fin stumbled into the garden and basically collapsed. I had to get Dad to help me carry him in and we called the vets who said to take him straight in. We had to rush him in to the vets at 1.30 am and they couldnt hear his heartbeat. he was in cardiac shock. He had fluid drained from around his heart, was put on a drip and had scans and x-rays.


Luckily he is ok at them moment but it is still a mystery as to what caused him to get so sick so quickly. I just hope that he doesn’t get it again as I don’t want to loose him.


I have also had tonsillitis again, I should really see about getting my tonsils taken out as it happens far to often and makes me feel awful.

My mum is also ill with her stomach again, I really hope that she gets better quickly as I hate seeing her so ill. She is in a lot of pain and is unable to eat, it really affects her mood as well which is understandable.
I really wish that there was something that the doctors could do to prevent it.

My grandparents have also been ill, I swear our families need to be quarantined as we all seem to be sick at the moment.

I am going to try and get back into writing when I can I just havnt had a chance.
Please think about us and pray for good health.


Halfords car service

My car has been due to go in for a service for a while but I have been putting it off as I just didn’t have the time to take it in, typically over the bank holiday weekend a warning light had come on so I booked it in online at Halfords for a full service 1st thing on Tuesday morning.

I had already arranged for C to go to spend the morning with her Auntie Lee and Uncle Keith as I was meant to be in work. I got someone to cover my morning shift and took the car straight in, I hated driving it with the warning light on, it was very jerky and I was worried that I could damage the engine,  so used it as little as possible over the weekend. Which meant that we spent all day bank holiday Monday at home except for a walk in the park with the dogs.

After dropping the car off at Halfords I decided to have a little walk around Allerton road, My grandparents used to live in Queensdale road but moved about 8 years ago so it’s been a while since I spent much time just wandering, especially at my own pace without a toddler to watch. As it was about 8.20am very few places where open but it was nice just to have a look around as see what had changed.

At 9am I went to the Tavern Co for breakfast as it is award winning and I wanted 1st hand experience about what all the fuss is about, you can read all about it here.

After breakfast I went for another little walk, browsed in a few shops and picked up a few bits of shopping before going to costa for coffee number 4. I had taken my laptop with the intention of getting some work done but the internet usernames and passwords that Costa supplied didn’t work, so I typed up a few things offline to use later and spent some time looking things up on my phone.

The garage rang at about 10.40am and said that the problem was that the engine was misfiring. The sparkplugs needed replacing but if that didn’t fix the problem the coil packs would also need to be done. The service also reviled that the pollen filter needed replacing, the tyres needed aligning and they recommended some system additives to clean the system.

I arrived back at the garage at about 12.15pm as I had finished shopping and thought I might as well wait there. They were still trying to sort out the engine light as it was still coming on when the engine was started.

A bulb light had also been on for a while and when it was MOT’d they told me it was probably a fault as no bulbs were out, Halfords found out that there were lower rear lights that looked like reflectors but were actually lights and it was the bulbs in them that required replacing. They didn’t have them in so I will have to take it back to get them replaced.

Driving it after the service I could really feel the difference in the car, it was a smoother drive and much easier than it had been in past weeks.

The Full service cost me £169.00 but repairs have set me back another £213.54, Think I’ll have to work more shifts in the coming weeks to pay that off my card!